Friday, 31 May 2013

Event Announcement - Dad's Cooking !

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Hello readers,

Talk anything about cooking in front men and you'll hear "oh no, I can't cook", having said that most of the famous chefs are male, restaurants are run by men, go to India and you can see most of the food hawkers are men. From centuries we have heard and seen that most of the time men were the main chefs for the Maharaja's.

I don't know, maybe they are shy to admit that they can cook a good meal too? I mean my husband cooks a nice meal, but still he will say "Naaa, it's not like yours". Secretly he is thinking if I (he) admits that he cooks a nice meal, I will ask him to cook all the time! :P

My dad is a great cook, as good as my mum used to be. You can ask him anything and he'll cook it for you! At one time he was a baker, whenever we talk we always talk about food and cooking and he loves to give me plenty of tips and recipes. I love whatever he cooks, however there are few dishes I love more than anything and I am eagerly waiting to show them to you !

Do you remember your dad's cooking or is he still cooking for you ? And if you have any particular dish which your dad used to cook, then this is a chance for you to cook his dish and let world know his secret recipe too and surprise him on father's day with his dish !

Guidelines to follow :-
  • Cook any vegetarian dish which you dad used to cook during your childhood and you liked most or he is still cooking for your family and you love it.
  • Eggs allowed in Baking.
  • Multiple entries allowed.
  • Only entries allowed between 1st - 30th June 2013.
  • Link this event announcement on your post. It's Compulsory.
  • Use of logo is compulsory .
  • You can send entries to our email if link doesn't work with the following details.

    1.Your Name

    2.Your Blog name
    3.Recipe Name
    4.Recipe URL
    5.Picture of your recipe
    Also non bloggers can send their entries to my email ID and the subject line with your name, Recipe, and the picture of your recipe.
So come on now it's your chance to show off your dad's cooking too :)
Happy Cooking :)


  1. Lovely event...just like u say, men will not admit 4 the fear of being asked again!!! Will try 2 participate...

  2. Nice Event Jagruti... will send some...:)

  3. Lovely event Jagruti .. will participate !

  4. What a lovely idea for an event! Sadly my late father never cooked at all as far as I remember, although he did grow all the fruit and veg my mum used in her cooking for the family. My husband, however, is a brilliant cook as you can see from our blog, and before I met him he used to cook pizza, salad and chips FROM SCRATCH for his 5 kids in just an hour flat... nowadays we share the cooking as much as possible.


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