Microwave Mawa Peda with double cream are the ultimate quick Indian sweet. When time is short but you are still craving authentic tasting mawa peda, look no further than this easy recipe that uses only 3 main ingredients!

Indian style milk fudge prepared in microwave in less than 10 minutes and served in a metal tray on purple backdrop.



This Instant Mawa Peda recipe uses mawa, sugar and double cream to make the smoothest peda that are not sticky. 

Peda are traditionally made on the stovetop by boiling milk for hours. We have eliminated the need for that by adding mawa and heating the mixture in the microwave. 

This mawa peda are:

✔️super easy and fool-proof version of mawa peda

✔️a great last-minute dessert and travel friendly

✔️ egg-free and gluten-free 

✔️easy to make in the microwave or stovetop 

Flavour of Mawa Peda

Peda can be flavoured in many different ways.

Mawa is creamy, delicate in flavour yet adds a richness. It has a nuttiness from the milk solids. Mawa is also a great carrier of other flavours and enhances them, such as adding saffron, cardamom or pistachio. 

These Instant Kesar Peda in Microwave are just phenomenal. Mum has been making since she learnt to make from my late aunt almost 3 decades ago. 

They became such a sensation in our house that we can all make them without even a glance at the recipe!

The flavour of mawa peda is unique because it doesn't require many flavours. The creaminess of the mawa is so delicious. 

I deliberated with adding flavour to these pedas but decided against it! Why not enjoy the original taste!

Indian sweet made with milk solids, sugar and cream. These are so easy to make in the microwave

What is Mawa?

Mawa or khoya as it is also known, is used primarily as an ingredient in Indian sweets and savoury dishes. 

Mawa is essentially milk solids, and is used widely in North Indian cuisine. 

Mawa helps to achieve that moreish "danedar" texture which is essential to certain recipes. 

We love using Mawa in our kitchen. My Grandma's family was originally from Rajasthan in India. They would use a lot of mawa in their cooking. My Mum followed the same habit so we use it often. 

Some sweets using mawa include:

1. Mawa Ghughra/Gujiya

2. Malai Dodha Barfi

3. Shahi Aate Ka Halwa

We make our mawa at home for all of our recipes. Use our Homemade Mawa recipe 

Peda or Penda

You may have heard that these sweets are called Peda or Penda. The difference is due to the different languages in India. In Gujarat, we call them penda (પેંડા) 

In South India, they are known as Pedha. 

When to serve Mawa Peda

Peda are synonymous with gifting and are often gifted during a celebration. 

Peda can be eaten anytime throughout the day! The equivalent to Western confectionery. 

Sometimes when they are laying on the table, I will cheekily eat one with my tea or coffee in the morning!

They would go wonderfully served at an Indian afternoon tea. 

And of course, peda will always be a part of Indian festivals such as rakhi, holi and Diwali. 

Ingredients for Microwave Peda

You will need only a few simple and easy to find ingredients

Mawa or Khoya - mawa is essential for making mawa peda. It can be homemade or shop-bought, outside India you can find Mawa or Khoya in any Asian groceries or major British Supermarkets in the chilled or frozen aisle. 

Double cream - we use double cream which is 48% fat. It adds richness to the peda. 

Sugar - white granulated sugar works best. 

Ghee - use a little desi ghee to ensure the peda are not sticky. Greasing your hands with ghee before shaping the peda also helps. 

Stovetop Instant Mawa Peda

No microwave? Not to worry you still can make and enjoy these Mawa pedas on a stovetop so easily and quickly too. 

To make stovetop Mawa Peda check out my Kesar Mawa Peda recipe. 

How to make homemade easy microwave peda

Follow these steps and tips for the perfect Peda. 

You will need a microwavable bowl. Use a large bowl so you can easily stir the ingredients and prevent spillage as the mixture heats in the microwave. 

1. In a bowl mix mawa, sugar and cream.

2. Place it in the microwave, cook the mixture on HIGH for 4 minutes. Check the mixture every minute and stir it.

3. Add cardamom powder if using, then again cook for another 3 minutes.

4. Let it cool slightly. 

5. Remove the mixture into the plate whilst warm and knead until grain-free. (you may add little ghee)

6. Make peda and garnish. 


Before you start making peda, check if mawa is fresh or not, if unusual smell or colour do not use it.

If using frozen mawa, make sure you defrost fully before using it. 

To ensure your peda are not sticky, add small spoon ghee or unsalted butter to the warm mixture. 

Do not cook peda mixture for too long and don't let it cool completely before shaping them.

Whilst cooking in microwave keep checking and stirring the mixture every one minute. 

If storing them in the refrigerator, keep away from the strong odour food such as curries, meat or poultry. 


These Microwave Mawa Pedas can stay fresh for up to one week at room temperature in an airtight container. 

If you want to keep for a longer period, place them in the airtight container and store it in the refrigerator away from the strong odours. Serve at room temperature.

Peda can be frozen for a month (make sure peda are made with fresh mawa). Make sure you defrost them at room temperature before serving. 

Peda does not taste good COLD, it has to be room temperature.


Our favourite Peda Recipes:

Rajkot na Peda

Chai Peda

Clotted Cream Peda

19 Best Barfi Peda Recipes

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Desserts, Snacks
Yield: 20-22 PEDA
Author: Hayley Dhanecha


This incredibly delicious, easy Mawa or Doodh Peda recipe made in a microwave. They come together in 7 minutes.
Cook time: 7 MinInactive time: 15 MinTotal time: 22 Min




  1. Take mawa, sugar and saffron cream in M/W proof bowl and microwave HIGH for 4 minutes. Keep mixing in between.
  2. Remove the bowl and mix well, once again microwave for 3 minutes and keep mixing in between.
  3. Mawa mixture will get thicker, now add cardamom powder and mix well.
  4. Let it cool a little, apply little ghee on your palm and knead the mixture while IT is slightly warm. 
  5. Make round peda or your desired shape and apply edible foil, garnish with rose petals and pistachio slivers.


You may add saffron to the cream and soak for 10 minutes before adding.

Almond slivers can be used for garnishing too.



Fat (grams)


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The nutritional information provided is an approximation calculated by an online calculator. Please consult a professional dietitian for nutritional advice.

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