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Keri No Ras Gujarati style- Homemade Mango Pulp - Mango Mania

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Hello readers,

I still remember those childhood vacations.  Hot, sweltering summers and luscious, juicy large variety of mangoes...!!
The childhood's gone, scorching summers are gone but I am still lucky to have those mangoes even here in UK :)
In India, in most of the Gujju households, Ras and Rotli or Puri are must for lunch with daal, sabji and rice. But at my parents family it wasn't :( ..My mum never had that type of time to sit there and spend hours squeezing out all the pulp from the mango..in those days we did not have a blender and I always missed that. Even then we ate lots of mangoes, but we just cut them and ate them ourselves...

I used to watch our next door neighbour from early in the morning. She used to sit with big box of mangoes, massages them very gently and squeeze out all the pulp into big Bowl, (an art in it self ) while she keeps chatting to people who pass from there.. It was fascinating for me. Since then I always wanted to make ras for myself.  Whatever the share of mangoes I have for myself, I squeeze out ras for myself...and I never ever gave up on ras..here in UK I buy good quality mangoes. Every year I will make ras at least 5-6 times, the only change is that I now use a blender to speed up the process instead of by hand. You can have ras with puri or roti's which are smeared lavishly with ghee eating this authentic combo at lunch time, and then slumbering away the afternoon.
You might find a surprise here that we add ginger powder ( soonth paowder ) in our ras, don't know exact reason behind it, but once I heard that ginger helps you to digest the Ras..but if you guys have any idea, please do let me know !!

You will need:-
  • 6 good quality mangoes ( I use Alphonso )
  • 2-3 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp dry ginger powder
  • 2-3 tsp ghee
  • 1/4 cup water ( optional )

Wash and cut the mangoes in slices.
Peel the skin.
Place all the mangoes, sugar in blender.
Blend till very smooth you can see very smooth pulp.
At this stage pulp will be too thick, add little water and mix once more time.
Transfer into a big bowl and chill the ras until required.
When you are ready to serve in a small bowl for each person, add pinch of ginger powder and ghee if you like and have with hot puri's or special paper thin roti called " be padi rotli " means double layer roti's..Recipe is coming soon !

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  1. just love this..looks so soo tempting

  2. Omg, tempting dish, love the addition of ginger powder.

  3. Awesome clicks and delicious Ras. I think reason of adding ginger is that asians believe some foods have cooling effect and others have warming effects on the body .Adding ginger balances the cooling effect of mango.

  4. It was my job to clean gotla after mom took out ras. Still used to found little pulp on those n that's the treat. Nice ras. I like it with rotli n karela nu shak.

  5. That looks so irresistible, thnx for linking dear.
    Looking for more yummy recipes frm u.
    Have a luvlyl week ahead ♥


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