Manju Thanki
"Jagruti I truly love your Cooking Odyssey...it really gives me..so..much pleasure to go through all recipes ..simple explanetion..with that wonderful music..xx .+ beautiful presentation and nice notes too.!!...well-done dear..All the very best....x."

Rena Cooking InPlain Greek
I had a look at your blog to see the recipe. I saw that you also have your own cookery show on TV. That's really very nice and I wish you all the best and every success! I will be reading more, that's for certain!"

Nilisha Agarwal
thnku for explaning each recipe step by step n in such a simple language n politely ki recipe itself b'cmes easy to prepare...thnku hai ji"

Autumn Faith  You have a very nice page and interesting food. Thanks.

Nishrin Chinikamwala
This Blog is my journey from a mediocre to a Food lover. Some failures and some achievements,some creations and some wisdom, Some experiences and some Experiments.... Hope you will like them all :)...well i find jagrutis blog very interesting and very colorful and full of life, all furnished with a good range of various cuisines and courses. Apart from being a wonderful cook, she has amazing hand in carving as well. Do visit her blog........what a creative person she is. its always an experience to surf through her blog..

Trishna Sukla i love cooking .......i love food ......so i love your all .......jagruti !!

Padmamohan Samavedula ur recipes are too gud... there are so many owsum recipes on ur blog.am a fan of u!!! love cooking something new everyday...glad i found ur blog...good going


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