Be padi Rotli- Paper Thin Double Layer Indian flat Bread

Enjoy Keri No Ras, try with this be padi paper thin rotlis, smeared with homemade desi ghee! It's mind-blowing , easily you can gobble up 3-4 more.  I guarantee you after having ras and rotli it's a definitely a good one-hour free sleep :). Let's see the recipe!

You will need:-
Make two small balls of the dough.

Make two small chapattis size of a saucer.

Apply little oil on the roti and sprinkle little rice flour on top.
Top with another roti.

Roll with a rolling pin till you get thinner roti. ( dust some rice flour in between, so roti doesn't stick on the rolling board.)

Roast on a heated tawa or griddle on both side. Roti will fluff up.

Remove from the tawa, flip it open.

Apply good amount of ghee on both rotlis.

Enjoy hot with chilled Ras.


  1. wow, that looks great, the process is very much similar to rumali roti I guess.

  2. I do the same way for making sheets for making samosas but never as parathas, well done Jags.

  3. Am so jealous of anyone who can roll rotis that thin! Gosh. Super going Jagruti

  4. Lovely thin rotis, I make these with Rice Kheer, but must try with Ras.


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