Panchamrut / Charnamrut -

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Panchamrut, a must item in your Pooja Thali if you are having any religious occasions at your place. Without Panchamrut any pooja is considered as incomplete. The word Panchamrut translates Panch - Five and amrut - ambrosia - immortal.   Panchamrut is a combination of five sacred nectars which are milk, yogurt, ghee, honey and gangajal ( water from river Ganges )

In Gujarat Panchamrut is used in Abhishek ( Bathing the idol )- It denotes a method of worship in Hinduism and then at the end of the religious ceremony Panchamrut is distributed first as prasad to everyone who attends the ceremony. According to elders, Panchamrut should be consumed first after the Pooja as this is considered as nectar of the god. It is considered highly auspicious and many devotees break their fast by having panchamrut.

Along with these five nectars, holy basil ( Tulsi ) leaves are added too, in Panchamrut, also here in UK I've seen many add saffron to it as well and actually I really like that.

Notes :-
Many add sugar as well as honey.

You will need ;-

  • Fresh whisked plain yogurt - 100 g
  • Milk - 25 ml
  • Honey - 20 ml
  • Ghee - 1 tbsp.
  • Gangajal - 1 tbsp. ( I used mineral water )
  • Tulsi patta ( Holy basil leaves )
  • Few Saffron  threads 
Method ;-
In a big bowl, combine everything.
Add the tulsi patta. 
Serve it in a serving bowl and use as required. 

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