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Palak Puri ~ deep fried spinach Indian bread ~ Reposted

Made n Enjoyed
Hello readers,
Since my teenage days I have a habit to scribble down any recipes if I like it so much, I am not shy or afraid in asking people if I like their dish..I have many notebooks which I have filled it up with written recipes, rather than bought one ! most of the time I forget that I have such a recipe in my notebook. While I was spring cleaning the house few days ago, I found few notebooks :) It's written in Gujarati !

In UK, when summer is on it's way, we get lots of fresh leafy vegetables and greens, especially in Indian shops greens like palak, methi, dhaniya get's very cheap..sometimes even 50 pence for 3-4 bunches :) and I love to get hold of that I bought few bunches of palak ( spinach ) from the shop it was 99p for 4 bunches, made saag aloo from 3 bunches and one was left. So next day I thought will make Palak Puri, recipe I found in my notebook :-)

Made for tea as my kids love to have something different all the time. It was very tasty, I can't say it's healthy, because after all it is deep fried,however if your kids or some adults who refuses to eat spinach, this is the best way introduced them to spinach :)

Although I have written recipe here, I made few changes in this recipe..I did not add any ghee and I did not blanched spinach leaves. Palak puri's mostly served mainly for breakfast, for me I can have any time...also great for travelling, because it is fried, it keeps for long without going bad.

You will need:-You will need slotted spoon to fry puris.
  • 1 bunch or packet palak ( spinach ) you can use baby spinach
  • Oil for deep fry + 3 tbsp
  • salt to taste
  • 2 cup whole wheat flour or chapatti flour
  • 1 tsp carom seeds ( ajwain ) optional
  • 1 tsp red chilli flakes or red chilli powder
  • 2-3 green chillies

Wash the spinach in cold water.
Cook spinach in microwave for 3-4 minutes with 2-3 tbsp water.
Let it cool.
Grind the spinach and green chillies in a grinder, and make smooth paste.
In a big bowl add flour, salt, chilli flakes, 3 tbsp oil and spinach puree. Make sure there are no lumps in the spinach puree, otherwise puri will not puff as it should.
Mix everything well. I don't think you'll need any water to form a dough, but if you think then just a 1-2 tbsp water. Knead into a soft dough.
Cover the bowl with cloth, give it a rest and knead again.
Heat oil in heavy bottom kadai or wok.
Divide dough into small lime size equal balls. Lightly oil surface and roll out into thin round shape.
Carefully pick up bread and slip into kadai; use slotted spoon to gently to immerse puri.
Turn puri on other side and by now it should puff.
The moment it turns a light brown colour, take it out on an absorbent paper.

Serve hot with tea, any pickle or yogurt. We had ours with homemade instant mango pickle. Recipe is coming soon..Enjoy !

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  1. delicious dear..tempted to make it tonight

  2. its very new to me and so innovative madam .. really loved it and surely try this...thanks for sharing

  3. they have come out so perfect!

  4. I also have the same habit Jagruti but my journey started only when I got married. the palak puri looks delicious.

  5. wow, they look superb. What great and delicious pics. I love palak in everything :)

  6. Super fluffy pooris,simply loving it..

  7. Nice ,spicy and perfectly puffed pooris..

  8. wow... it is a beauty to find hand written recipes from ages ago... happy to follow you...


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