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Keri No Murabbo or Murabba - Gujarati style Raw Mango Preserve or Relish #indianpickle #summerpickling #mangomania #nowonmyblog #jcookingodyssey #kerinomurabbo #Gujaratipickle

Keri No Murabbo , more than a pickle it's like a preserve or you may call it Relish or Jam if you like. Made with just few ingredients but taste awesome. Tart raw mangos cooked with sugar syrup and flavoured with whole aromatic and golden spices such as Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon and Saffron.
It has this unique taste, it's delicious and yummy ! If you have sweet tooth, definitely you will die for it.  I am falling short of words to describe this aromatic and heavenly Keri No Murabbo. It's Mango after all !!!

Perhaps nearly every culture in the world has a tradition of preserves and pickles of varying produces from season to season. And in India every household stocks up their pickles throughout every season, like root vegetable pickles are made during winter, spring and early summers are suitable for chillies and scorching summers are best for lime, lemon and obviously Mango !!!

And right now, pickling season in India is in full swing, for many, pickling season is not just making pickles but it is given such importance as celebrating any festival and in many households it is an annual ritual that is still treated with ceremony it rightly deserves.

Pickling techniques and finished products might vary from region to region, but they have their one Mantra which is common that is loud and clear that 'No Indian meal complete without a smidgen of pickle'.

Once or twice I was served with more than half a dozen type of pickles in Gujarati thali few decades ago at relatives house in Kathiyawad ( Saurashtra region ). Lol, I was going to faint , quickly I gathered some courage and asked them nicely to remove those pickles except Keri No Murabbo as I wasn't used to eating so many pickle at the same time, still I don't have any soft spots for pickles either.

Frankly speaking I have a different opinion about Pickles, I know right now many of you raising your eye brows but I personally think that if your plate is already full of daals and curries and if they are tasty enough then what is the need for Pickle ? I would only eat pickle with plain khichdi , puri or thepla. I find pickles too strong with other spicy food, I might just fit Keri No Murabbo or Keri No Chundo ( recipe coming soon ) in my meals as these are not as strong as other pickles and it suits my palate.

So, there is me try to avoid pickles, and there is a daughter whom doesn't want to hear the name of any pickle, how on earth I've manage to prepare Keri No Murabbo and now posting it's recipe on the blog ! Well, boys of the house love to relish Murabbo, not always but sometimes and recently on my last trip to Asian grocery store, I smelt and saw this very fresh, firm and aromatic RajaPuri mangos that were just brought on the shelves by the shop assistant and I could not stop myself reaching out for it and grabbed couple of them without thinking what I will do with it.

While driven home by husband, I asked my husband when did we had Keri No Murabbo last ? He was so shocked to hear the word ' Keri No Murrabo' and I prepared same evening as I thought it must've been ages that I have prepared this delicacy.


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Keri No Murabbo
Delicious and yummy Gujarati style Raw mango Preserve or Relish.
  • 500 g Raw Rajapuri Mango grated
  • 1 kg Sugar
  • Big pinch of saffron threads
  • 5-6 Cloves
  • small piece Cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. Cardamom powder
Try to squeeze as much as water from the grated mango.
In squeezed water soak saffron threads.
In stainless steel pan combine grated mango and sugar.
Mix very well.
Put the pan on low heat and cook the mixture.
Continuously keep stirring. 
First the mango mixture will get watery as sugar dissolves. 
After few minutes, you will see again mixture getting thicker as sugar syrup is thickening.
You need consistency of 2 thread chasni ( syrup )once you achieve that, add saffron soaked water and turn off the heat. 
Add other spices and remove from the stove.
Let it cool completely.Once cool down, store in sterile jar.
Keep it in a cool but dry place ( not in the refrigerator ) 
Use it when desired.
Enjoy !
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 2 small jar

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