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Cottage Cheese and Cashew Ladoo Infused with Screw Pine and Rose essence - Paneer and Kaju Ladoo - #Holi #Festival of colours

"Oh, Spring is surely coming, Her couriers fill the air; Each morn are new arrivals, Each night her ways prepare; I scent her fragrant garments, Her foot is on the stair. ~John Burroughs, "A March Glee"


A dash of a colour in the world, surely helps lift our spirits. Spring is definitely in the air, technically spring has arrived and started in the UK today.  Nature is already looking charming, breathing delightful fresh yet cold air. The sun is shining very bright since the early morning and surely days are getting much brighter and the sounds of a blissful spring upon us.

Last winter wasn't as scary or harsh as it's always been, not much snow or very icy temperatures for us Londoners. We witnessed mild winter this year, seems winter wasn't in any mood to impress us. It seems that the season of spring kicked the winter out of the tournament at quite an early stage. Well whatever last winter gave us, I am not complaining!

Now that spring is blooming, it's a perfect time to make plans and projects. Spring brings explosion of colour, life and activities in our life, and surely we need to cherish and indulge in to those colourful and joyful moments.

With the arrival of Spring, we start preparing for so many colourful festivals. Think about spring, and first thing I think of is the colourful spring festival HOLI celebrated in India. Not only India but every country and culture has their own festivals and activities to celebrate season of spring. In the UK we celebrate the country's open space, terrific cost lines and blossom gardens.

Holi Festival of colours, is no longer only for the Indian or hindu community, but it has been adopted by many other cultures and religious people. A pleasant and cheerful Holi festival celebrated by everyone in London and many cities of Europe is taken by a storm.

In my family we keep Holi celebrations low key as no one in the family is enthusiastic over getting covered in colours, except our daughter who eagerly waits for Holi celebrations at her university. For her and her non Indian friends, festival of colour has become the latest craze. Holi is a carefree fun time with their white T-shirts on they can indulge in modern bollywood music, exploded with paint.

Maybe we don't go ecstatic about throwing colours on each other or colours on my face, but so many colours in my cooking and plates. I would make so many excuse for to prepare colourful spread in celebrating Holi to keep traditions going in the family to celebrate my dad's birthday on this day. Talk about festivals or any celebrations one more important  to talk about and think it's... Food !

This delicious Paneer and Cashew ladoo were shaped in my kitchen, infused with delicate ( kewra ) Screw pine and ( Gulab ) rose extract, beautifully melt in mouth, shines out like a bright ray of sunshine straight from heaven. While bask in a glory of sunshine, immerse in Holi mood, pop one in your mouth...straight away your hands reaches out for more.

If you haven't thought about making anything for Holi, it's not too late. All the ingredients available in your kitchen. Try shaping this ladoos for friends and families, prepare using same recipe or little bit of imagination create some other flavours. Prepare and gobble one in to experience what I am talking about !

Wishing you a very happy colourful Holi !

You will need :-

  • 500 g Paneer ( homemade or store bought )
  • 250 g raw cashew nuts
  • 250 ml full fat milk
  • 300 g sugar
  • 2-3 drops kewra essence 
  • 2-3 drops rose essence
  • 2 tbsp edible dried rose petals 
  • 1/4 tsp ghee or unsalted butter
  • Edible glitter to sprinkle ( optional )

Method :-
Soak cashew nuts in milk and leave it for 2-3 hours or over a night in a fridge.
In a grinder grind cashews, milk, paneer and sugar till it's get very smooth paste.
Grease non stick pan or kadai with ghee. ( this step will prevent any sticking mixture to the bottom of pan )
Transfer the liquid mixture in to the kadai on a low heat.
Keep stirring until the mixture gets thicker, mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan it becomes a one mass.
Turn the heat off,  and add essence and transfer the thick mixture in another plate. ( I divide the mixture in to half and added each essence in divided mixture )
I spread it rose mixture in a greased plate and made Barfee. Sprinkled rose teals on it.
With the kewra mixture made ladoos.
Keep it in a fridge for half an hour.
Enjoy !

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