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Suwari or Suvari is a unique and traditional snack that can be seen in many Gujarati households during Diwali festival, unfortunately in this modern era this old school gem is loosing it's popularity.   It's mildly sweet, crispy, crunchy yet melts in your mouth and these deep fried thin crackers are my favourite. Suwari translates Smooth.  These crackers made using Plain flour, Ghee, Sugar and Sesame seeds. Although these delicious crackers are specially made for Diwali, we don't serve these to guests. Nowadays it is considered as old fashion but for family members it's a favourite tea-time munchies during the festive holiday.

Suwari / Suvari is one of those snacks, that brings bucketful of nostalgia, one of our childhood favourite. In our family every Diwali my mum would set out on  her Diwali Mithai Bonanza by first preparing Suwari. She would prepare dough and hand it over to us, and me and my brother would roll it out for her then she would fry them. She would fill a large container full of Suwari, will last almost 3 weeks  post Diwali, and she would not raise an eyebrow even if we would eat in the middle of the night, why she would become so generous around Diwali time ? I always wondered :)

Suwari was being made during my childhood every Diwali and today brings such great feelings of the past and the only way I can describe to my family the joy of this old school dish is by preparing it this year and passing on the previous experiences of my Diwali celebrations.  So to set the festive mood in the house this year I involved my daughter in making these, while the hands did their job, my chitter chatter about my childhood and laughter flowed freely :) And surely scraps of these woven memories will be cherished in the family.

Traditional Suwari is normally made without any flavours, but I made small batch with cardamom flavours along with plain Suwari. If you are a fan of traditional recipes, make it on this Diwali !

You will need :-

  • 250 g plain flour
  • 75 g sugar
  • 1 tbsp. sesame seeds lightly crushed
  • Pinch Cardamom powder ( optional )
  • 4 tbsp.Ghee ( melted )
  • Ghee or oil for deep fry   

Method :-
In 5-6 tbsp. water dissolve sugar and leave it aside. ( I used milk )
In a big plate sieve plain flour and melted ghee and mix well.
Add sesame seeds and cardamom powder.
Add sugary water and once again mix well.
Knead the dough, if you need more water add very little.
Knead the dough for 10-12 minutes.
Divide the dough into equal pieces.
Keep the dough balls covered with a clean kitchen towel.
Make balls and roll out in a circle very thinly.
Keep them separate on a clean kitchen towel and let it dry little.
Repeat with the remaining balls.
Heat ghee or oil in kadai on a medium heat.
Slip one or two rolled suwari in hot oil or ghee and fry without getting pink or brown. ( fry like papad )
Remove it from the kadai and leave it separate to cool down quickly, once it cools, it will become crispier)
Let it completely cool down , then store in a air tight container.
Enjoy with glass of milk or masala chai.

 Thank you for stopping by and reading this post ! We hope to see you again soon :)


  1. These look quite delightful. I think I've had something similar with cumin seeds instead of sesame seeds.

  2. Jagruti you've brought back some memories. My foi sasu loves them and always used to make them for Diwali. Whenever we went to help to roll out mathias, we would also help her to roll out the suvari, hers being thin. She's old now and no one makes suvari. Perhaps I should surprise her this Diwali by making these delicious sweet snack.

  3. Lovely share dear.. interesting to try..can we substitute Whole wheat flour for plain? The size of this is smaller than Puri?

    1. Thank you Lathiya! If you really want to enjoy an authentic way this dish then make with plain flour, however you can make with whole wheat flour. It's up to you whatever size you prefer, no rules in that :)

  4. food and childhood memories are so interwoven! loved this old classic!

  5. These are new to me,would love to try these sometime. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my!!! these would make an awesome snack for visitors during the festive season. I love your props.

  7. Perfect as a tea time snack and a favorite Diwali snack. Loved your presentation

  8. You reminded me of my mum. She made these by the barrels so that we could munch on them.

  9. Yum yum! What a delicious and festive looking Gujarati style sweet crackers. Just perfect timing! :)

  10. The crackers look very inviting Jagruti ! They would make perfect tea time snack..would love to try the recipe with whole wheat flour.

  11. That's a nice sweet come snack recipe. My mom used to make a snack with similar ingredients as Suwari, we call it with a different name. Your post really brought back some good old memories. May be I should give a try on this recipe for coming Diwali. :)

  12. Wow, what a delicious Gujarati style cracker. I had these Once in my Gujarati friend house. They taste so crisp and yum yum.

  13. crispy crunchy snack ! Perfect with a a cup of hot tea. Will try this sometime.

  14. wow this suwari snack was served when we visited our son's friend party. dint know the name that time but loved the crunch and taste of this Gujarati recipe. Looks absolutely tempting snack and a must try recipe.

  15. "aa mara mate navu che". I have never tried this crisp pooris / crakers :( .. It is similar to shakkarpara i guess ..

    1. Hahaha..Gujju and never heard of this, I am surprised! I guess you are from younger generations :) No, actually these doesn't taste like shakkarpara. Do try it

  16. Wow that looks tempting jagruti, yes these days we don’t get to make snacks which we have enjoyed as kids! good food sure to bring back great memories with it! Love the beautiful capture in serene whites!

  17. This looks so yumm to have with a cup of tea. I love all the Gujarati snacks.

  18. What a beautiful shot! Can I pick one up! Looks so crispy and delicious!

  19. I love such crispy, crunchy snacks with my chai. Now, only if someone could make some and give me, oh well! Lovely post :)


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