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Anjeer, Chocolate aur Kaju Rolls - Figs,Chocolate and Cashew Rolls - Diwali Special #FestivalofIndia #Diwali #DiwaliMithai

Navratri, Dusshera and Halloween just gone, and Diwali is round the corner. Normally I clean and declutter my home from top to bottom, 3-4 weeks before Diwali but this year still there is no sign of it. Nonetheless I have taken out my Diwali Sweet list and ticked out what I am going to prepare this Diwali :) and already bought ingredients for it . I was very busy with so many commitments and bit of sheer laziness too :) I'd better cracking with it !

My daughter observes me very closely whenever we celebrate Indian festivals, she asks me why is it important and significant of doing some rituals ? What are the reasons ? Is it beneficial to us in anyway etc etc. When she was little once she asked me 'Mum we keep our house, sparkling clean all the time then why you clean house all over again before Diwali ? Because of her age that time I gave her simple answer ' On Diwali day Goddess Laxmiji visits our home and blessed us with lots happiness and prosperity and she make sure that your house is clean ,' hmmm' she noded after few minutes she came to me and told me 'oh so, Goddess Laxmiji is just like Father Christmas, he comes on Christmas day and brings us presents and see if we kids were naughty or nice ' exactly I said :) straight away she started to helping me to cleaning her cupboard !!

We Indians believe everything through religious or spiritual way, It is common belief that Goddess Laxmi will grace clean and decorated home during this festival and showered us with lots of fortune and wealth. Also we believe that by cleaning the house we are bringing Auspiciousness into our homes.

But there are definitely more scientific  reasons behind and importance of a Pre-Diwali Cleaning , because Diwali comes after monsoon season in India, during monsoon, due to floods and humidity kind of atmosphere dark corners of houses becomes a nest for insects and fungus. Also because of wet weather people have less opportunity to stay active during monsoon season, so diwali cleaning is the best solution of moving those hips :) Also after monsoon, sun shines beautifully and gives energy and provides vitamin D and to store vitamin D people keep going in and house and same time getting their energy back too, that is why Diwali is known to another meaning of 'Bright Light and Energy' so by cleaning our house our body gets beautiful sunshine and energy to cope with harsh winters ahead. Diwali also celebrations of 'Good over Evil' In many ways cleaning up your living space and surroundings and decluttering and life is a way to imbibe the element of purity of mind, body and soul before the festivities begin ! thus our ancestors thought about very seriously to motivate and to convince people set some of the rituals and rules through religious way, because everyone knows that if you want to convince Indians Bring GOD in between :)

We take Diwali celebrations seriously, celebrate in same manner as one would do in India. Definitely don't sit on a couch on a Diwali day, and write a post for my blog. On Diwali day our routine is very disciplined and traditional too.

As with all festivities, Food of course is an integral part !  Let's talk about today's recipe, It's, Figs, Chocolate and Cashew Rolls. I prepared them on last Diwali, but due to my health issues I couldn't post it. So I waited patiently whole year. I tweaked original recipe by adding chocolate in the filling and upper layer made with semolina and cashews.

A delicious and elegant looking dessert tastes so fine. Figs and Chocolate mingles brilliantly with the cashew layers. I am sure this will be a great addition to your Diwali sweet list..!


You will need :- Filling

  • 200 g Dried Figs
  • 100 g Seedless Dates ( I used Medjool )
  • 1 tsp. Desi Ghee
  • 2 tbsp. Cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp. powdered sugar
  • 1 tbsp. White poppy seeds ( khus khus ) 
You will need :- Upper Layer
Method :- Filling

Soak figs and dates in a warm water for 15-20 minutes.
Drain the water and make smooth paste in a grinder.
Heat ghee in a heavy bottom pan, add figs and dates paste and sugar.
Keep stirring the paste continuously.
After 7-8 minutes add poppy seeds.
After about 10-12 minutes you will see mixture getting shiny and comes together and will become small ball.
Keep stirring another 2-3 minutes.
Switch of the heat, add cocoa powder mix well.
Leave it to cool totally.

Method :- Upper layer

Heat ghee in a kadai, add semolina and roast on a very low heat until light pink. ( It takes about good 8-10 minutes. )
Add milk powder, grated khoya and cashew powder. Still keep low heat.
Keep roasting for another 3-4 minutes.
Add warm milk and sugar, keep stirring until you see very thick and firm semolina halwa.
Transfer into another plate, let it cool completely. ( I made previous night and left it in the fridge )
When you are ready, take butter paper or plastic sheet.
Take out the semolina halwa, and knead for 2-3 minutes. make sure there should be no lump at all. If you think halwa is soft, add little cashew powder. halve the dough.
Make about cricket size ball from one portion.
Put it on the butter paper, on top of the ball lay another piece of paper.
Now very gently and carefully start rolling the dough.
Make big oblong shape chapatti.
Once you are happy with the size and thickness stop. ( about 5mm is enough )
Cut sides and make square.
Now take dry fruit and chocolate mix, make two halfs.
And make long cylindric thin roll out of it.( see picture 1. )
Put that dry fruit roll on a square semolina dough ( see picture 1.)
Slowly slowly start folding, by lifting butter paper.
Once you roll up to half way, leave the butter paper.
Now use your hands to roll the very very gently.
Once the roll is ready, roll the roll for few seconds to make sure it sticks properly.
Now sprinkle pistachio slivers on the butter paper, and once again roll the roll on the pistachio slivers.
Now the same butter paper and tightly wrap the Dry fruit and cashew Roll seal the sides and leave it in a cool place for one hour or so.
Once time is up, take out the roll and gently cut into small discs or roll with very sharp knife.
Enjoy !!

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post ! We hope to see you again soon :)


  1. LOve the way the cutie received the knowledge about the culture.... The rolls are obviously to die for. So so delicious !!!!

  2. Kids get to learn about our culture and traditions from the rituals we follow. Loved the way the roll has turned out..perfect texture , perfect shape and I have no doubt that they tasted heavenly.

  3. A perfect sweet for festive occasions. Addition of figs, dates and cashews makes it more nutritious. This looks absolutely delish.

  4. Loved your interesting write up. Rolls looks awesome. Bookmaking it to try soon. I wish I could grab one from the picture. Lovely share.

  5. The kaju , chocolate and anjeer rolls are looking so perfect in shape you have done a better job than those professional halwais I must say, loved the step by step shaping photos makes it so easy to understand the recipe.

  6. Jagruti, I can almost smell the aroma of that yummy kaju, chocolate & anjeer barfi! looks fabulous!

  7. Wow this is simply outstanding. Would love to try this. Love the detailed instructions

  8. This looks so yumm with cashew, dates and fig, lovely share for the festivities.

  9. this anjeer chocolate burfi looks fantastic. I made once long back but but it was very soft. a great festive sweet which taste great, making kaju layer is very tricky.

  10. Loved reading this post and learning a little more about Diwali. Wonderfully explained. And so is the recipe, so detailed and clear for anyone to follow. Wishing you a great Diwali this year too. :)

  11. What a lovely pairing of flavors and a fantastic perfect roll it is. I loved the way you described the whole process, very easy to follow.

  12. I'm in awe with these kaju,anjeer and chocolate rolls. So beautifully done and well explained full of festive spirit....Well Done Jagruti !!

  13. Never thought why we do Diwali cleaning. Sounds logical. Btw the roll looks delicious n doable.

  14. Anjeer is one of mine fav dry fruit... Love the desserts and sweet made with anjeer. Addition of chocolate with anjeer just like lottery.


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