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Event Announcement - International Celebrations for the UK !

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Hello readers,

"I'm not a vegetarian! I'm a dessertarian!" ― Bill Watterson

To nourish your soul and for healthy living dessert plays important role in our eating healthy diet. Having dessert in your food doesn't mean you have less self - control, in fact it means you have solid enough sense of yourself to know what it is you want. Dessert represents a sense of bliss – a moment of totally relishing that which makes us feel good, however dessert is not something that should be eaten every day.
Desserts and sweets come in various flavours, shapes, textures throught out the world. Indians indulge themselves in Ladoos and Gulab Jamun, Turkish are famous for their Baklava and the Brits favourite is Bread and Butter pudding.
In this event we are looking at famous British traditional desserts/bakes and sweets and will prepare by keeping the recipe as traditional as much as we can. I have chosen two traditional dishes here. Choose one dish out of these two, if you want you can make both of them. If you don't know the recipe, can find out through various sites, blogs or recipe books.
  1.  Chelsea Buns
The sweet and sticky Chelsea bun is one of Britain's oldest treats, thought to have been invented in the 1700s at the Bun House in Chelsea, a favourite haunt of high society. The house closed in 1839, but the bun lived on.

2 . Eton Mess
Eton mess, a sickly-sweet mixture of strawberries, meringue and cream dates back to at least the 19th century, and is a traditional feature of Eton College's annual cricket game against Winchester Collge. Supposedly, it was originally equally common to have it with bananas.

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    Go ahead , make and send your recipes.
    Waiting for your tasty and yummy entries !!
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If you are intrested in hosting a guest event of this series, please do contact me asap. 

You're Invited ! Sowmya Karthy ~ Banana Stem Curry

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Hello readers,

You're Invited !
The reason behind this concept was to meet so many of you wonderful food bloggers and display YOUR cooking expertise.

So how it will work ?

I will invite you food bloggers and publish Guest Posts by you on JCO. It would be fab if you invite your fellow bloggers to also write posts for JCO so please feel free to do so and don't be shy!

Today we have our eleventh guest Sowmya Karthy of Nivedhanam . A beautiful, neat and tidy blog with various pure vegetarian and vegan recipes. I really like her so many south Indian delicacies, which are new to me.You rock girl...

Let's meet Sowmya

About me -  My name is Sowmya and I am wife, mom, daughter, sister………….. and I love to cook.. Hey that is my main reason for my blog Nivedhanam. I love to cook, read food blogs, watch cooking shows, read cookery books… OK you get the IDEA!!!! I enjoy participating in blog events, they are fun and you get to try new stuff and also get to see an interesting roundup of all the great recipes that have been submitted for the events.  I am a strict vegetarian (no eggs) and my blog will also be the same.  I love to bake and I am a little health freak. I generally try to make the recipe healthier even if it is small Like substituting whole wheat for all purpose flour, add wheat germ etc..

I am so excited to do this guest post for Jagruti of JCO. I wanted to do an authentic recipe and chose this vegetable which is very healthy and tastes amazing. Jagruti has such a nice blog with so many events, variety of recipes from sweets to fried rice to biscotti. I wonder where does she get the idea for these events and recipes. Simply amazing. When I am in her blog, I love to spend so much time reading the recipes, may be even if I have read it before... It has a nice story, amazing drool worthy pictures and easy to follow recipe.

Vaazhaithandhu Kari


Vaazhaithandhu (Banana stem in English) is a very fiber rich vegetable. There are lot of interesting things I can relate to banana. One - my amma says “ஆளை இள்ளைக்குமாம் கீரை தண்டு, ஆணையே இள்ளைக்குமாம் வாழை தண்டு - meaning people will slim down if they eat spinach, but elephant itself will slim down if it eats this banana stem. Another is the song from MGR Film – “ தனையே குடுப்பதில் வாழைக்கு ஈடு” – meaning – “self sacrifice like the banana tree which gives everything”. You can use all the parts of the tree. Like the leaf can be used as a plate, banana, plantain, banana stem, banana flower - all can be eaten by humans. This is very easy kari. The tedious or the time consuming part is the cutting of this vegetable. I am not sure if I can say it to be a vegetable. It is a stem.



Vaazhaithandu (Banana Stem) - 2 cups

Mustard Seeds - 1/4 tea spoon

Red Chili - 3

Curry Leaves - 10

Ulutham Parupu / Urad Dal - 1 tea spoon

Asafetida - 1/8 tea spoon

Salt - 1/2 tea spoon

Coconut - 1/4 cup

Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tea spoon


Cut the banana stem and keep it immersed in mor (2 table spoons curd + 1 cup water) to avoid discoloration

While cutting the banana stem, you will get many fibers, remove some if they are tight.

Heat a pan and add oil and crackle the mustard seeds

Once the mustard seeds crackle, add the ulutham parupu and red chili.

