Farali Rajgiro Magas | How to make Farali Rajgiro Magas

These absolutely sumptuous Farali Rajgiro Magas or Farali Magas (Gluten-free amaranth fudge) are a quick and easy sweet recipe that can be enjoyed during fasting seasons such as Navratri, Shravan month, Mahashivratri or Janamasthmi. These creamy, firm yet melt in your mouth magas (fudge) is also gluten-free, so not only eaten by those who observe fast but who follow the gluten-free diet too.

farli Rajgiro Magas is a scrumptious farali dish that can be enjoyed on fasting days and prepared with amaranth, water chestnut flours, ghee and sugar. These fudge is gluten free.

I absolutely love magas and thought of experimenting with flours to make farali magas, as I had in the larder some leftover amaranth and water chestnut flour with best before date was almost gone, I really wanted to use the flour up, and oh boy, the result was splendid.

What can I say about this experiment, I am so glad I took that risk by wasting time and money. Farali magas actually tasted as delicious as it looks. With the results, I got so happy that quickly I adorned these beauties with almond and pistachio slivers and edible dried rose petals, the contrast of garnishing, and the taste and texture of the magas turned out darn delicious, delectable and simply satisfying that I had to put them in the frame.

farli Rajgiro Magas is a scrumptious farali dish that can be enjoyed on fasting days and prepared with amaranth, water chestnut flours, ghee and sugar. These fudge is gluten free.

Now that I am singing and praising about this achievement, I am sure you are curious about how I made it.

What is Farali Rajgiro Magas?

Farali Rajgiro Magas ( Gluten gree Amaranth Fudge) is a sweet dish that is enjoyed during the fasting period. It is made with only four ingredients. Magas or Magaz is an authentic Gujarati, gluten-free sweet dish that is mainly made during Diwali and prepared with coarse chickpea flour, ghee and sugar and topped with nuts. So, this farali rajgiro magas is a variation of the authentic Magas recipe.

Ingredients For Farali Rajgiro Magas?

Farali Rajgiro Magas is prepared with amaranth flour also known as Rajgiro or Rajgaro, and is commonly used in fasting recipes such as Panchratna Rajgiro Siro, Buff Vada or Farali Lauki Muthia. I have also added water chestnut flour ( Singoda No lot ) so the magas sets properly and lends smooth and silky texture. Now that the main ingredients are out of the way you'll need only ghee and powdered sugar (not icing sugar), cardamom powder and some sliced nuts and dried rose petals for decorations, which is optional. To prepare magas, powdered sugar is essential, as in this recipe sugar is added in the end, and you want sugar to be dissolved just in the hot magas mixture.

farli Rajgiro Magas is a scrumptious farali dish that can be enjoyed on fasting days and prepared with amaranth, water chestnut flours, ghee and sugar. These fudge is gluten free.

How To Make Farali Rajgiro Magas?

For Farali Rajgiro Magas recipe, you don't need any preparation. It is an easy and straightforward recipe that can be done in no time, just that it takes little longer to set so I would advise you to make on a previous day.   First heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan, or non-stick pan, add amaranth and water chestnut flour and roast it on a very low heat. For the quantity of my recipe, it will not take more than 8-10 minutes. Once it roasts into brown colour but not burnt, turn off the heat, then add powdered sugar and cardamom. Mix well, do not worry at this stage as the mixture will go runny. Pour the runny mixture into the greased tray or thali. Leave it aside in a cool environment (Not refrigerator)  for at least 6-7 hours. Halfway through sprinkle nuts slivers. Once it set, you'll see a very thin film on it, that's the set ghee. cut magas into the desired shape and garnish the magas with rose petals.

For How Long Farali Rajgiro Magas Will Stay Fresh?

Without any worry, this magas will stay fresh up to 4 days at room temperature.

How To Serve Farali Rajgiro Magas?

Farali rajgiro Magas is perfect on its own, you can have it after a spicy Indian meal. farali meal or even serve as a prasad and a gift for those who are on a gluten-free diet.

farli Rajgiro Magas is a scrumptious farali dish that can be enjoyed on fasting days and prepared with amaranth, water chestnut flours, ghee and sugar. These fudge is gluten free.

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Yield: small 8-10 pieces

Farali Rajgiro Magas

These absolutely sumptuous Farali Rajgiro Magas or Farali Magas are a quick and easy sweet recipe that can be enjoyed during fasting seasons such as Navratri, Shravan month, Mahashivratri or Janamasthmi.
prep time: cook time: 15 minstotal time: 15 mins


  1. 3/4 bowl Rajgira flour (amaranth flour)
  2. 1 bowl Singoda flour (water chestnut flour)
  3. 3/4 bowl desi ghee
  4. 1/2 bowl powdered sugar
  5. 2-3 tbsp. almond and pistachio slivers
  6. Dried rose petals ( optional )


1. Heat ghee in a non-stick pan or heavy bottom kadai and grease one tray or thali with ghee and leave it aside.
2. Add both flours into the ghee, and roast it ( continuous stirring ) on a very low heat for at least 8-10 minutes. 
3. Turn off the heat, and quickly add powdered sugar and cardamom.
Mix well.
4. Pour the runny mixture into the greased thali and leave it aside to set. ( It will take 6-7 hours) 
5. After 4-5 hours, sprinkle nuts slivers and lightly press it.
6. Once it is firm and set, sprinkle rose petals and cut into the desired shape. 
7. Serve and enjoy!


Use the same bowl for all the measurements. ( I used very small Katori )
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