This creamy and velvety Sheer Khurma recipe is prepared in the Instant Pot. The intense caramel-like taste of the Medjool dates makes this Eid sweet so rich and fragrant.

No one has to know that you have made this Sheer Khurma in 1 minute in the Instant Pot - your secret is safe with us...

Delicious vermicelli dessert served in terracotta colour clay bowl in a metal tray on dark backboard.


Note - This is not the traditional method of making Sheer Khurma. This is the quick (and modern) version of making Sheer Khurma so that your precious pots, pans, and hob space can be used to make more dishes!

However, I can guarantee you that the taste and flavours are still authentic!

Meaning of Sheer Khurma

Sheer means "milk" and Khurma means "dates" in Persian. Sheer Khurma is a sweet dish hailing from Persia, enjoyed throughout the world. It is usually prepared during Eid.

This separates Sheer Khurma from Seviyan Kheer. Seviyan Kheer is sweet vermicelli and milk-based pudding from the same part of the world but does not contain dates.

In Sheer Khurma, nuts and dates are first fried in ghee and the dish is then topped with a second tempering of ghee with clove or cardamom.

We love Seviyan Kheer  and Meethi Seviyan (which is made without milk)

This persian dessert served in small clay bowls. garnished with pisatchio, almonds and ghee served on a tray with spoons.

Sheer Khurma Sevai

✓ Eid recipe

✓ Time-saving - only 1 min in the Instant Pot, means lots of time to spend with your loved ones 

✓ No-stir recipe - no need to stir the milk to prevent burning

✓ Packed with nuts and dates

✓ Vegetarian and egg-free dessert

✓ Easy to make ahead

I previously had my doubts about using the Instant Pot to make milk-based dishes as you cannot see if your food is burning when the lid is on, but after making Instant Pot Kheer and seeing how easy it was, I changed my mind!

With a few tips and tricks and following my exact measurements, you cannot go wrong with using the Instant Pot!

We have also included a STOVE TOP traditional method below so you can use either.

Tips to ensure Sheer Khurma doesn't burn in the Instant Pot:

We have an extra step of adding a little water to the seviyan before adding the milk. The toasted vermicelli will soak up the water meaning that when pressure-cooking, the vermicelli will not soak up as much of the milk (risk of burning)

Add more milk than you usually would - keep the seviyan runny to prevent burning - it will thicken as it cool.

Select PORRIDGE mode for 1 minute only on low-pressure. Honestly, that is it!

Add the evaporated milk after the seviyan is cooked - it is already cooked milk so there is no need to heat it again

Ingredients for Sheer Khurma Instant Pot

Here is everything you will need, plus ingredients substitute ideas.

➀ Vermicelli - use very thin variety, easily available from supermarkets

➁ Whole milk - you can use skimmed or semi-skimmed but the sheer khurma will be less creamy

➂ Dates - we have used Medjool dates but you can use any other. Certain dates are sweeter than others so you may have to adjust the sugar. The best way to check - eat one before using! ;)

➃ Nuts - a mix of almonds, cashew, pistachios, and charoli*

➄ Sugar - granulated white sugar is best.

➅ Raisins - known as kishmish or sultana, - we don't like in milk-based desserts, so we have not added.

➆ Evaporated milk - because we have added water to prevent burning, using evaporated milk thickens the sheer khurma and makes it more creamy. You can also add double cream, half &half  or condensed milk.

If using condensed milk, then use less sugar. However, I have found that the creamiest pudding comes from using evaporated milk - there is just something special about the flavour!

* Charoli

Charoli is the Indian name for the seeds of the Buchanania lanzan plant. They can also be called chironji and have an almond-like flavour.

These lentil-like seeds are added to Indian sweets or ground and added to sauces. My Mum says that she has seen my grandma using charoli in sweets for years so she has fallen into the same habit.

How to make Instant Pot Sheer Khurma Step by step and video recipe

Note-please follow step by step instructions, full printable recipe card with the exact measurement is at the bottom of this post)


To enjoy delicious sheer khurma you don't need to rely on a pressure cooker, you still can enjoy just it will just take a few minutes more and needs constant attention.

