Saturday, 9 June 2012

Announcing "Know your Flours" Series on JCO

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Hello readers,

Thank you very much friends and food bloggers for sending in your entries and supporting me in my last event Celebrate-Diamond Jubilee, also guest hosting events of Series Celebrate in near future.
Today I am delighted to Announce the series - Know your Flours !!

We all know how important to use or prepare dishes from different flours in our cooking. Each and every flour has their own health benefits and also they do have their own flavour. With this series we will know flours, cook and taste them in different dishes and cuisines. This series starting from my blog and it will run up to one month, So why wait ? let's know our flours !!
But to know our flours we need to cook something from the flour..and to do that I need your help guys !! So I am inviting you food bloggers and non bloggers to come up with lovely dishes with different type of flours or you can guest host one of the event on your blog.

Know your Flours series Rota

Know your Flours- Whole wheat flour
10th June - 9th July  2012 - Jagruti Dhanecha

Know your Flours- Bajri flour ( Millet flour )
10th July - 9th August -

Know your Flours - Rice flour
10th August- 9th September ~ Nithu Bala

Know your Flours - Corn flour (not Corn starch)
10th September - 9th October

Know your Flours - Gram flour
10th October - 9th November

Know your Flours - Raagi Flour
10th November - 9th December ~ PJ

Know your Flours - Plain flour or All purpose flour
1st December - 31st December

I will be adding few more events at later stage in this series. If you are interested in guest host any of above events please let us know, so we can allocate your choices of events. Will be announce event "Know your Flours" - Whole wheat Flour with few guidelines here tomorrow.

Waiting for your support :-)


  1. Hi Jagruthi,Lovely event. I would love to host Ragi flour in my blog.Do let me know if it available :)

  2. Hi Jags, Nice event theme..would love to guest host your event..would like to host rice flour/corn flour/gram flour..let me know the availability.

    1. Yes, Nithu Bala I have put your name down for rice flour, I am in little doubt, do you want to host 3 of them or it was your choice prefrence? tried to leave a comment on your page, I can't also your email is not working either..will try once again..Thank a lot, if you read this do let me know :-)

  3. Hi Jags, Thanks for dropping at my space after a long gap. Yes, I will host "Rice Flour". Thanks for the opportunity. You can contact me in the id

  4. Hi Jagruti, I would luv to host gram flour or rice flour. I am quite exited about it.
    Sherin @kukskitchen


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