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Channar Puli, or Paneer Gulab Jamun, popular and famous sweet delicacy hails from the Indian region of Bengal, similar to irresistible Gulab Jamun made with Paneer. They look exactly like Gulab Jamun, which are made with Mawa or Khoya, but these guys are made with Paneer and condensed milk.

" A house with daffodils in it is a house lit up, whether or no sun be shining outside " ~ A. A. Milne

It seems that the season of spring kicked the winter out of the tournament at quite an early stage and I am enjoying the way spring ever so slowly creeping back into our lives with a dash of a colour and giving us colourful life indeed!

Enjoying the ever so charming looking weather, breathing delightful fresh and cold air, and there is something about fresh blossoming flowers on a tree lined street or peeking out of the field of the grass that cheers all up. There are countless reasons why we all love spring !
I love spring because Spring brings joy , happiness and positive vibe. Spring is musical and it's music thrills our ears and surely it's freshness and beauty pleases our eyes and awakens all the senses. Along all these sheer pleasures, spring brings Festival of Colours-Holi and obviously Holi adds to the glory of the spring season.

If you've just landed here or you're either a loyal reader, maybe you wanted to peek in my window of craziness, recipes and want to know, What Holi means to me and how I celebrate Holi outside India peek here,( Gelatin free Thandai Panna cotta and with rose and saffron Jelly ) here ( Sukha Mewa Kachori ) and here ( Paneer and Cashew Ladoo ). 

Instead today you have a chance to hear from my fellow food blogger friends  whom are in different parts of the world, they will tell you what are the significance of Festival Holi in their lives, and what one dish/recipe they would like to have during this festival.

Priya, of Priya's Verstalie Recipes, from Paris, France

Hello Readers
Well and Wish the same. 

Here comes few lines about Holi from me..

Though Holi, the popular festival of colours is celebrated all over India, I have never had a chance to celebrate either in India or in France. However its doesn't matter and I love this colourful festival.

Heard a lot about this festival, am seriously waiting to celebrate very soon with my friends and family as this festival is getting quite popular especially in Paris among Indians. Although my kids Been born and brought up in France my kids know very well about our Indian festivals especially our Indian customs and foods. Holi is one more festival my daughter want to celebrate as much as like me. Hope very soon we will celebrate this festival of colours at home with.

Make your life colourful with love, joy and happiness.

Here is my Holi recipe - Shahi Tukda/Tukra ( Click on Shahi Tukda for recipe )

Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen from Karnataka, India

Hi All,
MARCH is Special month for me for many reasons. First is, its the month I am born ;-) . I love March because it is the season for Mangoes. In my husband's family ,10 of us celebrate our birthday :-). March 1st starts with my Sis-in-law's son"s birthday and March 30th ends with my daughter's birthday.Also I started blogging on March 12, 2009 and surprise surprise I invited Jagruti to join Facebook and became best pal on March the 16th 2010 :)

Another most favorite reason is its the month where we celebrate the  festival of colours HOLI. Yes!!! this post is all about HOLI. I want to thank Jagruti for inviting me to share about this festival and how do I celebrate my Holi.

only few photos of my holi celebrations. 

Holi is the only festival I celebrate with all my tann, mann and dhan :-) ;-)
Though there are so many stories behind this festival and many religious beliefs and customs to follow,  I believe life is like this festival. Its full of all types of colors. All emotions we feel represent each color. And I love all the colors of  life which allows me to enjoy this life every moment.
Coming to the HOLI day. My day starts early with making breakfast and lunch ready and keep it aside so that once we come back after playing, the food should be ready. I can play without any tension. Till two years back, mom was there with us on this day and two maids were there to help mom to make special Holi food. I was not worried, but now as I am alone here, I had to prepare and keep. And  its not only  me, my friends bring their food and keep it in my house. We all play and come back to our house and enjoy the food together. We all go in our bikes in a group and visit almost all the nearby areas. Stopping wherever people are playing,  playing with them, screaming with joy. I am out of the world on that day. Sometimes I keep on shouting "happy new year" , "happy birthday" some irrelevant wishes and dance on the road with friends and kids. People think I have taken Bhaang!!!
After playing, taking bath, we all gather in our house, have the food and drinks and it goes till 6 pm. 
Puran poli is must on that day in North Karnataka. 
Just to give a twist, I am linking my old recipe of 

Biscuit Poli ( for recipe click on Biscuit Poli )

Its different from traditional Puran poli.


Keep Smiling,

Mayuri of Mayuri's Jikoni from Mombasa Kenya 
Hi Jagruti and readers of JCO.
Thank you for inviting me to participate in celebrating Holi.
When I was young growing up in Nairobi, Kenya I hadn't heard about Holi. My  first experience of Holi was a water balloon thrown on my back and head when I first went to study in Mt. Abu. It wasn’t a pleasant experience. I prefer to keep away from all those artificial colours and coloured water. It just tends to irritate my skin. I just feel that people should respect others and not force them to play with colours. All these colours and coloured water is also not environmentally friendly.

However, I do celebrate Holi by applying a small dot on my forehead with kumkum, I make something sweet on that day to offer to Lord Krishna.  

Happy Holi everyone.

