Must Try Vrat Ka khana

Once again it's the time of the year when so many Indian religious festivals are lined up one after the other like Janmashtami or Gokulashtami, Navratri and many more. 

I mentioned before in my previous posts that Hinduism is often described as a religion of fasts, feasts and festivals, again and again I am proving that. We cannot stay away from those delicious and gorgeous dishes which are prepared during fasting period.

So let's embrace the joy of the festivals with the best of our fasting recipes. I have compiled a list of old favourites to newer ones. I N D U L G E in a L O T :)
Happy Fasting  !!! 



Image of sago fritters served with chutneys and yogurt in a black bowl.

Crispy Gujarati Sabudana Vada

An image of sabudana vada in a metal tray.

Vegan Rajagro Siro

Farali Palak Poori

Rose Coconut Barfi

Farali Rajgiro Magas

Moriyo Vada

Farali Cassava & Peanut Stir fry

Farali Dudhi/Lauki Thepla

Moriyo Phool Makhana Kheer

Farali Ratalu/Kand sabji

Farali Buckwheat Upma

Farali Dum Aloo

Dudhi Na Farali Muthiya / Muthia 

Kali Mirch, Till aur Moongpahali Aloo

Rajgro/Rajgira Panchratna Sheero/Sheera

Farali Masala Puri-Kuttu Masala Puri-Buckwheat Masala Puri

Peanut Potato Farali Kadhi-Moongphali aloo farali kadhi

Suran, Moongphali Samo - Samo Khichdi

Mango, Badam, Coconut Ladoo

Mariyo Kheer/Doodhpak ( sugar free ) with Dates and Pear

Farali Patra 

Sweet Potato-Potato farali sabji / Shakkria Bateta nu Farali Saak 

Rajgiro/Kuttu Til Vada - Amaranth and Sesame Donuts

Buff Vada

Malai Dodha Barfi

Stuffed capsicum with Peanuts - Bharwan Shimla Mirch

Sabudana Chevdo - Chivda

Chikoo, Nariyal aur Khus Khus ka halwa

Rasadaar Aloo aur Singdana sabji - Potato in Peanut sauce

Aloo singdana khichdi - Potatoes and Peanuts stir fry


Sabudana Khichdi - Spicy Sago

Kesar Kalakand - M/W method

Mango Peda 

Sweet Potato-Shakkariya-Shakkarkand Halwa/Siro

Thank you for stopping by and reading this post :)


  1. Oh my!!! With a gorgeous, tasty, scrumptious and super delicious collection like this, I can eat vrat ka khana every day!!! Bookmarking this to make again and again!

  2. I am drooling over the pictures Jagruti ! Such a fabulous compilation of delectables farali treats you have created..would love to try some of them for sure..bookm bookma them.

  3. Awesome collection of Vrat kaa khana, I will pass it to my friends who fast and observe Navratri. We Bengalis are knee deep in Non-veg food during the Durga Puja, we celebrate the goddess with food...Lol!

  4. What a lovely collection of fasting recipes each one is just too tempting, this will be so helpful for all the fasting season coming up.

  5. Oh My Gosh!! Drooling over each and every recipe....The pics are looking gorgeous....fabulous compilation of recipes, will be very useful for Navratri!!

  6. When we're fasting, not suppose to have food in our head all the time but looking at all your preparations, just can't stop drooling and feeling hungry. Awesome collection.

  7. Wow, looking at your pictures I am drooling over them. Awesome recipes for the Navratri.

  8. Lovely collection of farali recipes Jagruti. Bookmarking for reference

  9. OMG !!! WHat a tremendous collection of festive dishes !!! Love each one here... Perfect share for current days :)

  10. beautiful collection of vrat ka khana. These days fasting is actually feasting. liked this amarnath donut. Great share.

  11. I just can't stop drooling over these pictures! My god, what a collection, Jagruti. This is seriously commendable. I will definitely try these recipes sometime.

  12. Oh my Jagruti...if this is what you are making suiting fasting days...I can fast all day at your home...loving all esothat mango Vasan coconut ladoo

  13. OMG, what. Collection for this fasting season. I am hungry just seeing your pics. Bookmarking your link


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