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Doodh Paak - Gujarati style Rice Pudding #Gujaratifood #doodhpaakpoori #kemcho #jcookingodyssey

Just mention  Doodh Pak-Puri , to any Gujarati,  watch their face and twinkle in their eyes,
they will narrate their love for this a very rich Gujarati dessert made of Full fat milk and rice not only looking so divine and luxurious,  but also in taste too. Doodh Paak is mostly prepared during festive season in Gujarati Household. This delicious and sinful Gujarati dessert is best served with Puri, Bhajiya ( Pakora ).

Since I posted my recipe Kesar, Pista , Nariyal Doodh Paak Ladoo, many of you asked me about Doodh paak recipe, few asked me is it kheer ? No it's not ! How ? Kheer and Doodh Paak looks similar, Ingredients are same, method is little different.

Kheer is very creamy and thick.
In kheer recipe ratio of milk and rice is e.g. 1 litre milk and 1/4 cup rice
In the method of making kheer as soon as milk starts boiling, we add rice and cooked till everything  until rice is almost mushy.
In kheer recipe saffron can be added.

So what is Doodh Paak ? Doodh Paak translates 'Cooked Milk'. In Doodh Paak recipe, it is very important that you boil milk first and milk should be concentrated and approximately 60% of water content has to be evaporated and it should look like cream colour evaporated milk but should not become Rabdi or basundi. Ratio of milk and rice should be 1 litre milk and 1 tablespoon rice.
In doodh paak rice is only added after milk is cooked properly.
And please do not add saffron.
Doodh paak should only be garnished with almonds and pistachio nuts.
And Doodh Paak is creamy but not thick, doodh paak is there to gulp it down :)

 Why I am so sure about this recipe, it's not my confidence but the person who taught me, she was the confident one, and  Doodh paak made by her was the most popular recipe in the entire block where I grew up and she would swear on this recipe. No, it wasn't my Mum !

In India, one of our next door neighbour lady, fondly we've always called her' Masi ' (aunt) who would make Doodh Paak on every Raksha Bandhan and she would make sure that one big bowl of Doodh Paak reaches to our house, mostly in our house mum used to prepare Kheer or Shrikhand on Raksha Bandhan.
Not only me but her BIL was also great fan of her Doodh Paak too. He would easily gulp it down 3-4 bowl at a time  At that time I was big fan of her cooking, but only after I got married I noted down few recipes from her like Handvo, Methi Thepla,Sukhdi and Doodh Paak !

Recently I had an opportunity to prepare Doodh Paak as we had small religious ceremony,  for Prasad I prepared Potato and Chick Pea curry (without onion and garlic ), Coconut and Almond rice, Puri and Doodh Paak !

You will need :-

  • 2 litre full fat milk 
  • 2 tbsp. basmati rice washed and soaked for 10 minutes
  • 1 tbsp. ghee
  • 200 g sugar 
  • 1/4 tsp. cardamom powder
  • Big pinch nutmeg powder
  • 2-3 tbsp. slivered almonds and pistachio nuts
Method :-
Mix ghee into soaked rice and leave it aside.
Take big pan, wash inside of it with cold water. ( leave couple of spoon of water inside )
Pour milk in the pan and bring it to boil, keep heat on medium.
Continuously keep stirring the milk, keep an eye the milk, it should not stick to the bottom of the pan or do not allow to boil over or spill out, otherwise the smell of burnt milk will spoil your entire dish.
Keep stirring slowly milk for 30-40 minutes.
Now add rice and continuous cook the doodh paak.
When you see milk is getting creamier and reduced to almost half, add sugar per your taste.,
Keep mixing and cook on a medium flame for another 10-12 minutes until sugar dissolves properly.
Add cardamom and nutmeg powder.
Sprinkle slivered almonds and Pistachio.
Serve hot or chilled.
Best served with Poori or Puri ..recipe coming next !

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post ! We hope to see you again soon :)


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