Its good to be back after a hiatus with another post with our monthly Degustabox, and this time the theme is BACK TO SCHOOL & ON THE GO! Ah, those were the days, A feeling of excitement to see your friends with just a little bit of disgust about school dinners.

August degustabox 2019 uk. back to school theme.
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I clearly remember at school, we were always so excited about bringing some new snacks, drinks and treats to school for our break or lunch. If I see any that I like, I asked mum to buy some of them for me too.

I wish we had a degustabox service then :) although I am not that disappointed as I still take almost all the items from the box to uni.

Let's see what's in the box

String & Things Cheeseshapes - £1.50


Strings and Things Cheeseshape is the new product from the brand that brought cheesestrings. Cheesestrings reminds me of my childhood friend Katie, she always used to have them in her lunchbox and we really enjoyed having it together. Also, you had to peel them slowly and not eat the cheese by just taking a massive bite! Those who ate it will know what I mean! These are completely random shapes & iconic faces of real cheese pieces in the bag and you won't know which one you're going to get. Perfect in the lunch box or after school.

Fruit Bowl Unicorn Flakes Yogurt Raisins Strawberry Yogurt - 49p per pack


In my days we used to take a match size box raisins, but these fruit bowl fruity goodness sounds so good and actually tasted so delicious. Busting with flavourful fruitiness, individually wrapped portions are perfect for lunch box, between meals or on the go. We received all the three items in our box and all of them were so delicious.

Jelly Squeeze Jelly Pouches - 50p per pouch


You don't need a spoon to enjoy this jelly, these are easy, squeezy way to enjoy jelly without any mess. This Jellysqueeze has no sugar, artificial sweeteners and suitable for vegans too. Available in three yummy frutiy flavours, strawberry, orange, and apple & blackcurrant. An ideal addition to any back to school lunchbox or on the go!

KITKAT Senses bar - 85p each


When you have a break, have KitKat. Kitkat is introducing the KitKat senses bar, available in two sumptuous flavours, salted caramel, and hazelnut.

Mighty Fine Dark Chocolate/ Dark Chocolate Raspberry Skinny Coated Almond Dips - £1.39

Mighty fine began creating these treats in 2014 in a little shop in Camden that was all homemade. Tasty and packed with great ingredients.  A lightly roasted almond, skinny coated in chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder. A real treat!

Attack a snack Nachos - £1.50 


Treat your tastebuds with this Mexican snacks. Attack a snack lets you snack it your way, and now they are bringing that to Nachos. In a pack crunchy nachos, there will be tangy salsa and creamy cheese nacho cheese. This kit is perfect for after school or on the go.

UFIT Chocolate protein drink - £2


UFIT is a delicious high protein milk shake with no added sugar. This shake was designed to cater for mainstream health-conscious consumers that are looking for a healthy alternative, not just for 'young guys that gym'. I don't usually like chocolate flavoured drinks but this was actually pretty tasty!

Pure Leaf Green Tea with Mint/ Black Chai/Green Tea with Jasmine £3.99 


Being a great tea fan, any tea packs are welcome in our family. Pure leaf tea teas have been blended using only the finest long leaves paired with natural ingredients such as herbs, flower petals and real fruit pieces to create unique teas with distinct character.

Nuttiva Hazelnut Spread 350g - £3.99

Nuttiva, a delicious, creamy and packed with rich flavours hazelnut spread but with 97% less sugar and zero plam oil. It's a smart choice for a healthy living and the ethical choice for the planet. Enjoy on your toast, ice cream, crepes, fruit and much more. This makes a great alternative to chocolate spread for those morning toasts.

ManiLife Mini Original Crunchy / Mini Deep Roast Smooth - 59p


This peanut butter is made from the finest peanuts sourced from a single-estate in Argentia. These are naturally sweeter and with a fat profile more akin to olive oil.

Blossom Hill Plae Rose - £6.50


Winner of products of the year 2019. Refreshingly dry with delicate floral aromas and notes of summer fruits.

We received Heinz Beeg Ravioli which we didn't try as it contained the animal product.

If you fancy trying new food and drink products, subscribe to Deguatabox now. Degustabox is kindly giving our readers a unique discount code. Type in this code TIH2A when you subscribe to this service and you get your first box for £7.99.

Disclaimer - Thank you Degustabox for sending us Degustabox in exchange for a review. I was sent this box for an unbiased review and not told or paid to write a positive review. All the opinions are my own.
Being a Deguatsabox brand ambassador I get to try all the products (including variation from alcohol/ non-alcohol boxes and products that are only included in some variations of the box), unlike regular subscribers who will receive either one or the other. I received vegetarian and non-vegetarian and alcoholic drinks in this box, but being a Hindu vegetarian I do not consume any egg, meat or fish products.

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