Homemade set yogurt without yogurt maker

Yogurt is considered very auspicious in India and still in some Indian households. Sugar and yogurt would be mixed together to make a quick sweet that is served in a teaspoon before an important event.


  • 500ml full fat Milk ( here we get 3.6% fat )
  •  1/4 cup Full-fat yogurt (thoroughly beaten) at room temperature.

Heat and bring milk to boil , it will take about 5-6 minutes.
Then reduce heat and simmer for another 5-6 minutes. Keep stirring.
Turn off the heat and let the milk semi-cool. You should be able to touch the milk.
Add beaten yogurt into the milk, stir the mixture just ONCE with the spoon.
Cover with lid.

Okay now I am spilling all the secrets on how to make homemade yogurt in cold weather like the UK.

I just make yogurt before I start to cook my evening meal.
So I keep my milk pan after adding the yogurt near the gas stove, so while I am cooking all the extra heat reaches the milk pan. Because milk and yogurt mixture needs a warm temperature to set the yogurt.

After I finish my cooking I preheat my oven for 5 minutes. Then turn it off
Place milk + yogurt pan into the oven.

In the morning, thick, creamy and mild set yogurt ready for you.

Once you have made the yogurt, save a small amount aside. You can then use this same yogurt to make new yogurt next time! Simple!


  1. thats a cool tip i heard this works even in india during winters.

  2. Even i stopped making yogurt at home, you are pulling me to make some soon.. Looks fabulous.

  3. here in US people say that you have to brin melvan from india cause you can't make it from readymade yogurt. so i never try. will try this way now.

  4. looks fantastic,my kids like to eat straight from the pot...waiting for a good starter curd to make at home.

  5. It is an art to make perfect yogurt at home.. specially in winters..

  6. this is awesome huh!.it is like a dream come true in London :)

  7. @ Priya Suresh..do try , you'll be so pleased with yourself :)
    @KitchenQueen...I've heard that too, but how can you bring melvan from India..so many custom rules..lolzzzz. Try with probiotic yogurt .
    @ Sweta..lolzzzzzzz, it's true..:)

  8. I love to make my own yogurt and it really is a lot easier than one might think. I love learning how others make yogurt and I'm so glad you decided to share this technique!

  9. wow looks awesome, stunning clicks dear:)

  10. love this thick curd.I love them cant eat anything without it.

  11. What brand of beaten yogurt would you prefer? I live in UK and tried a few local brands, all of which resulted in sticky yogurt which I do not like!


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