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Homemade Almond, Cashew and Hazelnut Butter !

The most indispensable ingredient of all good home cooking : Love for those you are cooking for ~ Sophia Loren  
I've noticed that since last decade there is a sparked boom in " cooking from scratch " . Numbers are increasing in grinding their own masalas or paste, baking bread and making their own chocolates. I don't know the particular reason, it could be economic crisis, growing health concerns or just we want to challenge ourselves and in general we are rediscovering the joy of cooking. In these modern times many cosmopolitans takes a lot of interest in home cooking and are enjoying the art of cooking, not just a family man or woman. Cooking from scratch has become more of a hobby at the same time a necessity to assure yourself by using your own ingredients.

These days the media plays a big role to encourage the need for home cooked food, through this medium, countless recipes are available on food channels, also so many cook books are there so no need to despair. Topic of food has reached it's height in current times, I've seen plenty of movies and serials where whole movies are based on Food ,Hollywood and Bollywood movies like Julie & Julia, The hundred - foot journey, Cheeni Kum, Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana and many more.

Seems lately one recipe is in trend, Homemade nut butter. Almost every food blogger wants to try their hands on preparing a nut butter, reasons must be we seem to enjoy new and interesting projects and challenges to feed our minds,also our families and our blogs. Making any kind of nut butter at home gives you real  pleasure. It is absolutely easiest  recipe to make as long as you have a lots of patience and trust in your food processor.

Lately I've joined in the trend and started making plenty of nut butter in my kitchen. We immensely enjoy it. I add different  butter in my everyday smoothie, nut butter makes my smoothie very creamy without any nasty fat, I spread nut butter on healthy crackers and enjoy as a snack and recently i use as an alternative to butter in my baking  to bring nutty flavours and to avoid hell of a saturated fat, sometimes I add them in my curries to thicken the gravy too. I am fond of these nut butter, actually last Christmas I prepared it and filled small presentable jars and gift it to friends as an edible gift with various kind of nuts in a hamper basket.

Nut Butter can be prepared with any kind of nuts, mixed or on it's own, also if you prefer roasted nut butter simply roast them on 350F for 10-12 minutes. I prefer mine raw, except hazelnuts and I prefer nut butter with just one type nuts.

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You will need :- 

  • 250-300 g almonds or cashews or hazelnuts.
  • Good food processor
  • Patience :)
  • Cute jar to store 

Method :- Almond and Cashew butter

Place nuts in a food processor and , turn on the processor.
You will see nothing but nut dust, keep scrapping.
You might need to give a few seconds break to cool down.
Keep the processor running, after few minutes you'll see nut butter begin to clump.
Be patient and keep running your processor and after 8-10 minutes you'll see butter is getting creamier.
Let the processor do it's job for another 3-4 minutes, you might need little almond, sesame or walnut oil to run processor smoothly.
Let it cool for few minutes.
Transfer the nut butter into jar.
Enjoy !

Method :- Hazelnut Butter
Roast hazelnuts, remove it's peppery skin and follow the above method.

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  1. lovely clicks ... and delicious buter.. love to have them on my toasts


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