Here’s my Holi recipe for this year, Thandai Cookies ( For recipe click on Thandai Cookies )

Soma of Flavoursunlimited from Mumbai, India

Holi, The festival of Colors and Good Food is one of the most awaited vibrant festivals in India. It is the festival which celebrates the eternal love of Lord Krsihna and Radha. It is the festival to forget old grievances and meet everybody with warmth and good spirit.  It is the festival of delicious food like Thandai, Gujia, Kachori, Gulab Jamun, Dahi Balle, Samosa, Sev, Ladoo etc etc etc (The list is never-ending)

It is the most loved festival among kids when they pester their parents to buy Gulal and Pichkari and start playing much before the real festival. I was no exception. Being the kid of 80's, I was not allowed new pichkari every year. I used to ask my Mother for my old pichkari which she used to take out from one of her storage trunks and used to play with plain water every day after school which started almost a week before the arrival of festival and the hang over continued at least a week post the festival or till I was scolded to finally get over it. Those were the days when we didn't realize the importance of water or the need to save it :(

Though I don’t play with colours or water any more, the spirit still remains the same. Holi brings lots of memories with it every year. The fun days spent with friends, the lip smacking delicacies which we had when we dropped by our friends place to colour them and then my cousins who would land up at the end of the day when I would have already taken a shower to colour me with permanent colours( we called them Varnish which stayed for a week and then only it was agreed that yes played a good Holi :P) . Oh they were sweet devils, My father’s Special Mutton Curry  made only during Holi , My mom’s special Gujias, Dahi Balle and Gulab Jamun and then the entire family including all distant relatives united to spend the entire day together enjoying food, playing cards (that was a must at our place) and the entire house filled with Madness.

The recipe posted today is dedicated to all the memories, to my entire family, to all my friends,  to old days and to the spirit of Holi..Cheers..
This is my Mom’s Mawa Gujia Recipe which we call Karanji. ( For recipe click on Mawa Gujia )

Jayshree of The Baking Sutra from UK 

Holi, festival of colours, is the celebration of arrival of spring. When the mother nature adorns herself with spring blossoms, we play with colours to celebrate it. This is also a time to forgive and forget, a time to mend any broken relationships, a time for fun and frolic, a season to rejoice!

Here, in UK, we don't get any holiday so our holi celebration extends till weekend. If holi falls during the weekdays then we celebrate it with different delicacies and a short play with colours in the evening when family is together. Kids play with water gun and enjoy the true spirit of holi.

Food is the heart of any celebration. On holi, which happens to be my most favourite festival, I try to cook different sweet and savoury dishes that includes traditional malpuas, gujhias, jalebis, Kadhi - Chawal, mutton or chicken curry, nimki, mathari etc.

I also bake some cakes and cookies as my kids are not very fond of Indian sweets. We call our friends and families in India and exchange good wishes. We also play holi based Bollywood songs on YouTube and dance on them. 'Rang barse' is our all time favourite song and it just sets the right mood for the celebration :)

We try to make this day as fun filled as we can. After all it's holi :D

Today here I am with innovative dish Rasgulla Flavoured Eggless Almond cake for Holi celebration.

Thank you so much girls for taking out time and contributing to our colourful post on the exciting events of Holi. Please accept my gratitude and bunch of daffodils to bring loads of sunshine to your lives.

Any festival in any religion or country would be tasteless and incomplete without rich and delectable food and Holi is the time for relishing those scrumptious delights. On occasion of Holi, I don't prepare so many varitiey of food like I do on Diwali, but on Holi occasion, two types of sweets are more than enough.

So this Holi I have Channar Puli my friends ! It's delectable and so decadent and you totally want it in a bowl near you ASAP :) I prepared the first time, and was pretty darn delighted with the results. Beautifully soaked in and infused with cardamom sugar syrup, staying so soft and fluffy. They were vanishing pretty soon from the table, that I had to hide few for my baby blog :) A sense of Glorious Joy !!

I chose Channar Poli for Holi, because first thing my family loves Gulab Jamun to core, whether it's Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun or Sweet Potato and coconut Jamun, also these can be prepared in advance, stay fresh for almost a week, so you can enjoy Holi day fully.

Recipe source:- Gaytri Vantillu 

You will need:-

  • 100 ml Condensed milk
  • 125 Homemade grated paneer 
  • Oil to fry
  • 3-4 tbsp. Plain flour 
  • 1/4 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tbsp. ghee
  • 1/2 tsp. crushed cardamom 
  • 2 cup sugar as the sugar we get here not too sweet 
  • 300 ml water 
  • Pistachio slivers and dried red rose petals to garnish ( Optional ) 
Bring paneer to room temperature if it was left in the refrigerator.
In a big bowl add condensed milk, paneer, plain flour, baking powder and combine well till you get sticky but smooth paste. 
Leave it aside for 20-25 minutes.
Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup, in a wide pan place sugar and water and bring it to boil.
Keep stirring and let the sugar dissolves.
After 10-12 minutes syrup will get little thicker.
The syrup is done when, while dropping from a spoon it falls in a thin single thread.
Turn off the heat and add cardamom powder and leave it aside for later use.

once again knead the dough for a few seconds.
Now make golf size balls of even size.  
Heat sunflower oil well. 
Switch off the heat and cool a little.  
Let in some of the jamuns(3-4), when they rise up put back on heat and fry them on a slow heat till medium brown.  
Remove from the oil and pierce them with fine needle and put them in Sugar syrup to soak.  
Repeat for all the jamuns.  
let it soak for 6-7 hours and garnish with pistachio slivers and serve.
Enjoy !

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post ! We hope to see you again soon :)


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