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Instant Zero Oil Fresh Turmeric Pickle - Lili Haldi nu Athanu

It was a cold winter but a pleasant night of December in Gujarat, us siblings just finished our homework and mum finished cooking, she went into the back garden to do washing up. As we were just about getting ready for dinner there was a knock on the door and I opened the door fast.

"Didi, ek Bajri ka rotla aur Haldi dena, mummy ne mangaya hai . asked Pintoo, our next door Sikh neighbour's boy who was at that time about 6-8 yrs old. ( Didi - elder sister, can you give me one millet flour roti and Turmeric, my mum has asked for it.

I told him to wait and asked my mum, Mum said " yes, I did tell his mum about it, give it to him , I went into the kitchen and brought two Bajri Rotla and Turmeric and gave it to him. Pintoo just left and unexpectedly returned in a jiffy looking baffled. He said to me "Didi, ye wali Haldi nahi, wo achaar wali haldi chahiye" ( Pintoo told me that his mum doesn't want ground haldi but fresh haldi pickle ) just in time mum entered in the house and she burst out laughing and explained to me that,I gave Pintoo ground turmeric instead of Fresh Turmeric Pickle and not only my family but almost whole neighbourhood found this incident so funny :)

The winters of Gujarat are mild, dry and pleasant yet we all prepare ourselves so enthusiastically for winter season as we believe that winter is the best season to binge and indulge on seasonal produces and delicacies, that are not only finger licking but bursting with goodness in helping to survive colder seasons.
Fresh Turmeric reminds me of  my childhood days, it was our favourite ! Mum used to prepare it almost every other day, this fresh turmeric pickle was very popular amongst our neighbourhood. Mum used to make it in two ways, but today I'll share zero oil recipe which I think is the best.

Fresh Turmeric, available mostly during winter season in India, however in England it's available all year round, so I prepare whenever I feel like it. Fresh turmeric tastes unique: quite earthy, a little citrusy, with some of the tongue-numbing power of Sichuan pepper and a hint of bitterness but combine with Amba  haldi roots which smells and tastes like a raw mango, and almost looks like Ginger root, this pickle tastes delicious.

Turmeric contains compounds that have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and also a great for purifying blood and keeping skin in a glowing condition ( believe me or not that was the reason,  I got hooked on fresh turmeric pickle ;) 
I always worry about my French manicure nails getting stained, I came up with solution and started using food friendly gloves !!! So, next time when you spot Fresh Turmeric in the market, don't ignore and worry about your nails but bring them in your kitchen and handle with care, that way, all is not lost: lemon juice usually removes turmeric stains, but I always remember that a powerful anti-inflammatory, this lively root is prized for its healing powers !!

This pickle is made in a jiffy, it is very fresh and accompanied with any Indian meal.

You will need :-

  • 100 g fresh Turmeric
  • 100 g Amba Haldi
  • Salt to taste
  • 3-4 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

Method :-

Wash turmeric roots thoroughly with clean water and remove the dirt.
Scrape soft skin and cut slice into thinly using sharp knife.
Add salt and lemon juice and combine well.
Use it straight away or store in a air tight container.
This pickle can be stored for 7-8 days in the refrigerator.

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