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Chilli Mogo

Want a little break from regular home cooked Indian meal ? choose Indo – Chinese cuisine , trust me It has exciting flavours ! Nutty flavour of sesame oil, tangy vinegar and earthy soy sauce, makes an excellent affair with hot Indian red chillies !

A delicious and irresistible cuisine enjoyed by majority Indians, not just in India but throughout the world.. in other parts of world in mostly the Indian community, this is a much-raved cuisine and is widely available in restaurants it is an Indo-Chinese.

Coming to the recipe Schezwan or Sichun sauce , is tremendous. It becomes a tasty and lip smacking dish when added in rice, noodles , paneer or vegetables. I’ve tried this sauce with fried cassava chips, and created a ambitious dish !

You will need :-

  • 1 packet frozen cassava chips ( 1kg ) you can buy fresh one too
  • 200 ml homemade schezwan sauce
  • 1 bunch chopped spring onion ( keep green and white parts separate )
  • oil for frying + 2 tbsp

Method :-
Boil the cassava chips according to packet instructions.

Drain the water from the chips, pat dry with paper towel.

Heat oil in a kadai or fryer. Fry the cassava chips for 2-3 minutes. Do not fry till brown.

Add cassava chips into schezwan sauce, mix and leave it to marinate. Longer the better.

Now heat 2 tbsp oil in another heavy bottom pan, add white parts of the onion, just fry for few seconds and add marinated cassava chips.

Keep stirring till all the chips heats up.

Now add green part of the onion, mix and turn off the heat.

Serve in a serving plate, garnish with green parts of the onion and enjoy !

Note :- If you want to avoid those calories, do not fry the chips. After boiling the cassava straight away add them in the sauce and then stir fry with little oil  .
And if you can’t wait too long to dig in, you can stir fry those chips straight away after adding them into sauce. But
by marinating the chips in the sauce for longer, the sauce flavour gets through the chips and makes more tasty.



Monday 17th of September 2018

Looks delicious.. I have never had chilli mogos before.. in fact haven't cooked a lot with cassava.. I am glad I came across this recipe on your blog, will definitely be on a lookout for them :-)


Wednesday 3rd of July 2013

Please clcik on Schezwan sauce link in the YOU WILL NEED , it will take you to recipe of this sauce which is mine.


Thursday 30th of May 2013

Ive never heard of this sauce! How do u make it or where can i buy it??

Priya Suresh

Sunday 3rd of February 2013

Cant take my eyes from ur click, droolworthy chilli mogo.


Saturday 2nd of February 2013

Looks so yum...makes me feel hungry...super clicks tooo..