How to sprout Beans

Sprouts are essential in Asian cuisine. We use in making curries, salad, Indian bread and stir frys. Sprouts provides us wealth of nutrition in a small package. Sprouted beans can stay fresh almost one week in the fridge and more than a month in a freezer.

You will need :-
  • 1 cup any beans ( I have used Green Mung beans, Brown round Masoor Beans and Brown very small Moth - matki Beans )
  • 3-4 cup water
  • 1 muslin cloth or Kitchen paper
  • Colander or wicker basket. or any big bowl will be fine.
Method :-
Throughly clean the beans and wash them in a stream of water.
Soak beans at least 7-8 hours or overnight.
Drain them completely and loosely tie them in a cloth or kitchen towel. ( I like to use disposible kitchen towel ) Sometimes beans can leave a stains on a muslin cloth and I don't like it.
Leave tied beans in a basket or bowl and leave it on a window sill for another 8-10 hours.
If cloth or paper looks dry, sprinkle little water on it.
You'll be able to see sprouting on a second or early third day.
Leave it few hours more if you want the sprout tail longer.
Store in a container and leave it in the fridge.
Use it when required.

Note :- I soaked my beans on a Friday morning, Friday afternoon I tied them and on Saturday afternoon my sprouted beans were ready.


  1. thanks for sharing this informative post!

  2. I always crave for sprouts in the morning. Yours look very healthy and colorful.

  3. Fantastic, i do the same way too..Even now am sprouting fenugreek seeds.

  4. It's so true, Jagruti - modern conveniences are certainly a wonderful thing much of the time, but there are some skills worth retaining! This is a wonderful tutorial and thanks for sharing. Please remember to include a link back to Made with Love Mondays...

  5. Hi sorry, I don't know how I miss to add link here. done :)

  6. Hi Jagruti, lovely tutorial! I found you through Mark's email today. I recently posted a mung bean sprout curry recipe, I hope that you will check it out x


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