Butterbeer straight from The Three Broomsticks

How to make Butterbeer | Homemade butterbeer in the style of the Harry Potter theme park!

I think any Harry Potter fan is feeling a little nostalgic thinking back to the days where they waited in anticipation of a new Harry Potter book or film to release. I remember vividly the day when I fell in love with the wizarding world - I had no idea what Harry Potter was about and my 7-year-old self was actually kind of annoyed at the fact that my mum was taking me to see a random movie that didn't involve Disney princesses.

Back in 2001 I saw the first Harry Potter movie and shortly was badgering my parents to buy me all of the books (I'm sure standing in queues at midnight is still fresh in my dad's mind)! 12 years later and the fact that I still don't stop going on about it, I bet my mum's kinda regretting taking me ... (even though she always says she's proud that I would read those books at that age!)

So considering it's freezing cold outside and I'm staring wistfully at my now very tatty books, it was only fitting that I look up a recipe for a warm mug of butterbeer.

The first time I tried butterbeer was in the Harry Potter theme park in Orlando. It was creamy and had a taste of butterscotch with lots of foam on top. It was one of the nicest things I'd ever drunk! My mum brilliantly caught the experience on camera and now when I watch the photos back, it looks as if I've got a white moustache!! The whole theme park experience made me feel as if I was really in the wizarding world and I have very fond memories of it.

I was adamant that I go to the theme park the year that it opened and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when I actually got to do that! To summon the feeling at home, I thought that making butterbeer when it had been snowing would do the trick (I didn't exactly have a wand handy to transport myself back to Orlando). And secretly, I kinda fancy myself being Hermione Granger :)

This drink isn't only for kids, but adults can enjoy it too! Also, the name is butterbeer but there is no alcohol. Although I would caution that you can get Harry Potter intoxication!!

Ingredients: -
  • 250 ml Cream soda
  • 125 ml Butterscotch syrup or toffee sauce ( ice-cream topping )
  • 1/2 tbsp Butter
  • 50 ml Double cream ( for whipping )
Whip double cream till soft peaks form and leave aside.
Heat butterscotch syrup and butter in a M/W proof bowl for about minute.
Fold double cream and 3 tbsp cream soda together.
In serving cups add heated butterscotch and butter mixture, pour cream soda slowly on top and mix.
Spoon the creamy foam on top.
Serve immediately.


  1. ah another one of those potter fans and wow so u did see the theme park. being here in mumbai well i can only visualise it. i loved the series and now also the repeats come on tv.. what a magic jk rowling put in the books.. dnt worry my kids dont understand potter magic so they dont understand my madness either
    long comment abt magic bt now abt butter beer
    i was curios about it and u solved the mystery
    it looks amazingly yummy yummy dish
    love the look of it and the pics

  2. not a big fan of potter so did not know much about drink too. but now mystery is solved.

  3. ohhh yum yum such a classic drink loving it.

  4. Lovely write up and awesome looking Butterbeer.

    Another Potter Fan :-)


  5. Lovely writeup and awesome looking Butterbeer.

    Another Potter Fan :-)


  6. Nice yummy drink for kids...bookmarking..

  7. looks absolutely delicious..


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