Thursday, 3 September 2015

Product Review - Beets Blu Smartscale #smartweightscale #Beetsblu

For any woman, the battle with scales are a daily struggle. I know they are for me. When I was in India haggling with the vegetables vendor and his vegetables scale, because (obviously) the vendor wants to sell you less groceries than the price you pay. At the airport, always battling with the luggage scales, assuming airline desks deliberately meddle with the weight of your suitcases to make them seem heavier than they are, and the everyday struggle and frustration with the bathroom scale, because you don't see the results you want to see ! No matter how much we think that various scales are cheating us, the bathroom scale always tells the hard truth!

The bathroom scale that I own at home recently ran out of batteries and looked as it had seen better days so I was thinking of just getting a newer, better one. Luckily, at the same time, Beets Blu very kindly offered to send me one of their scales for an unbiased review. I jumped at the chance!

The Beets Blu smartscale is no ordinary scale. It not only measures weight, but also tells you your body fat percentage, water level and muscle mass. All of this information is transferred to the free Beets Blu app on your phone and is stored so that you can view your results day by day.

When I first laid eyes on my new Smartscale, my first thoughts were how sleek it looked, I knew it was going to be an impressive piece of kit! It came with simple and clear instructions and was super easy to set up, contrary to what I'd thought. Normally, with an increase in technology, the harder it is to set up, but nope! Not with this Smartscale. I just inserted the batteries that were provided and installed the app and I was good to go. Soon enough, everyone in the house was stepping on and off the scale! My daughter is already not so subtly hinting that she wants to take it to uni with her!

I love the idea that all of my data can be stored on my phone and even synced with my Health app on my iPhone. It's amazing how something as simple as this motivates me even more to keep a check on my weight and body composition! A QR code is even provided to install the Smartscale app with ease.

Everyone in the house is really pleased with this new set of scales and suffice to say we'll be using these religiously over time.

Disclaimer: I was sent these scales for an unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post :)

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