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Broccoli and Pear Soup (Instant Pot + Video Recipe)

A combination of delicious and vibrant ingredients, this bowl of thick and creamy Instant Pot Broccoli and Pear Soup is perfect for warming up on chilly winter evenings and fancy enough as a starter on a Christmas party menu. Prepare to soothe your conscience after indulging those calorie ladened mince pies, chocolates, mulled wine and glasses of champagne over the festive season!

A combination of delicious and vibrant ingredients, this bowl of thick and creamy Instant Pot Broccoli and Pear Soup is perfect for warming up on chilly winter evenings and fancy enough as a starter on a Christmas party menu.

This OH-SO-DELICIOUS soup is loaded with healthy and nourishing ingredients such as Broccoli, seasonal conference pear and topped with melt in the mouth vegetarian blue cheese, tart dried cranberries and walnuts. What more can I tell you? This soup takes just 30 minutes in Instant Pot including pressure time (it can be done in a stovetop pressure cooker or in a pan too). Also can be made ahead and frozen ready for whenever you need a hearty and comforting meal.

A combination of delicious and vibrant ingredients, this bowl of thick and creamy Instant Pot Broccoli and Pear Soup is perfect for warming up on chilly winter evenings and fancy enough as a starter on a Christmas party menu.

Recently I won an Instant Pot through social media giveaway, another kitchen gadget on my kitchen worktop which makes me so happy to own. Like everyone else, getting used to using it and the first dish I tried making this Broccoli and Pear Soup!

Christmas is knocking on the door, While many of you getting into the Christmas baking groove, I am still gorging on healthy dishes such as this soup. I know, once we start getting into the mood of celebrations, it is so hard to resist delectable but rich and heavy delicacies, can't blame myself!

I'm a soup girl for sure, and my family loves soup too. Our autumn and winter menu consists of hearty, delicious and good-for-you soup recipes, which is a great way to incorporate as many vegetables in our diet. My both kids love Goji Berries, Mushroom and Sweet Potatoe soup, hubby reminds me of Vegan Hungarian Goulash and I am always ready for Tamatar Ka Shorba. (Indian style Tomato soup)
Soup recipes are easy, no exact measurement required and still turns out fabulous. We love to experiment with ingredients and the flavours of the soup, sometimes we all crave for spicy and there are days when you just want to have mild yet flavourful winter warmer soup like Broccoli and Pear.

A combination of delicious and vibrant ingredients, this bowl of thick and creamy Instant Pot Broccoli and Pear Soup is perfect for warming up on chilly winter evenings and fancy enough as a starter on a Christmas party menu.


To prepare this appetizing Broccoli and Pear Soup, you will need

Broccoli,  fresh is better but frozen is fine too.
Pear, fresh and seasonal
White Onion
Vegetable stock or vegetable stock cube dissolved in hot water.


This soup doesn't require many spices as you want to enjoy ingredients original taste, but I had some thyme on my hands, so I added and actually, the soup tasted so well as it's gentle flavour blended beautifully with broccoli and pear without overpowering.

For spices, you will only need freshly ground black pepper.


To top up this soup, you will need

Vegetarian Blue Cheese, which has a rich aroma and has a melt-in-mouth texture like butter that lends a creamy and buttery taste to this soup.

Dried Cranberries, a perfect ingredient to use for a Christmas theme. A little tart and sweet, a flavour that pairs so well this soup.

Walnuts, adds a bit of crunch to this creamy soup and adds good fat.


This soup is earthy, creamy and rich in taste, yet hearty and comforting. Each and every sip of the spoon makes you feel better. Addition of juicy pears provides a natural sweetness to this soup. It is low in calories, suitable for vegetarian and gluten-free.


If blue cheese is not available, cheddar, mascarpone or ricotta cheese works fine in this soup, but add cheddar cheese in the soup before blending the soup.


As we all know that most of the vegetable soup pairs well with crusty bread or rolls, with this earthy soup rustic and artisan bread or rolls accompany well. For a low carb diet, top this soup with some roasted vegetables or roasted chickpeas.


First of all, keep all the ingredients ready near you and keep Instant pot ready according to manufacturer instructions.
Press the saute button on for 3 minutes, add oil and onion.
Once onions are translucent add roughly chopped broccoli, pear (If you like, peel the skin, I did not), thyme, salt, pepper and stock.
Cover the cooker with the lid.
Set the cooker on high pressure for 6 minutes.
Release the steam.
With the hand blender, puree the soup.
Serve in a serving bowl and top it up with the cheese, cranberries and walnuts.
Drizzle some flavoured olive oil - optional

I can't stop praising this soup as this is an allrounder and ticks all our soup boxes

Delicious and Nourishing
Easy and Quick
On the table under 30 minutes
Filling and satisfying
Either one will lick a bowl or come for seconds

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Broccoli soup, winter soup recipe, pear soup, Instant pot soup, blue cheese recipe
Starter, lunch,
Yield: 4-6 servings

Broccoli and Pear Soup

A combination of delicious and vibrant ingredients, this bowl of thick and creamy Instant Pot Broccoli and Pear Soup is perfect for warming up on chilly winter evenings and fancy enough as a starter on a Christmas party menu.
prep time: 5 minscook time: 6 minstotal time: 11 mins



400 g Broccoli florets
1 medium-size pear roughly chopped 
1 medium size white onion chopped
1 TBSP. oil
450 ml vegetable stock
Salt and Black pepper
1 TSP. Thyme ( optional)


30 g vegetarian blue cheese
3 TBSP. dried cranberries
3 TBSP. Walnuts 


Press saute button for 2-3 minutes on the Instant Pot panel.
Add oil and onion, fry the onion.
Add broccoli, pear, salt, pepper, thyme and stock.
Close the lead.
Set the high pressure for 6 minutes.
Release the steam.
Blend it with the hand blender.
Serve hot in serving bowls and top it up with cheese, berries and walnuts.
Drizzle some flavoured oil if you want.
Serve with crusty bread or rolls.


This soup can be prepared in a stovetop pressure cooker or in a pan over the stove.
Instead of blue cheese, cheddar can be used too.
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