You will need :- ( copying word to word from Hasna's blog )
  • Cauliflower      1 medium
    Onion               1 medium
    Mustard oil        2 tbsp
    Mustard seed     1/2 tsp
    Cumin seeds      1/2 tsp
    Fenugreek seeds/Methi dana/uluva  1/4 tsp
    Fennel seeds/saunf/perumjeerakam  1/2 tsp
    Cumin seeds,roasted & crushed       1tsp
    Onion seeds/kalonji                          1/4tsp
    Asafoetida/ kaayam/hing                  1/4tsp
    Turmeric powder                              1/2tsp
    Salt                                                    1tsp or to taste
    Green chillies                                    2 or more
    Ginger paste                                      1 tsp
    Garlic paste                                       1tsp
    Yogurt                                              3/4 cup
    Red Chilli powder                            1tsp
    Coriander powder                            1tsp
    Coriander leaves for garnishing
Method :-

1. Heat mustard oil a non-stick pan upto its smoking point. Take it out of flame, cool slightly and add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, crushed cumin seeds, onion seeds and asafoetida and bring it back to flame. Saute till the seeds splutter. 
2. Add onion and sauté till translucent. 
3. Add cauliflower florets, turmeric powder and salt. 

4. Chop green chilies and add. Sprinkle some water and toss to mix well. 
5. Cover and cook on medium heat for a minute. 
6. Add ginger paste, garlic paste and yogurt. Add red chilli powder and coriander powder (if using) now. Mix well. Cover and cook till cauliflower is done. Cauliflower should be dry and covered well in masalas and hence, the flavour. 
7. Serve hot, garnished with coriander leaves.

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