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You're invited - Kaberi Chetterjee ~Gutti Vankaya Kura ~ Spicy and Tangy Stuffed Eggpalnt

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Hello readers,

You're Invited !
The reason behind this concept was to meet so many of you wonderful food bloggers and display YOUR cooking expertise.

So how it will work ?

I will invite you food bloggers and publish Guest Posts by you on JCO. It would be fab if you invite your fellow bloggers to also write posts for JCO so please feel free to do so and don't be shy!

Today we have our seventh guest Kaberi Chetterjee of Kaberi's Kitchen. I know Kaberi more than 2 years now, she is a wonderful cook. Her blog has awesome Indian and fusion recipes and easy to make Bengali dishes. I specially loved her cauliflower pakora and they were simply delicious !! let's see what she has for us today ? Something what I love to have on my menu ? ;-)

Meet Kaberi

I am Kaberi Chatterjee(Puspala) from a very small town of one of seven sisters' state of India, Assam and now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina , USA with my family  After marriage, I have started taking interest in cooking and  learned from my in-laws families and husband a lot. Now cooking is one of my passion and love to cook for my family specially
for my little one while taking care of family as housewife.

This concept through which Jagruti allowed other readers of followers of her cooking to post their own recipe. In this
way, others will have chance to share their own recipes.

Gutti Vankaya kura...

One of the most favourite and popular vegetarian dish from Andra Pradesh. First time I had this dish at my aunt-in-law's house. Since
then I also like to prepare this preparation for my guests and any occasions when I expect vegetarian friends. Tender and small brinjal
or eggplant stuffed with nice roasted spices with nice onion gravy gives a royal taste along with plain hot rice or paratha. This tangy and
spicy dish gives a nice aroma around the house when you roast all the ground spices. Very easy to cook with little care and patience and
goes very well with plain hot rice and roti or paratha. My aunt-in-law gave me this recipe and with my little modifications I m sharing
this recipe with all .

5-6 nos. of small brinjals or eggplants,
one medium size onion, finely chopped
one small size tamarind, soaked in warm water,
one small piece jaggery, crumbled
salt to taste,
oil to fry.
for ground spices..
4-5 nos. whole red chillies,
1 tbsp chana daal or chick peas lentils,
1/2 tbsp whole mustard seeds,
1/2 tsp cumin seeds,
10 nos. fresh curry leaves,
1/2 tsp urad daal or black gram lentils,
1/2 tsp coriander seeds,
1 tsp sesame seeds,
one fistful peanuts,
1/3 tsp fenugreek / methi seeds,
3 nos. cloves,
1/2" cinnamon.
1/3 tsp salt or as per your taste.


1. Roast all the ingredients mentioned under ground spices nicely until nice aroma comes out. Let it cool and then make a coarse paste of it adding salt. You can mix crumbled jaggery and tamarind pulp here too.
2. Cut a 'X' shape slit toward stem side carefully  (do not cut up to the stem). See the picture.
3. Separate the slit with left hand fingers and fill the gap with the ground spices with a gentle push with right hand fingers with patient and without breaking the brinjals. Keep half of the ground spices aside.
4.  Now heat oil in a deep-bottomed pan or kadai, add chopped onions and sprinkle little salt and let it fry until onion becomes soft and translucent.
5. Add rest of the ground spices adding water and mix thoroughly with onion and let it cook for 4-7 mins. Cover the pan.
6. Now place all the brinjals carefully into the gravy and let it fry for 2-4 mins. Then carefully turn the brinjals and add half cup of warm water and cover the pan and let it cook until brinjals are cooked nicely. Sprinkle freshly chopped coriander leaves on the top of it and let it simmer for another 2 mins. Serve with plain hot rice or paratha.

Thanks to Jagruti to allow me to present this recipe in her website.

Thank you so much, just the thing Kaberi I absolutely adore eggplant , I myself prepare this in many ways but can not way to try out your recipe which I haven't made an attempt of before. I am confident that after reading this our readers will also be tempted to give it a go.

It's an honor to have you on JCO !!

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