Channar Puli, or Paneer Gulab Jamun, popular and famous sweet delicacy hails from the Indian region of Bengal, similar to irresistible Gulab Jamun made with Paneer. They look exactly like Gulab Jamun, which are made with Mawa or Khoya, but these guys are made with Paneer and condensed milk.

Here is my Holi recipe - Shahi Tukda/Tukra 

I chose Channar Poli for Holi, because first thing my family loves Gulab Jamun to the core, whether it's Gulab Jamun, Kala Jamun or Sweet Potato and coconut Jamun, also these can be prepared in advance, stay fresh for almost a week, so you can enjoy Holi day fully.

You will need:-

  • 100 ml Condensed milk
  • 125 Homemade grated paneer 
  • Oil to fry
  • 3-4 tbsp. Plain flour 
  • 1/4 tsp. Baking Powder
  • 1/2 tbsp. ghee
  • 1/2 tsp. crushed cardamom 
  • 2 cup sugar as the sugar we get here not too sweet 
  • 300 ml water 
  • Pistachio slivers and dried red rose petals to garnish ( Optional ) 
Bring paneer to room temperature if it was left in the refrigerator.
In a big bowl add condensed milk, paneer, plain flour, baking powder and combine well till you get sticky but smooth paste. 
Leave it aside for 20-25 minutes.
Meanwhile prepare sugar syrup, in a wide pan place sugar and water and bring it to boil.
Keep stirring and let the sugar dissolves.
After 10-12 minutes syrup will get little thicker.
The syrup is done when, while dropping from a spoon it falls in a thin single thread.
Turn off the heat and add cardamom powder and leave it aside for later use.

once again knead the dough for a few seconds.
Now make golf size balls of even size.  
Heat sunflower oil well. 
Switch off the heat and cool a little.  
Let in some of the jamuns(3-4), when they rise up put back on heat and fry them on a slow heat till medium brown.  
Remove from the oil and pierce them with fine needle and put them in Sugar syrup to soak.  
Repeat for all the jamuns.  
let it soak for 6-7 hours and garnish with pistachio slivers and serve.
Enjoy !

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