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Announcing Guest event - Flavours of Kenya

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Hello readers,

I have visited  tons of food blogs, seen so many different part of world's cuisines. Sadly I haven't come across much Kenyan Cuisine :( Don't know the reason behind it..Sadly I do not have  much knowledge of Kenya Cuisine too..So I googled on their cuisine and found out some information on it. Posting here some interesting info for you ..

There is no singular dish that represents all of Kenya. Different communities have their own native foods. Staples are maize and other cereals depending on the region including millet and sorghum eaten with various meats and vegetables. The foods that are universally eaten in Kenya are ugali, sukuma wiki, and nyama choma. Sukuma wiki, a Swahili phrase which literally means "to push the week," is a simple dish made with greens similar to kale or collards that can also be made with cassava leaves, sweet potato leaves, or pumpkin leaves. Its Swahili name comes from the fact that it is typically eaten to "get through the week" or "stretch the week." Nyama choma is grilled meat - usually goat or sheep. It is grilled over an open fire. It is usually eaten with ugali and kachumbari.
Among the Luhyas residing in the western region of Kenya, ingokho (chicken) and ugali is a favourite meal. Other than these, they also eat tsisaka, miroo, managu and other dishes. Also among the Kikuyu of Central Kenya, a lot of tubers, ngwaci (sweet potatoes), ndũma (taro root) known in Kenya as arrowroot, ikwa (yams),mianga (cassava) are eaten as well as legumes like beans and a Kikuyu bean known as njahi. As you travel around the country distinct differences are noted mainly based on what foods are locally available around such areas. Grains are a staple food for groups that grow grains e.g. Kikuyu, Embu, Meru, Kisii etc. Other communities such as the Luo and the Coastal community have fish and seafood for their staple food as available in such areas. In semi-arid areas like Turkana foods made from sorghum are more staple food. As you move towards the city - food eaten by working families vary according to preference. Rice and stew is more common with working families and other dishes like Chapati (parantha), chicken stew, etc. ( source-wikipedia )

So to try out Kenya's cuisine there isn't a better opportunity than with Nayna and many other foodies,we are now on our colurany journey in the Flavours of Series 3 Africa by I'm excited to let you know that this month's theme in the series Flavours of Kenya , I am guest hosting through September month. I need your support to make this event successful, what did I hear ? Not much heard about Kenya cooking ? Hakuna Matata Bana :) There are no worries, there are lots of details available on net, many books in libraries and if you know any friends or relatives just ask them for motivation to start Kenyan Cooking :)

For you I have few websites where you can look up for easy to make and tasty recipes of Kenya.

Guidelines for this event:-
1. Prepare any vegetarian Kenyan dish and Link it to this announcement page and Nayna of Simply Food original announcement page. ( eggs allowed )
2. You can send multiple entries and archived posts, but should be re posted and linked back to this page. If you fail to do this your entry will be deleted.
3. Place subject line as ''Flavours of Kenya'' and send in your entries in the format below if linky tool doesn't work to our eamil :

Blog Name:
Recipe :
Recipe URL:
Include image no larger than 300 pixels
4. Although usage of Logo is not mandatory, using it helps spread the word.
5. Event will run 1st Sep-30th sep 2012.

So hey foodies, let's make and link your delicious entries here !
Waiting for your support.
Happy Cooking-Happy Posting :)

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  1. Thanyou for your support in guest hosting this event. Looking forward to all the entries.


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