Yogurt and Herb Summer Sandwich

A delicious vegetarian sandwich with a difference. This light, yet filling Yogurt and Herb Summer sandwich is great for lunch, afternoon tea or a light supper. A sandwich prepared with multigrain and multiseed bread slices, a mild and luscious yogurt spread made with colorful vegetables, fresh and aromatic herbs and lots of vibrant leafy salad.

Yogurt sandwiches served in a plate next to crisps.

Now that while we are talking about sandwiches, let me tell you one interesting fact about the sandwich, do you know why any kind of fat we apply on a slice of bread before assembling the sandwiches? When you spread fat such as butter or mayo, these works as a barrier for the wetter ingredients such as tomatoes.

I have used multiseed and multigrain bread slices. 
Do not keep these sandwiches out for a long time, it may get soggy or yogurt turn sourer. 
Don't have time to drain the yogurt? pick up very thick yogurt such as greek. 

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Yogurt and Herb Summer Sandwich
A delicious, healthy and light Yogurt and Herb Sandwich is a fuss-free and no-cook recipe. 
  • 8 bread slices
  • 200g full fat yogurt
  • Salt to taste
  • Freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 tbsp. finely chopped vegetables ( tomato, cucumber, capsicum, red onion or spring onion) 
  • 3 tbsp. finely chopped herbs ( coriander, mint, basil, )
  • 2 tbsp. watercress salad
  • A small packet of Babyleaf and Rocket salad ( I bought it from Tesco
  • 1 tsp. dried mixed herbs
  • Butter or margarine to spread
  • Carrot, Tomato and Cardamom Chutney 

A few hours back or at night drain the water from the yogurt. Make sure yogurt is well drained.
In a big bowl, place the yogurt and whisk it and make yogurt very smooth.
Add all the vegetables, herb, dried mixed herbs, black pepper powder and salt.
Mix well.
Now spread the bread slices with butter or margarine and chutney.
On one slice thinly spread yogurt mixture, add some leafy salad and watercress.
Then put another slice of bread over the assembled slice.
Press it gently and cut it into the triangle shape.
Serve with crisps and salted peanuts. (Optional) 
Prep time: 2 hoursCook time: 5Total time: 5:05Yield: 3-4 servings


  1. This is my kind of meal right now in this hot sultry weather, the sandwiches �� looks super tempting and some crunchy chips to go with it just bliss.

    1. Thanks Spice Affairs! yes, I have heard about scorching temperatures in India. Stay safe.

  2. This is so light and cool lunch in hot summer, and looking at your pictures I want to make it now...

  3. Love these sandwiches Jagruti. Not only breakfast love to have these in lunch or dinner. These looks super tempting.

  4. Perfect and light lunch in summers.. I just love these sandwiches.

  5. These sandwiches are perfect for summers..Light and refreshing. Love the combination of flavours

  6. I have become a big fan of hung curd and use it liberally to make spreads. This sandwich must be so delicious and light on the stomach in summer.

  7. Sandwiches looks awesome and healthy filling. Perfect snacks for picnics and small gathering.

  8. I often replace the mayo in sandwiches with thick yoghurt. It is a great replacement and very refreshing. I hope the heat wave stays so you can enjoy these tasty sandwiches again.

  9. If i get those alluring sandwiches, am ready to go for a picnic. And those sandwiches looks absolutely incredible and definitely refreshing as well.

  10. These refreshing sandwiches are a healthy way to start the day and so light on the stomach especially during summers...Great share!!

  11. These yogurt herb sandwiches look amazing and delicious! Ideal for summers :)

  12. Yogurt and herb sandwich sounds so good. Now it’s perfect time to cool the heat with light and healthy and no cook sandwiches!

  13. That is a delicious set of yogurt sandwiches and am sure your husband loves them for he has asked for it. it is indeed a savior for the hot sweaty days. Thank you for the recipe, Jagruthi.

  14. This is a healthy and perfect way to start a sunny day... love such delicious sandwich

  15. This one is my kind of Sandwich, with lots of veggies. It looks super tempting dear!!

  16. These sandwiches are a lovely way to enjoy the colourful bounty of summer season! Yogurt is definitely a healtheir mayo substitute. Your yummy sandwiches with a tall glass of lemon iced tea would make a perfect picnic on the front porch. 😊

  17. I love yoghurt sandwiches and yours looks so good Jagruti. They are a quick fix anytime.

  18. Years back when we didn't get cream cheese or ricotta (again we don't get it!) I use make sandwiches with yogurt spread for hubby. He would only take sandwiches to work and had to innovate. Hung yogurt with finely chopped cucumber, mint and coriander. Love your recipe with so much more greens, herbs and veggies. A perfect summer treat. Just yesterday my brother too was complaining about the scorching heat.

  19. These sandwiches are much perfect for sunny days. So healthy yet refreshing👌

  20. These Sandwiches are perfect filling meal during summers. Sounds healthy and refreshing. Loved the use of herbs and veggies.


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