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It's Degustabox review time again on JCO, this time it's from the month of November. 

I love receiving a mystery box every month which is packed with a great variety of products. These boxes have a wide range of products that are suitable for everyone, young to old and many dietary needs. 

Degustabox November review on jagruti's cooking odyssey.

The November month Degustabox packed with the festive spirit and some of the products are great for the Christmas party or as a holiday snack. There is a large number of products inside the box from breakfast, cooking and snack items to alcoholic, non-alcoholic and biscuits.

Weetabix On The Go Kids

Let's start with breakfast, an important meal of the day. We as a family are a huge fan of Weetabix, a product that is almost as a family member and stays 365 days in our cereal cupboard. Although I am not a huge fan of 'on the go' breakfast option, I like the idea of it. A perfect solution for busy and active families who are often pressed for time in the morning for a healthy breakfast. This multipack contains a four single strawberry flavoured pouches that are a source of nutrition values.

Amy's Kitchen Organic Lentil Vegetable and Chunky Tomato Soup

This month, the product of the month is Amy's Kitchen.  A few years back we tasted Amy's Kitchen products such as soup and Mac 'n' Cheese in one of the food show, we loved it and bought some of the soup tins on offer that day. I am so excited to see her products in the November box, as the current season is demanding for warm, cosy and delicious soups and can't wait to open the tin soon.

Tabasco Original Red Pepper sauce

Being an Indian originate love anything spicy and so happy to see this so popular and original bottle of red pepper sauce. So glad I received this bottle in the month of November as I was just run out of this sauce and about to buy a bottle from the supermarket. This vegan sauce is not only a great accompaniment for the chips, pakora and stirfry, a great addition for a Bloody Mary (drink) too!

Kallo Organic Vegetable Stock Pots

Next, we got this useful cooking ingredient, especially this time of the month when families are simmering pots of soups, stews and curries. Stock pots are so useful for making these dishes flavourful.  I have not used stock pots before, so I am intrigued and excited to use in my cooking, especially since I have found out that these stock pots are vegan.

Reese's Peanut Butter Snowman

A great festive treat for anyone, peanut butter filled snowman Chocolate coating. Peanut butter and chocolate, a killer combination ever. This Reese's chocolate snowman looks so festive and delectable, a perfect option for a stocking filler or for children's Christmas party.

Jules Destrooper Almond and Belgium Chocolate Thins

The perfect indulgent combination and item to try during this season. The classic Jules Destrooper crisp and nutty almond thins with a thin coating of just enough Belgian chocolate. The whole box of thins vanished into thin air in no time, surely it is going to be next on my shopping list.

Emily's Veg Crisps - Sweet Potato Sticks

I can have veg crisps anytime and any day, these sweet potato sticks were so delicious and moreish. I received the two flavours, sea salt and chilli and lime. Loved both flavours and each packet contains one of your five a day. A perfect treat for the lunch box too. Definitely, going to buy this product.

Nick's Coconut Bar

Oh, I absolutely loved this yummy coconut bar. We love energy bars and quite often I prepare at home, but when you can get as good as homemade you want to relish those too. This naturally sweetened coconut bar coated with milk chocolate with no added sugar reminds you of bounty just without the sugar rush.

The Bees Knees Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Non-alcoholic, vegan and gluten-free wine, what more one can ask for? This 'sophisticated' wine bottle looked so impressive and beautiful in the box. So glad to receive this item in the box as we do not consume any alcoholic beverages. Loved the taste of it too, made from grapes and infused with green tea. Very thoughtful decision of adding non-alcoholic sparkling wine in the box as there are many families who avoid alcoholic drinks during festive season too.

Also in the box we received a very popular and well-known brand Jack Danieal's & Cola and Light Cola, which is a drink mix of whisky and cola. Also, there was a Mallow and Marsh Cranberry pouch, the package looked so beautiful and perfect for a festive season. Sadly, this item is not suitable for vegetarians, so we did not try.

If you fancy trying new food and drink products, subscribe to Deguatabox now. Degustabox is kindly giving our readers a unique discount code. Type in this code TIH2A when you subscribe to this service and you get your first box for £7.99.

Disclaimer - Thank you Degustabox for sending us Degustabox in exchange for a review. I was sent this box for an unbiased review and not told or paid to write a positive review. All the opinions are my own.
Being a Deguatsabox brand ambassador I get to try all the products (including variation from alcohol/ non-alcohol boxes and products that are only included in some variations of the box), unlike regular subscribers who will receive either one or the other. I received vegetarian and non-vegetarian and alcoholic drinks in this box, but being a Hindu vegetarian I do not consume any egg, meat or fish products.

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