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Kesar Khaja-Product Review - Mahbir Saffron

Kesar Khaja, is an Indian-style layered pastry soaked in Saffron Sugar Syrup. This crispy and flaky, scrumptious Indian sweet is prepared with Plain flour, splendid aromatic saffron sugar syrup and ghee and garnished with gold and silver edible leaf.

Kesar Khaja is a sweet layered pastry that is soaked in a sugar syrup.

Saffron, in Hindi known as Kesar and Urdu it's Zafran is my most beloved spice, and I use it freely in my cooking whenever I get chance to use it. As much as I love saffron in my desserts, I love it in savoury dishes too. Either it's my Saffron and Asparagus Pasta, Vegan Carrot Soup with Saffron Vinaigrette or Mande Roti. Saffron makes it way through almost in my every Indian sweet (Mithai), out of many I love to devour Kesar Malai Peda and Vegan Kesar Badam katli. Because I am so obsessed with saffron, a few of my baking goodies are made with saffron too - Saffron Buns 

Mahbir saffron from Kashmir India.

Recently lovely folks from Mahbir sent me a few Mahbir Saffron products to sample. The box contained, Mahbir Crisp Apple Jam infused with Saffron, Tangy Orange Marmalade with Saffron and Mahbir premium Indian Saffron-India's most treasured Spice! Lovingly handpicked and harvested by farmers in Kashmir, India. Mahbir supports Kashmiri farmers in India, the products are fair trade.

Mahbir Saffron from Kashmir India.

There were so many recipe options dancing in my head to try this Mahbir Saffron but since my children and family love to try out Indian authentic sweets, I choose to prepare Khaja!

Kesar Khaja is a sweet layered pastry that is soaked in a sugar syrup.

Khaja, favourite Indian sweet of mine since childhood, once a year our parents used to bring on the festival of Naag Panchami ( which comes around in August) Khaja, is a traditional and old age sweet dish of India and usually prepared during festival times such as Diwali, Holi or during a month of Ramadan and also offering as Prasad in many temples.  Although Khaja is prepared all over India, every region has their own version of it and method of making various town to town and called with different names such as Chirote Khaja in Maharashtra (In Gujarat you can find round shape Chirote Khaja) where in South India you can find Madatha Khaja which are a diamond shape.

Kesar Khaja is a sweet layered pastry that is soaked in a sugar syrup.

Since this recipe was on to do my list for a long time, I grabbed an opportunity to make at home, but with Saffron. Usually, Khaja is made without saffron or any kind of nuts.  This recipe turned out exceptionally well and the saffron flavours made it tastier and richer in taste and look.

Notes - 
I prepared Khaja method two ways.
You can make Khaja without saffron too.

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Kesar Khaja
A delicious flaky traditional Indian sweet, multi-layer wraps prepared with Saffron and sugar syrup. 
Ingredients - Kesar Khaja
  • 2 cup plain flour ( Maida ) + some for dusting
  • Big Pinch Mahbir Saffron (Kesar)
  • Pinch salt ( Namak )
  • 4 Tbsp. Clarified Butter (ghee)
  • Oil to deep fry ( Tel)
  • Cornflour ( safed wala )
  • Saffron Sugar Syrup ( Kesar Chasni )
  • 1 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • Big Pinch Mahabir saffron (Kesar)
  • Pinch cardamom powder ( Elachi powder)
  • Ingredients for the method 2
  • 1 Tbsp ghee
  • 1 Tbsp rice flour
Instructions - Method 1
In a big bowl add plain flour, ghee, salt and half of the saffron.
Mix everything well and prepare a pliable dough. ( Not too soft or hard )
Cover the dough with a clean wet kitchen towel for half an hour.
Once again knead the dough for 2-3 minutes and divide the dough into two equal parts.
Dust the flour on the work surface and roll the dough very very thin either round or square shape. ( I rolled into a square )
Sprinkle corn flour all over it.
Now start rolling it like a tight log, keep sprinkling a little cornflour in between.
Then cut it into 1/2" pieces.
Very lightly press the khaja pieces with your thumb or index finger.
Meanwhile, heat the oil in a kadai.
Keep the heat very low.
Fry the prepared khaja until golden brown and crispy but cooked inside too. ( Be patient at this stage as it does take time to cook )
Once all the khaja are fried, make sugar syrup.
Place all the sugar syrup ingredients in a pan and let the sugar dissolve.
Once sugar dissolved bring the syrup to boiling point then simmer until the syrup reaches one thread consistency.
Then add fried khaja into the hot sugar syrup and let the syrup coat both the sides of khaja.
Keep the khaja about 2-3 minutes in the syrup then remove it, stick some edible silver and gold leaf (if using) and let the syrup dry.
Once the khaja are totally dried store in an airtight container.

Method 2
Once again knead the dough for 2-3 minutes and divide the dough into 5 equal parts and make balls.
Mix ghee and rice flour and make a paste.
Roll each ball into very thin round sheet.
Place one rolled chapati on the surface,  brush a tiny amount of paste then place another sheet and again brush the ghee-flour paste.
Repeat the process with the rest of the sheets.
Then gently roll the sheets together into a tight log and cut it into 1/2" pieces.
Then follow the same procedure as above.

Prep time: 40 minutesCook time: 50 minutes Total time: 90Yield: 28-30 small pieces

Disclaimer -Thank you Mahbir Saffron for sending us these products. I was sent Mahbir Saffron products for an unbiased review and not told or paid to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.


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    1. Thanks Elaine, and we Indians just love saffron and almost goes in every sweet dishes :)

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    1. Thanks Priya, totally agree saffron made a huge difference in the taste :)

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