When the ulutham parupu turn golden, add the curry leaves and the cut banana stem

Sauté for a minute and add turmeric powder, asafetida, salt and 1/4 cup water and allow it to cook on medium flame (covered) for around 3 to 4 minutes

Cook until the banana stem is tender to break with the spatula

Add the grated coconut and remove from heat

Serve hot or warm.

Thank you very much Sowmya for this very informative post and delicious dish. I must start having Banana stem in my diet..because this lady elephant ( ME ) wants to slim down :D..Anyone wants be size 0 ? oh yessssssssssssssssss..come on then, join me to cook banana stem curry and shred those pounds from you..:)

It's an honor to have you on JCO !!


Thursday, 27 September 2012

Product Review - Devnaa Indian Inspired Confectionery

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Hello readers,
"True happiness lies in giving to others"  
 Indian proverb

In London, the " World's Culture Capital ", there is an Indian sweets inspired chocolatier around the block - Devnaa. Their innovative and irresistible sweet treats are a new collection of sweets and desserts by combining the authentic Indian recipes with artisan chocolate techniques.  Carefully selected fine Belgian chocolate and freshly ground spices are used in making Devnaa's perfect creations. These sweets are made in the UK and currently their various products are available on line and all are delivered within the UK, Europe and outside Europe as well.

Recently I received an elegant package box of an assortment of luxury Indian Inspired Chocolates. The box was so colourful with beautiful patterns on it and was designed to reflect the infamous tiffin boxes of India which are widely used as food carriers and have a handle for easy transportation.

The Indian sweet Barfi in different flavours is enrobed in milk, white and dark chocolate. The individual sweets themselves are even more attractive and gorgeous than the packaging - that is saying something ! The accompanying menu was really detailed and perfectly described the individual sweets...however, the flavours were so spot on that even without the menu we could distinguish them. These ambrosial sweets were in eight different flavours and in easy to eat sizes.

Shall we look at these beauties in pictures..started drooling already ? :)

Milk Chocolate Marvel
Original adaptations of the traditional Indian sweet, Barfi enrobed in fine Belgian milk chocolate.
Yummyyyyyyyyy !
Strawberry Sensation
Creamy strawberry barfi, encased in white chocolate and sprinkled with pieces of real strawberries.
Sensational on your tongue !

Essensual Orange
Barfi infused with essential orange oil and enrobed in fine Belgian dark chocolate.
I want all of them !
Velvety Vanilla
Velvety smooth barfi blended with Madagascan vanilla and hints of saffron and cardamom surrounded with in white chocolate.
Soooooooo smooth !

Coconut Karma
Classic coconut barfi infused with a essential coconut oil, enrobed in Belgian milk chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.
Exotic !
Devnaa Delight
Soft and nutty layers of almond marzipan and nougat in white chocolate.
Just perfect !

Cinnamon Chai
Devnaa's signature chai blend of cinnamon, cardamom , ginger and clove, infused into barfi and enrobed in milk chocolate.
An aromatic !

Pistachio Rosette
Barfi made with roasted pistachio nuts, rose water and ground cardamom, covered in fine dark chocolate and sprinkled in pistachios.
I'm going nuts for it !

Overall I'm delighted to have tried this particular, vegetarian and alcohol free, product which gives
traditional Indian sweets a whole new light. They are perfect as a gift or to indulge in yourself ! Even if you're not there in person to show your love and care to your loved ones or friends use the Devnaa's online service ensuring your gift will be reached in perfect condition.

Thank you very much Devnna for sending me your scrumptious product to try out. Good luck !

Event Announcement - Grand Festive Feasts

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Hello readers,

A festival and Feast are historically synonymous. A festival is a special occasion of feasting or celebration, that is usually religious. There can be numerous types of festivals in the world like Halloween, Navratri,Dashera, Diwali and Christmas. Different types of festivals can fulfill certain needs and are at the same time very entertaining. These type of celebrations share and transfer certain knowledge to the next generation and unique and delicious food is prepared too...Festive foods make festivals more enjoyable and memorable...

In the next few months we will welcome and celebrate a number of festivals, and will be scratching our heads over what special feast to prepare. I am sure you guys will come up with delightful and mouthwatering recipes. So when you prepare all those scrumptious dishes, why not link here on this event and celebrate with us ?

Guidelines to follow :-

  1. Make any dish it could be sweet, savoury, can be starter or main course.
  3. Eggs are allowed in BAKING dishes.
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Also non bloggers can send their entries to my email ID and the subject line with your name, Recipe,and the picture of your recipe.

Go ahead and send your festive recipes.
Waiting for your tasty and yummy entries !!
Thank you for linking your entries @ JCO..!! 


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Super Foods Super Power Round Up !

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Hello readers,

Excited to let you know that this time JCO has received whopping number of entries. Thank you very much for linking your scrumptious recipes in Super Foods - Super Power event. JCO needs your vital support, please do send in your entries for our other ongoing events on JCO.

Know your Flours - Corn flour
Know your natural sweetness - Honey
Flavours of Kenya

Grand Festive Feast ( starting on 1st October )

Here is the round up of Super Foods - Super Power