The best Kulfi is rich, creamy and dense and you can easily achieve that with only 4 simple ingredients! Cardamom Chai Kulfi is a match made in heaven as it blends homemade kulfi with condensed milk and aromatic cardamom (elaichi) chai. Go Kulfi Krazy!!

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We LOVE tea in our household. I wouldn't say we get through tonnes of tea in a day (people who drink more than 8 cups, I'm looking at you) but each cup that is drunk has to be perfect! The perfect strength, amount of milk, and level of spice is paramount.

Chai is a feeling, whether it is Authentic Indian Masala Chai or Karak Chai (Qatari tea) or a good ol' builders brew!

In our tea obsession, we have flavoured our kulfi with Cardamom Chai! We have used ready-made chai for this recipe.

This kulfi recipe is one adopted by British Curry Houses for a quick no-cook kulfi that is so easy to make. You do not need an ice cream maker for this recipe, just 10 minutes of your time to prepare and some patience whilst it freezes!

We wanted our kulfi to be luscious and smooth and yet have that distinct kulfi texture that is ever-so-slightly grainy (or danedar). The addition of the condensed milk and milk powder prevents crystals forming (as the tea will contain water) and provide the finish we want.

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What is Kulfi

You may know kulfi as Indian style Ice Cream but it is so much more than that. It is available throughout India and neighbouring countries.

It can be either plain or flavoured with nuts such as pistachio, spices such as saffron and cardamom or fruit like mango kulfi (ours has the addition of ginger).

Traditional kulfi is a frozen milk-based dessert. Whole milk is boiled until it has reduced by at least 1/3, sweetened, and then frozen in moulds. The result is a dense dessert with a grainy texture. The denseness is also due to the fact that kulfi is not churned.

It is sold in India by kulfiwalas, who keep the kulfi frozen in earthen pots called Matka, thus the name Matka Kulfi is also used.

Kulfi is often frozen in stainless steel kulfi moulds (popsicle moulds) that are conical but British Indian restaurants tend to serve from shallower moulds.

Difference between Ice Cream and Kulfi

Traditional ice cream is custard-based or with added cream but kulfi is made only with milk. Ice cream is often churned so that air becomes trapped as the ice cream freezes but kulfi is not churned and results in a denser and creamier finish.

Ice cream may contain eggs but kulfi is always eggless.

The traditional process of making kulfi is long-winded so shortcuts are often used to make a dessert that is a close relative of traditional kulfi.

kulfi made with chai

Chai Kulfi Ingredients:

Chai - we have used Tuk Tuk Chai Cardamom Iced Milk Tea. This tea has a gorgeous aroma of cardamom so we did not need to add more cardamom powder to the recipe.

Double Cream - whip the double cream before adding to the other ingredients

Condensed Milk - the condensed milk replaces the need to boil and reduce the milk, a process that can take over 4 hours. Condensed milk has sugar so there is no need to add more to the recipe

Milk Powder - a little milk powder helps to give the kulfi its distinct grainy texture and make it much smoother to scoop

Optional - Ground pistachio to garnish

Easy to scale up or down according to how many kulfis you want to make.

This recipe makes 4 kulfis.

Kulfi without Ice Crystals

The addition of sweetened condensed milk and milk powder ensures that no ice crystals form in the kulfi.

We also wrap clingfilm around the moulds which help prevent crystallization.

How to make quick and easy kulfi Step by Step

See video for further instructions

Exact measurements in recipe card below.

1. Add Cardamom Chai to a mixing bowl

2. Mix in sweetened condensed milk

3. Add milk powder and mix

4. In a separate bowl, whisk the double cream

5. Fold the cream into the chai mixture

6. Spoon into moulds of choice and cover with clingfilm

7. Freeze for 7/8 hours

8. Remove from freezer when ready to serve

How to take kulfi out of moulds

Only take the kulfi out just a few minutes before serving as it melts quick.

Warm the mould slightly by rubbing it between the palm of your hands, this will just soften the sides so the kulfi can slide out.

You can also dip the outside of the mould in lukewarm water for a second but I find that using your hands is enough

Don't have Kulfi moulds

No problem at all, use any other ice lolly or popsicle moulds, small stainless steel bowls or small baking bread tin.

What to serve with Kulfi

Kulfi is traditionally eaten after a spicy meal and so I'm sure you're used to seeing it on the menu at Indian Restaurants.

Why not serve at a dinner party after Restaurant Style Saag Aloo and Restaurant style Garlic and Coriander Naan

Kulfi should be eaten when it slightly starts melting on the outside edges, so remove it from the freezer about 10 before serving (in the cooler climate).

cardamom chai kulfi serving


Kulfis can stay good in the freezer for 2 months. 

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Frozen Desserts
Yield: 4 kulfi
Author: Hayley Dhanecha
Cardamom Chai Kulfi

Cardamom Chai Kulfi

Easy Kulfi recipe that is flavoured with cardamom chai. This is quick, rich and dense Indian ice cream, made with condensed milk. A perfect summer treat!
Prep time: 10 MCook time: 10 hourTotal time: 10 H & 10 M


  • 180ml tuk-tuk cardamom chai
  • 225 ml double cream
  • 150ml condensed milk 
  • 3 tbsp. full-fat milk powder
  • Balloon whisk
  • Kulfi moulds


  1. In one bowl combine tea, condensed milk and milk powder.
  2. In another bowl whip up the double cream using a whisk until it reaches a soft peak.
  3. Fold in tea mix into the whipped cream and mix again.
  4. Make sure there are no lumps in the kulfi mix.
  5. Pour the mix into the kulfi moulds.
  6. Cover it with the cling film.
  7. Leave it in the freezer overnight or at least 8 hours. 
  8. When serve remove it from the mould, sprinkle some ground pistachio.


Freezing time - 10 hours
Fat (grams)
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