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Khushi - Nepalese Tandoori Restaurant Boston Manor- Restaurant Review

What do you look for in a restaurant ? Good ambience, good food and good service? And all of these without being ripped off ? Of course!

Recently me and my daughter made a visit to review Khushi and I am glad to say that the restaurant is an absolute delight for foodies!

Khushi, is a hidden gem. A fine Nepalese tandoori restaurant, located opposite  Boston Manor tube station in Ealing, West London. It offers a tasteful Nepalese drinking and dining experience with just a few yards from the station and convenient parking space right in front of the restaurant. Beautiful and elegant white columns stand tall in front of the restaurant, the entrance leads into this simple yet beautifully decorated dining area with a relaxing and inviting tone where friendly and happy staff are ready to welcome you.

Picture Courtesy: Khushi Restaurant

Upon our arrival at Khushi, we were greeted warmly by the manager and staff. Once we made ourselves comfortable at our table, we order our drinks like Sweet Lassi and Mango Juice and checked the menu card. First thing I noticed which I really liked was that they explained a couple of Nepalese greeting in English. It immersed us into not just the food but some Nepalese culture too. There was a large selection of drinks and traditional Nepalese food with many Indian specialities too. I was thrilled to know that they have a wide variety of vegetarian options, and almost you can have any dish flavoured according to your needs. We needed help from the staff to orientate ourselves around the menu as it was extensive! The staff explained all of their traditional Nepalese recipes like ingredients and method of cooking so that we could better understand their food.

Alongside the drinks, we had fried papad ( Papadum ) with fresh basic onion kachumber ( salad ), mango chutney and mint yogurt raita. With these nibbles we made ourselves cosy and waited for our meal to begin.

Our meal began with the selection of starters which were all absolutely delicious, to the point of becoming addictive. These included chilli paneer and the traditional delicacy of Nepal, steaming hot, delicate momos which were brimming with spicy vegetables and paneer, wrapped in a dough and served with a spicy chilli-tomato and sesame dipping sauce. Almost I was crying a river as they were red hot, but could not stop at one and finished all ten of them, they were just delightful! In contrast the chilli paneer was slightly milder and sweeter, so complimented the hot momos perfectly.

For mains we opted for traditional Nepalese dishes. I had the Nepali Platter with Aloo Kulcha - a typical set meal consisting of plain rice, Kathmandu daal (slowly cooked creamy, thick and spicy whole black lentils), traditional Aloo Tama (potato and bamboo shoot curry cooked with Nepalese spices) and mixed vegetable curry. The platter was presented in authentic brass plates and bowls - which was a nice touch. Food was nice and hot and the daal was delightful, Aloo Tama had a touch of acidity and vegetable curry was so tasty without being very oily. Another dish we tried from the Recommendation section was Kathmandu Veg - mixed vegetable cooked with basic spices, herbs and curry leaves and also Peshwari Naan and Pilau rice. The Kathmandu veg was extremely fragrant and dreamily good, and the dry fruits of Peshwari Naan added a crunchy contrast to the whole meal and provided an explosion of flavours.

In between the mains, staff brought chef's special aaloo achar - potato pickle which is another traditional delicacy of Nepal, consumed with almost every Nepalese meal. Boiled potatoes are pickled with traditional spices and sesame seeds and served with freshly cut vegetables like cucumber, onion and coriander  and is served at room temperature. It was wonderful, delicious and a great accompaniment. The after taste of pickling spices was so special. By the time we finished our main meal, we were already in a food coma, sadly there wasn't any dessert for us to try.

Traditional Nepalese menu proved to be a delightful dining experience. The sweet lassi wasn't sweet and runny enough for me but the whole meal was delicious. Khushi offers plentiful dishes with loads of contrasting flavours and textures. Thoroughly delicious food combined with the simple beautiful surroundings and courteous and happy staff with friendly service, you will get everything in one place with reasonable prices. We had a truly lovely evening. A must visit if you fancy Nepalese spicy food !

Summary Information

Chilli paneer
Aloo Achar
Peshwari Naan
Kathmandu Daal
Kathmandu Veg
Aloo Tama

Sweet Lassi

Ambience 4.5 /5
Food 4.5 / 5
Service 5/5

Humble Suggestions
Love to see Nepalese dessert on the menu

Thank you emerz for arranging a review meal, and Khushi for welcoming us to enjoy your hospitality and making us happy, you truly know how to spread happiness :) All the views and opinions about Khushi restaurant are my own. I was not told or paid to write a positive review. The food was on the house.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post ! We hope to see you again soon :)

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