For the richest Peda, look no further than this Rajkot special Rajwadi Peda recipe, which has the perfect danedar or kani texture. These sweets are made purely from whole milk and sugar.

serving suggestion for peda


Peda or penda are an Indian milk-based sweet similar to fudge. 

Rajwadi Peda are unique in that they are made by boiling and reducing whole milk with sugar until the milk forms a grainy or danedar consistency. Milk or Doodh Peda are similar but tend to be smoother in texture. 

Rajwadi Peda can be found in Gujarat, similar to our Rajkot na Peda.

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✓As good as Halwai, Kandoi or Mithaiwala

✓Only required 2 basic ingredients

✓Easy and straight forward recipe


✓Perfect for fasting or Vrat/Upwas

✓Make-ahead dessert

✓Great for gift

These 2 ingredient milk fudge is served in a copper bowl


Exact measurements can be found in the recipe card below ⬇

① Whole milk - try to get milk which has a higher percentage of fat. In the UK we got hold of only 3.6%. The higher the percentage, the better danedar texture you can achieve.

② Sugar - regular granulated sugar

💡Tips to make the best Rajwadi Peda

  • use heavy bottom pan - you will need to boil milk for hours without it burning
  • Make sure the pan is spotlessly clean, any leftover stuck food will cause the milk to stick to it and burn
  • Keep continuously stirring
  • use high-fat percentage milk for the best texture and taste
  • You will need a high volume of milk - it may seem like a lot at first but it will reduce down considerably. For example, 4L of milk makes approx. 1kg of peda
  • keep the heat of the milk between 75C and 100C - this is a slow process and adding more heat will only cause the milk to burn.
  • you will see that the milk begins to slowly thicken and form solids. When it has formed solids, take the mixture off the heat and transfer to a plate to cool before shaping. 
  • Peda should be shaped once the mixture is at room temperature
  • Use a little dab of ghee on your palms when shaping to prevent the mixture from sticking to your hands. 
  • If you feel the mixture is little loose, leave the mixture in the fridge for 4-5 hours then make peda. 
  • If the mixture is too grainy, slightly grind the mixture in a grinder and make peda. 

Variation or Flavours

Although these Rajwadi Peda are so tasty as they are but one can experiment with other flavours.

Add Cardamom powder or saffron to make Kesar Elychi Peda.

Addition a tablespoon of rose syrup and gulkand will be your Rose Gulkand Peda.

Add desiccated coconut for Malai Coconut Peda.

For a fusion treat, a tablespoon of cocoa powder will do wonders in this recipe.


Take a clean and wide heavy-based kadai or pan.

Pour the milk, and bring it to boil on medium heat.

Keep the heat on medium to low, add sugar.

Keep stirring all the time whilst milk cooks and gets thicker.

Once all the water dries up and only milk solids left in the pan, turn off the heat.

Let it cool in a plate at room temperature.

Divide the peda mixture into equal portions (approx 40g each).

Apply little ghee on your palm and make peda.

Decorate with whole almonds or any other nuts or leave it plain.

step by step method
Doodh peda served in a plate on wooden board

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Desserts, Snacks
Gujarati Indian
Yield: 20-22 PEDA
Author: Hayley Dhanecha


Rajwadi Doodh or Milk Peda is easy to make Indian sweet or dessert, which can be prepared with only 2 easily available ingredients.
Prep time: Cook time: 2 H & 45 MTotal time: 2 H & 45 M


  • 3-litre whole milk
  • 225g sugar
  • Heavy based pan/kadai
  • Spatula 


  1. In a clean heavy-based pan or kadai pour the milk.
  2. On medium heat bring it to boil, keep stirring all the time.
  3. Then add sugar and continually keep stirring the milk.
  4. After 2 and a half hour, you'll have a grainy peda mixture. 
  5. Turn off the heat.
  6. Remove the mixture into a plate and let it cool at room temperature. 
  7. Apply little ghee on your palm and divide the mixture into roughly 40g portions.
  8. Roll them into a round ball, slightly press in the middle and stick a whole almond. 
  9. Repeat the same procedure for the remaining mixture.
  10. Once totally cooled down , store in an air tight container.


Try to get hold of a higher percentage fat milk. Keep stirring all the time.
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  1. When it comes to sweets, there's generally a long list of expensive ingredients but this recipe has broken this trend. Just 2 ingredients and delectable sweet is ready. So amazing.

  2. I really admire your recipes. This Rajvadi Peda looks so delicious, I can feel the aroma and taste. Superb

  3. Bare minimum 2 Ingredients and these droolsome rajwadi pedas are ready. It seems you have magic wand that makes the things so easy.
    Pedas look awesome.

    1. Don't we all love less ingredients recipes:)

  4. My mother in law use to make similar peda for Janmashtami and I remember helping her to stir the hot milk till it reduced. Now she doesn't make them anymore. Rajwadi Pedas look super tempting.

    1. It takes so much time but yields phenomenal results.

  5. Peda made the traditional way is the best ever! There is no compromise on the flavor and no other quick method will be able to give the same results. Love the simple recipe!

  6. It's a delicious peda, Need a lot of patience to get this consistency and texture. The traditional way of making this peda would give that unique taste. Loved the pictures. It looks so tempting.

  7. Your peda pictures are very tempting! My childhood memories are back after seeing your post! You did a great job on this.

  8. With barely 2 Ingredients we can create magic....that's the speciality of this peda!! And you have nailed it...Pedas look absolutely gorgeous & tempting!!

  9. Indeed a delicious peda recipe, it looks so so tempting. My mom used to make a similar peda with boora instead of sugar and as kids we would love it like crazy. Your post is reminding me of that.

    1. Oh I can imagine that scene right now!kids are kids always :)

  10. It is a time consuming preparation but worth all the effort. The texture and taste is always a notch better than all the shortcut versions.

  11. The milk peda looks so scrumptious. This cane be gone in seconds when served for crowd. The festive season being in the corner, this is a must try.


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