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How to make fruit and herbs Ice Cubes - An easy way to Beautify your Drink !!

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Hello readers,

As soon as the weatherman announces the arrival of sunny days, most of us start planning our sunny, long days. Especially us girls in UK are always looking for ways to dress up nicely! With the weather changes, automatically, your needs for food changes too. Summer arrives and you look out for recipes which are light, cool and refreshing. Mostly, we all settle for refreshing drinks and beverages.

And what a better way to dress up your drinks and beverages than fruit and herbs ice cubes. I saw this eye catching trick one year back in a magazine whilst I was out and I have waited a whole year to try them!

I had strawberries, red grapes and few herbs in hand, so I thought I'd give it a go! I used a basic ice tray for this but if you want to give your ice cubes a facelift then try a different variety of jelly moulds or ice trays.

It's a great way to enhance and chill up your drink while entertaining, these fancy and garnished cubes will definitely surprise your guest by adding a twist of fruity and refreshing taste!

Add them into soft drinks and they become simply beautiful, Your family and guest will satisfy themselves by enjoying a colourful glass with a real taste of fruit or herbs.

You can also use different types of fruit and herbs such as oranges, kiwis, lemon peels or lemon grass to make these lovely frozen ice cubes. If edible flowers are available, then freeze them also in ice cubes, to make a gorgeous addition to summer drinks. An easy way to beautify your special drink :)

You will need :-
  • water
  • Ice cube trays
  • Variety of fresh fruit and herbs like Strawberries, rasberries, grapes, blue berries, fresh coriander, fresh mint leaves
Boil the water and let it cool completley. ( this step will give you extra clear ice cubes )
Slice fruit or herbs and place them in the ice cube tray.
Fill them with the cooled water.
Freeze them in a freezer for 8-10 hours.
When you are ready to use take them out from the freeer and leave them at room temperature 2-3 minutes before knocking thm out.
Make sure the selection of fruits or herbs that you choose is suitable for the beverage that you plan to serve.
Add them to your cocktail drinks for a more colourful and fruity taste.

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  1. That's an very nice idea dear :) lovely clicks :)

  2. Those cubes look amazing Jagruti , I also once tried cubes with cloves and stone flower (pathar phool)for decorating a mocktail , all were damn impressed, really an interesting idea dear.

  3. Wonderful looking ice cubes with herbs in them. Would also try them out soon.Great to know that summer is round the corner.

  4. Very smart idea, love that mint icecubes..stunning clicks.

  5. Great idea jagruti!!! Loved the Clicks!!! They Literally kheenched me here!!! :)

  6. These will definitely make any drink look mote them.

  7. Wow Jagruti, what a novel idea to have herbs and fruit chunks in ice cubes. Lovely pictures too! Would love to join your blog. Cheers!

  8. These are adorable! I love the use of mint and strawberries in the ice cubes and these would be perfect for parties! Thanks so much for sharing...

  9. looks sooper in love with these ice cubes


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