1. Heat ghee in a heavy-based pan or kadai, and add nuts and raisins one by one and fry few seconds, remove and keep it aside.

2. In the same pan add seviyan and roast for a couple of minutes or until it goes light golden and releases the roasting aroma. Remove and keep it aside.

3. In the same pan add milk, cardamom and saffron and bring it to boil, turn the heat low and simmer for 5-6 minutes. keep stirring the milk.

4. Add roasted nuts, dates and seviyan along with sugar.

5. Cook the mixture for another 5-6 minutes or until turning little thicker and pinkish.

6. Turn the heat off, in another pan heat some ghee add whole cardamom or clove and pour it over the delicious sheer khurma.

What to serve with Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma is served after Eid prayers. A table full of biryani, salads and other delicious treats is waiting to be devoured.

Paneer Tikka Biryani

Paneer and Vegetable Makhani Dum Biryani

Vegan Butternut Squash Biryani

Morrocan Vegetable Tagine 

Watermelon Carpaccio with Tahini

Cucumber Salad Nepalese style

Store Sheer Khurma

Fridge - this can be made in advance. Store in an airtight container away from strong-smells in the fridge.

Ideally, use the dairy shelf of the fridge. As an extra precaution, cover tightly with cling film and then place the container lid on top.

Freezer - If any leftover, (I highly doubt there will be), store it in a freezer-proof container and freeze for 4-6 weeks.

Thaw in the refrigerator before gently reheating on stove.


Before you start cooking in an Instant pot, please check that the pot and seal are free from any odours and is thoroughly cleaned.

For traditional sheer khurma, use fine variety vermicelli also known as nylon seviyan.

A perfect dessert for Eid celebrations, served in a bowl on a rustic metal tray.

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Instant pot sheer khurma, sheer khurma sevai, Eid recipe sheer khurma
Indian, Pakistani, Arabic, Persian
1 minute instant pot sheer khurmahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKivSx8mAqkThis creamy and velvety Sheer Khurma recipe is prepared in the Instant Pot. The intense caramel-like taste of the Medjool dates makes this Eid sweet so rich and fragrant.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKivSx8mAqk2020-05-16
Yield: 6-8 SERVINGS



No one has to know that you have made this Sheer Khurma in 1 minute in the Instant Pot!
prep time: 5 Mcook time: 10 Mtotal time: 15 M


1 cup=240ml
  • 1 ltr, whole milk - 4-5 cups
  • 50g vermicelli 
  • 50-70 g sugar
  • 5 tbsp. ghee
  • 3 tbsp. chopped or slivered almonds
  • 3 tbsp. chopped cashew nuts
  • 3 tbsp. chopped pistachio nuts
  • 3 tbsp. charoli
  • 4 tbsp. chopped dates
  • 2 tbsp. raisins or sultanas (we did not use)*
  • Big pinch saffron
  • 1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
  • 4-5 whole cardamom or cloves - optional**
  • 250ml evaporated milk***


  1. Set an instant pot and it's inner pot.
  2. Select saute mode for 5 minutes.
  3. Once HOT add 4 tbsp. ghee and let it melt.
  4. Add chopped nuts and dates and fry just for few seconds, don't let it burn.
  5. Then add seviyan and roast till it releases its roasting aroma.
  6. Quickly add 1/4 cup water.
  7. Then pour all the milk, give it a quick stir.
  8. Add sugar, saffron and cardamom powder.
  9. Cancel the saute button.
  10. Close the lid, and set valve to sealing position.
  11. Choose PORRIDGE mode for 1 minute.
  12. After 10 minutes NPR, release the pressure if any left.
  13. Stir the sheer khurma, and add evaporated milk.
  14. Heat remaining ghee on the stove in a pan, add cardamom or cloves and pour the milk on top of the sheer khurma.
  15. Serve at room temperature. 
  16. Enjoy!


* we did not use raisins, if you do add together with dates.
** Second tempering with cardamom or cloves is an optional step.
*** You may use cream or half and half instead of evaporated milk.
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