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Kesar, Pista Coconut Ladoo, a super soft and delightful melt in your mouth ladoo made with desiccated coconut, Basundi and flavoured with saffron and pistachio nuts. 

In India beginning of Spring and beginning of autumn are considered to be important of climatic and solar influences. Come the end of Monsoon season and it's time for autumn festivities for Hindus in India. Navratri is one of them, hindus all over the globe celebrates Nine nights worshipping Goddess Durga with great devotion.

Navratri ( Nine nights ) is full of lights, joy and festivities. Idol of Goddess Durga is worshipped by everyone and try to enhance their spiritual, mental and physical practise in these nine days. People through out India have their unique way of celebrating this festival and has special significance and most awaited festival in Gujarati community, however the dedication and devotion remains the same for every community.

Gujarati community celebrates Navratri with extreme passion and fervour, for every Gujju when sounds of the Dhol and the clapping of Dandiya sticks are heard, automatically their feet starts tapping and they gets grooving most delectable way.

Being Gujju our enthusiasm has not gone low to play Garba, same time prayers and worships goes on with the same enthusiasm for total nine days in our house too. I bring earthen and decorated pot with holes and light it every evening. The pot we call "Garbo" or "Garbi" and light symbolise the power "Shakti" Chanting and listening devotional songs brings peace to mind. Mild fragrance of Fresh flowers, purifying scent from incense sticks and lit or burning Diya makes atmosphere more spiritual and serene. After daily puja we perform Aarti and Prasad ( most important and much awaited time during my childhood ). Activities like this invigorating and very effective for creating magical and joyous environment.

Prasad or Prasadam an offering to the God, then distributed and consumed amongst friends, family and community. Prasad considered to be sacred and thus all  receiving it are believed to be blessed, means you're receiving the blessings from the God.  Prasad can be Fresh fruits, Nuts, Sugar, Jaggery,milk,yogurt or sweets or Mithai which is mainly prepared in home.
The Navratri prasad can be elaborate and scrumptious. When you have friends and family at home to worship or get together in the community for the Garba I always make something sweet for Prasad, especially on the Eighth or Ninth day of Navratri. I follow this tradition from my parents and my Parents in law. Every year I prepare something different, last year I prepared Nariyal rabri Ladoo.

Coconut Ladoo with Rabdi

I learnt this recipe of my MUM, when she visited us many moons ago on the occasion of our sunny boy's Janoi or Yagnopaveetham. We prepared Basundi for the prasad that day, after the event finished we were left with some Basundi, because next day we were leaving for Europe trip we quickly wanted to finish it, but everyone's stomach was so full, so MUM asked me have you got desiccated coconut? I quickly grabbed it from the pantry but I was intrigued. After half an hour I started inhaling sweet aroma and rushed in the kitchen, there was Nariyal and Basundi Ladoo in making. In short time she made these flawless Coconut laddoos.  Those ladoos also had Europe tour , but they did not survive long because some of the fellow holiday makers who were with us in the coach, they all devoured them and few ladies took a recipe from her because they were yum :)

These ladoos can be prepared with Kesar Lachha Rabdi or Doodhpaak too.

So last year I made Basundi on previous day for naivedyam, straight away took some out before anyone eats it and made Prasad with it for next day. Once you have Basundi or Doodh Paak ready, these Ladoos can be made very quick. These glorious truffles of coconut, flavoured with saffron and rolled in pistachio will get so much attention, wherever you'll take them.

You can omit kesar ( saffron ) completely.
If you don't want to use rabri, Basundi or Doodh Paak ( Gujarati style kheer ) use double cream.

Kesar, pista coconut ladoo, coconut ladoo with rabdi
Yield: 8-10 SMALL LADOO



Simple and straight forward recipe yet elegant, melt in your mouth coconut Ladoo with saffron flavour!
prep time: 5 Mcook time: 35 Mtotal time: 40 M


  • 1 cup Desiccated coconut 
  • 1 cup rabri/basundi/doodh Paak
  • 2 tbsp. sugar
  • Big pinch + Small pinch saffron
  • 2 tbsp + 1 tbsp pistachio finely chopped
  • 1/2 tsp. cardamom powder
  • 1 tsp. cream or ghee



  1. In a nonstick or heavy bottom kadai place one cup desiccated coconut.
  2. Fry coconut for 2-3 minutes without making it brown.
  3. Now add rabri, saffron, sugar, ghee or cream and pistachio powder.
  4. Mix everything and keep stirring until the mixture gets thicker.
  5. It will take 20-25 minutes.
  6. Once mixture leaves pan, switch off the heat.
  7. Transfer the ladoo mixture into another plate.
  8. Let it cool little.
  9. Mix 1 tbsp coconut, small pinch saffron and 1 tbsp. pistachio.
  10. Make laddoos and roll them in the mixed dry mixture.
  11. Offer as a prasad or make on Diwali.


If you are preparing for fasting, do not use Doodh Paak as it contains Rice.
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  1. This is amazing use of leftoever rabri. Kesar pista sweet looks so festive. A great recipe for Navratri Fasting. Their texture came so perfect to hold the round shape.

  2. This is amazing use of leftoever rabri. Kesar pista sweet looks so festive. A great recipe for Navratri Fasting. Their texture came so perfect to hold the round shape.

  3. This is amazing use of leftoever rabri. Kesar pista sweet looks so festive. A great recipe for Navratri Fasting. Their texture came so perfect to hold the round shape.

  4. I am so sure all the goddesses of India will be so pleased if they receive this platter. Love love the recipe and the photography

  5. Delicious laddoos .. perfect festive recipe. Nice way of using the left over rabri too.

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  7. This looks so good and made good use of left over rabri. Nice one for nine days of navratri.

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  10. Oh my god! Look at these Ladoos. They look so delicious. Being part of this group, really a great opportunity to explore different region's cuisines. I never knew we can make ladoo out of rabri or basundi. If I make this at my home, I can guarantee that, it would vanish in no time considering all sweet lovers. Lovely capture and recipe.

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