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Mawa Kesar Kopra/Topra Paak RAKSHA BANDHAN / RAKHI SPECIAL - Indian style Coconut fudge with Infused Saffron

Kopra/Topra paak adorned with fragrant dried rose buds and saffron threads, rich and colourful pistachio and almond slivers, the contrast of garnishing with elegance. This is  darn delicious, rich, moreish and very delicate flavoured classic and traditional Indian sweet. Very popular in state of Gujarat. Pop one piece in your mouth and I am sure your taste buds will have a experience of heaven on the earth !!

Kopra/Topra pak can be prepared and enjoyed in any season and suits all occasions and festivals. Any religious occasion or if you have sweet tooth and cravings for something, make this coconut fudge. BTW guys, Kopra/Topra means coconut, and Paak means Cooked. As we Indians consider coconut is auspicious, this dish is absolutely fine for prasad, and suitable for those who observes fast.

My mum and her family loved Kopra/Topra pak to the core, she used to prepare in a jiffy, especially on Raksha Bandhan ( Indian festival celebrated by Brothers and Sisters ) for her brother. She could prepare this dish, even if she was half asleep, whenever any neighbour wanted to prepare these sweets, first they come to her for guidance.   The recipe of Kopra/Topra pak is very easy to follow and prepared with only few ingredients, just keep an eye on the sugar syrup and nothing will stop you to prepare this at home in your own comfort zone .

Hey guys, just want to clear the confusion here, about Kopra/Topra paak and Coconut ( Nariyal Barfi ) Barfi, for both of the recipe ingredients and methods are almost similar, but if you want to make Kopra/Topra paak make sugar syrup with water and for Coconut Barfi make sugar syrup with milk.

So if you are celebrating Raksha Bandhan or any other happy occasions make a batch of this elegant looking rich and creamy Kopra/Topra Paak and see just what happens ! I bet there will be no complaints :)

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Notes :-
I have used coconut powder as I wanted to finish it before it's expiry  date,  but you are free to use medium size desiccated coconut for this recipe.
If you are vegan , omit khoya and milk.

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Kesar and Mawa Kopra Pak / Topra Pak - Indian Style coconut fudge

Delicious and moreish Kopra Paak ( coconut fudge ) suitable for any occasions, made with rich ingredients like coconut, nuts, saffron, sugar and khoya ( Indian milk solids )

  • 2 cup Desiccated coconut / Powder
  • 1 1/4cup Sugar ( One and forth cup )
  • 1 cup Grated Khoya/ Mawa
  • Big pinch Saffron threads sokaed in 2tbsp. warm milk + few for garnishing
  • Pinch Cardamom powder
  • 2 tbsp. Pistachio and almond slivers
Grease one plate or tray with little ghee or flavourless oil and leave it aside. 
Heat heavy bottom pan on a low heat, add coconut and roast just 3-4 minutes without letting it go brown.
Remove roasted coconut from the kadai, add khoya and fry for few minutes, remove and leave it aside for later use.
In the same pan, add sugar and water, The water should just soak the sugar, don't add more.
Let the sugar dissolve in the water.
Bring the sugar syrup to boil, and keep stirring until sugar syrup reaches half thread consistency. 
To check the consistency for sugar syrup, take syrup in teaspoon, press between your index finger and thumb , you will be able to see one thread forming. 
Now quickly add coconut and mix well, now add khoya, saffron milk and cardamom powder.
Combine well. Mixture will thicken, do not let the mixture go too thick. 
Pour the mixture into greased plate or tray and spread evenly. 
Garnish with remaining saffron threads , nuts slivers or edible silver leaf ( If using ) and edible flowers. 
Let it cool completely, once it's cools down properly and nice and firm cut into desired shape. 
Kopra paak is ready for you to serve.
Enjoy !
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 10-12 pieces

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  1. Wow! Such a beautiful presentation! I love the tradition behind this recipe. Such a great celebration between brothers and sisters.

  2. This looks so gorgeous and delicious. Wish I could grab some right now!

  3. That is absolutely stunning. Such beautiful beautiful photos and something I really want to try.

  4. This post is so gorgeous -- the photographs are stunning! I'm intrigued by the recipe and its lovely flavors. True, perfect for any happy occasion! :-)

  5. I don't celebrate Raksha Bandhan - but you are right - one taste of these and I'd feel like I was in heaven - these sound delicious and look exquisite - you are making me want to go to the India Sweet Store close by to see if I can find these! YUM!

  6. Lovely recipe! I love fudge and often use coconut to make it. The flavorings here look delicious!

  7. Wow! This coconut fudge is gorgeous! I love the flavors in this recipe!

  8. Wow - what an interesting recipe and love the infusion of saffron!

  9. Can we use milk powder instead of khoya. if yes, how much. Also do you combine the coconut , khoya saffron milk and sugar syrup on low flame heat or not? love to try it. thanks for posting the recipe.

    1. Yes you can use milk powder, take same amount and a couple of table spoons more and follow same procedure as khoya. hope this helps.


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