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Mixed Dry Fruit and Nuts Vedhmi / Puran Poli (Indian flat bread Stuffed with sweet lentil, dry fruit and nuts )

Recently I had chance to sort out my external hard drive , where I store my food pictures since I created this blog more than 6 years ago. There are hundreds of recipes pictures, unfortunately many couldn't make it to this blog, I am really disappointed in myself that I took so much effort in cooking those delicacies, took pictures and left those poor pics !

I really want to post those recipes here, but I have to admit that those pictures I took that time were not perfect or maybe won't have chance to appear, especially in current times as it seems we are in a race or a competition in search of good light, camera and click and post magnificent pics. Well I can leave this rant about food blogging and food pictures for another day, there are so many recipe pictures in my archives which I have not used yet.

So altogether I have about 400 plus pictures of around 46 recipes, that  sadly couldn't make it on my blog, I am now thinking that I should remake those dishes that I did in the past and re take new photographs of those, One of the recipe picture caught my eye and reminded me of something I made around six years ago and since not made it again , so here goes, once again I have chosen Vedhmi / Puran Poli. This was while i was looking at the old pics, I had an urge to having it and decided to make on the day of Makar Sankranti.

 Vedhmi / Vedmi is a Gujarati word for Puran Poli (Indian flat bread Stuffed with sweet lentil filling ) It's a very popualr traditional dessert throughout India, served piping hot with bowl of aromatic Ghee. In Gujarat this dessert called Vedhmi, simply because it's made with your finger tips by tapping the stuffed flat bread and in Gujarati finger tips means Vedha !

While in many other states of India Chana Daal ( Split Bengal gram daal ) being used to make filling, in Gujrat mostly Toover daal ( Split pigeon pea ) and Jaggery or sugar are used, and these beautiful and aromatic flavours added by using Cardamom and Nutmeg. For the upper layer many people uses Semolina and Plain flour to make flat bread crispy outside, but mostly I have seen Vedhmi made with Whole Wheat flour.

Vedhmi or Puran Poli is one of the tastiest and delicious dessert in Indian cuisine and without any doubt mine too. Mostly this dessert prepared during festivals and other occasions, but this is one particular dish I remember that my Mum used to make any time in the year, no special occasion needed, but as it goes for other treats in our house there had to be some special occasion like Birthdays or festivals.

In Gujarat mostly Vedhmi served with Gujarati Kadhi, Peas Pulao, Patra, Valor-Ringna nu saak ( recipe coming soon ) and obviously a generous dose of pure golden Ghee, Oh it's heaven ! Next morning once again we get chance to enjoy Vedhmi, but this time we would wash it down with Kesar Badam Milk .
Many believe that the perfect preparation of Vedhmi / Puran Poli involves a high skilled task, I agree to a certain extent.  Mostly you would be disappointed when filling oozes out of the dough and flat bread starts tearing. Also in the making Puran ( filling ) or in kneading the dough, but couple of things you can keep in your mind while preparing ( see method ) and obviously with some experience the job can be done. It's about trial and error :) !

So, did I made traiditional Vedhmi on Makar Sankranti ? well yes and no, I had prepared and enjoyed Vedhmi, but this time once again 'Aadat se Majboor '( old habits die hard ) I ended up doing another experiment on my gunnies pigs ( family ) and made filling with both daal, dried fruits and Nuts to cut down the amount of sweetness, because dried fruit has it's own natural sugar and made it more richer, nuttier and scrumptious. Because we enjoyed so much at home, couldn't resisit to make for daughter and lovely daddy drove all the way to give her..she enjoyed it so much as well.

So if you are crazy fan of Vedhmi / Puarn poli, but still love to try something difffrent try this Dried fruit and nuts Vedhmi..I am sure you will have no complaints. If you want to try Traditional Vedhmi recipes, just leave dried fruits and nuts out and make it original way ( No Dry fruit and nuts ) with the same methods.

You will need :- Dough - Upper layer

  • 1 cup chapatti flour ( I used wholemeal )
  • Pinch salt
  • 1/2 tsp. oil
  • Water

You will need :- Filling

  • 1/2 cup chana and toover daal ( you can use either of them if you like )
  • 3 tbsp. khoya / Mawa or full fat milk powder
  • 7-8 dried figs finely chopped
  • 7-8 medjool dates. pitted and finely chopped
  • 4 tbsp. mixed nuts ( almond, cashew and pistachio )
  • 1 tbsp. white poppy seeds ( Khus Khus )
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • Pinch cardamom and nutmeg powder

Method :- Filling
Clean, wash and cook both daal together in the pressure  cooker ( Only add sufficient water )
Once daal is cooked, grind daal, dried figs and dates in a food processor  and make it in a smooth paste.
Lightly roast mixed nuts and make coarse powder.
Transfer the daal mixture in a heavy bottom pan , add sugar.
Keep cooking the mixture on a low to meduim heat and constantly keep stirring.
Once all the moisture starts evaporating , add Khoya mixed nuts powder and keep stirring.
Slowly slowly mixture will keep getting thicker and stiff. ( time to perform a taste on the filling ). TAKE A SPOON, DIG INTO MIXTURE , IF SPOON STANDS ERECT IN THE MIXTURE WITHOUT FALLING DOWN, means filling is ready.
Transfer the filling in a plate and let it cool completely. Longer the better. ( I prepare filling early in the morning and leave it to cool about 5-6 hours or sometimes prepare at night and leave it in the refrigerator whole night ).
Now prepare dough.
Place flour, salt in a plate and knead chapatti like dough, it should be pliable and soft.
Cover the dough with a clean kitchen towel and leave it to rest for 20 minutes.
Once you are ready to prepare Vedhmi, add 1/2 tsp oil in the kneaded dough and once again knead the dough for 2-3 minutes.
Divide the dough and filling mixture into equal portions and make golf size balls .
Start heating griddle or tava on a low heat.
Roll the one ball of dough into oblong shape chapatti ( not too big ) ( see picture )
Put the filling ( stuffing ) ball on the edge and overlap the other end of the chapatti. ( see picture )
Take a sharp edge bowl or glass and press on the stuffing filled chapatti. ( see picture )
Remove the excess dough and very gently roll the Vedhmi to your desire thickness or use your finger tips to press down the Vedhmi. ( This method will require lot of time )
Cook on the hot griddle on both side, apply Ghee on both side and roast the vedhmi till it's nice and brown on both side.
Apply Ghee generously on the Vedhmi  and serve hot .
Enjoy !!

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