Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge in 3 Minutes - #MothersDayTreat! #Mothersdayediblegift #Happywomensday

"If there was a day for everything you have given to me as a Mother, It would be a Mother's Day everyday"

Do I Love Mother's Day ? Koi Shak !!

Actually who doesn't ? We, mums love to get spoilt by our precious angels, don't we !!
Tell you the truth I am the lucky one, my two beautiful kids doesn't only make me feel special on Mother's day, but they never miss an opportunity to make me happy every day, what more can I ask for ?

It's so true that Mother's day should be embraced everyday, you don't need to spend money or lots of time but just by giving that respect and care she deserves the most and by showing appreciation to let her know how wonderful she is !!!

Awwww, did I make you emotional ?

While I am posting this post today, let me take an opportunity to wish each and every woman of this world

My two lovely children now 22 and 20, and has enriched our lives in so many ways.  Over the weekend I celebrated my 22nd Mother's day. Sunny boy brought a beautiful Mother's day card and I received a tight hug from him, and dear husband came with pretty and gorgeous flowers and Daughter could not make it the weekend, so she visited last weekend and we celebrated Mother's day and she got some thoughtful gifts for me.

When you are a food blogger, your friends and family knows what things makes you happy, so daughter got me these two beautiful dusty pink plates ( see pics ) and a Laptop support ( Lap desk ), so useful for me. I've already got used to this equipment and loving it as it is helping me so much.

Although on actual Mother's day daughter was not with us , but from far she was making sure that both boys makes my day pleasurable day. For our lunch, she ordered Pizza on-line from her place and I received in London, how cool is that :) and for dinner sunny boy and husband treated me so well, what a fabulous day I had !!!

A jar full of Dark Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge , were another thoughtful gift daughter got for me, not bought but handmade by her. She knows her mum so well :) These treasures will remain on this blog forever !
According to her these cute fudge were the World's easiest fudge to make, All you need is only 3 ingredients and 3 minutes of your time, oh and too add some bonus point, it requires very little clean up afterwards !

They are rich and creamy and tastes so amazing,  It would make a great gift for your near and dear ones on any happy occasion.

You will need :-

  • 1 tin sweetened condensed milk tin ( 397g ) 
  • 500 g dark chocolate pieces ( use any dark, milk or white )
  • 100 g pistachio nuts ( or any you like )

Method :-
Line a tray or plate with foil.
Place chocolate and condensed milk in a M/W safe bowl.
Microwave for one minutes ( 60 seconds ) and stir well.
Again Microwave for one minute and stir well.
If chocolate is  not melted completely , Microwave for another half a minute.
Stir well and add pistachio nuts.
Pour fudge mixture in a tray.
Let it set for about an hour, so fudge gets harden.
Refrigerate for half an hour.
Cut into pieces.
Store in an airtight container or arrange in a box and give it as a gift.
Enjoy !!

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post ! We hope to see you again soon :)

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