Big time Barfi or Peda fan? This collection of 19 Best Barfi-Peda Recipes you must try. You won't be stuck for ideas as it's all here. Everything from basic Mawa Peda to Pistachio to Chocolate Barfi, Delhi's Malai Dodha to Rajkot Na Peda and even Peda with Ricotta Cheese! 

Can't have regular sugar? we have no added sugar mawa peda too- there is always something for everyone!

NOTE - In this post originally 19 Barfi-Peda recipes but we are continuing to add more exciting recipes. 

Festivals or any happy occasions can not be celebrated without sweets in any Indian household. Barfi and Peda are quintessential Indian confectionery and a real favourite amongst desi folks.

They are such a great choice for any occasion, and great for crowd-pleasure too - pretty much always gets thumbs up in our family.

Barfi is an Indian version of milky fudge, that is prepared with milk solids, sugar and flavoured with warm and sweet spices such as cardamom, saffron, garnished with slivered nuts or edible silver foil.
These two ubiquitous Asian sweets that can be prepared, served or gifted in any seasons, they are quite easy and simple to make, also can be prepared ahead of time.

Peda is a sweet Indian confectionery consisting of khoya, ghee and sugar, and often used for offerings at temples.
Often we stick to the one or two recipes for all the occasions and to be honest, sometimes it gets a little boring.

Not any more, let me take you through my 19 best Barfi Peda recipes that will tempt you to make and gorge on these treats, right now.

There are plenty of fusion ideas to add some variety to your Indian sweets repertoire, it goes without saying that these recipes are easy and fool-proof - some are with the step-by-step recipe images.

Perfect for festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Eid or any good news in your family.


1. PEANUT CHOCOLATE BARFI- this fusion recipe is prepared with only 5 ingredients, the recipe is with step-by-step pictures. ⇓

, Barfi is an milk based Indian sweets. This fusion peanut chocolate barfi is made with rich peanut butter and chocolate.

2. VANILLA, CARAMEL CHOCOLATE BARFI - This fusion and sumptuous delight is actually quite easy to make. ⇓

Barfi is a popular Indian sweet and can be made easily at home. Three decadent layers of barfi with a western twist, a symphony of vanilla, caramel and chocolate flavours. Preciously rich and milky, perfect anytime.

3. PISTACHIO CHOCOLATE BARFI - These elegant squares are just too irresistible, you won't stop at one. With step-by-step photos. ⇓

Pistachio Chocolate Barfi, a splendid and luxurious Indian style Pistachio and Chocolate fudge. The addition of aromatic spices like cardamom and nutmeg powder makes this sweet utterly delicious. Serve this truly moreish Pista Chocolate Barfi as a dessert to your friends and family at a get-together or make for festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan or Christmas and gift as a homemade gourmet present.

4. KESAR, BADAM PISTA BARFI - This tricolour melt in your mouth Barfi has three flavours and can be consumed during the fasting season. ⇓

These delicious Indian style milky fudge is flavoured with saffron, almond and pistachio.

5. NUTELLA BARFI - hands up who loves Nutella? A must-try recipe once in your lifetime. ⇓

Indian style milk fudge prepared with Nutella.

6. ROSE COCONUT BARFI -  do you love delicate and fresh flavoured sweets? then this recipe is for you. ⇓

Rose coconut barfi is delicious and mouthwatering milky fudge, that is prepared with desiccated coconut and flavoured with rose extract and water.

7. MALAI DODHA BARFI - can you believe this North Indian winter delicacy is made with only 3 ingredients? ⇓

A famour north Indian milky fudge known as dodha, it is purely made with khoya or milk solids, sugar and nuts.

8. MILK POWDER BARFI - don't have khoya/mawa to make barfi? not to worry you still can make delicious and tasty barfi with milk powder.

Barfi stacked in a metal plate

9. CHOCOLATE LAYERED BARFI - Nothing can go wrong if you serve these, it's an all-time hit! ⇓

Indian style milky fudge topped with real chocolate, a delicious combination.


10. RAJKOT NA PEDA - have you ever tried this peda? well, now's your chance! ⇓

Rajkot Na Peda/Penda, are hugely popular and a favourite sweet Indian delicacy from the city of Rajkot, Gujarat. Ideal for any happy occasion or festive season.

11. CLOTTED CREAM PEDA - You'll go crazy on these! ⇓

Clotted Cream Peda, are a delightful melt in the mouth, Indian sweets. These rich and creamy Indian style fudge are made of cornish clotted cream, milk powder and sweetened condensed milk. These incredibly delicious light brown pedas are an easy and hassle-free recipe, you'll only need 5 ingredients, 20 minutes, a good pan and a spatula to make these. If you are a peda lover, then surely this recipe deserves a good spot in your fusion Indian mithai repertoire!

12. KESAR MALAI PEDA - classic and delightful, comes with a warning these are addictive. ⇓

Kesar Malai Peda is a scrumptious which is prepared with paneer, khoya and sugar and flavoured with Saffron. These can be made at home for any festive occasions.

13. BADAM SALTED CARAMEL MAWA MALAI PEDA - are you a big fan of caramel as much as my mum? Click on this link right now:) ⇓

A delicious, soft and milky Almond Mawa malai peda flavoured with Salted Caramel.

14. MATHURA KE PEDE - you just can't beat the taste of these divine Peda, they are phenomenal.⇓

Mathura ke Pede is very popular sweet from the city of mathura in India. This sweet served as prasad or offered to Lord Krishna and made with milk solids and sugar.

15. KESAR MAWA PEDA - try it, these saffron-infused fudge will knock your socks off! ⇓

Kesar mawa peda is an Indian style milky fudge which is so soft and melts in the mouth. It is make with milk solids, sugar and infused with warm spice saffron.

16. MAWA/KHOYA PEDA - soft, creamy and delicious perfect for any festivities, prepared in a microwave. ⇓

mawa peda arranged in a metal tray and garnished with pistachio slivers

17. RICOTTA CHEESE PEDA -  use ricotta cheese to make this Peda, guaranteed indulgence. ⇓

 usually indian confectionery peda or fudge prepared with khoya or milk powder, this recipe of mine I made with ricotta cheese.

18. MANGO PEDA - exotic and unusual flavoured peda, not that difficult as you think! ⇓

19. TRICOLOUR PEDA - feeling patriotic, make these easy three colour fudge on Indian Republic Day or  Independence Day of India. Made with real ingredients, not artificial colour.


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    1. Thank you Vandana! Please share your feedback with us if you try any of our Barfi-Peda recipe :)

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