Please welcome a drink made from The Queen of Flowers - Rose syrup Lassi. Stir the senses with an Indian lassi drink that tastes as beautiful as it looks - delicate and aromatic with a romantic hue. Nothing is better than homemade sweet lassi with this distinctive floral aroma that is made in under 5 minutes with only 4-ingredients.

This super easy Gulabi Lassi has a secret ingredient to make it extra creamy.

pouring shot of rose lassi with rose syrup

Creamy Rose Gulab Lassi | Indian Rose Yogurt Drink

Rose Lassi

✓Looks elegant

✓Floral and sweet 

✓Only 4 ingredients

✓Ready in under 5 minutes


✓Perfect summer cooler

✓Filling drink

✓Great on its own or to accompany a spicy meal

Lassi is a chilled yogurt drink commonly prepared in India and is now popular worldwide. It is a firm favourite in our house and we are always looking for different flavours to enjoy. Whether it's:

Mango Cheesecake Lassi

Mango and Lime Lassi,

Mango, Coconut, and Passionfruit,

Caramel Lassi,

Piyush Lassi

image of pink lassi

Difference between Gulkand and Rose Syrup

Rose syrup is a sugar syrup that has been flavoured with rose essence and is mostly coloured a vibrant pink. It is used in flavouring drinks and sweets.

"Gul" means flower and "qand" means sweet in Persian. Gulkand is a sweet preserve or jam/jelly made from pink Damascus rose petals. It is a dusky pink-brown colour and can be used in a variety of ways.

In South Asia, gulkand is used in sweet recipes. As it is cooling, it is also sometimes mixed with milk and consumed for its various health properties (following Ayurveda). We have used gulkand in making Badam and Gulkand Katli

🌹Ingredients for Rose Lassi

Rose syrup - rose syrup is easy to find in both British and Asian supermarkets. You specifically need rose syrup and not rose water. If you only have rose water, then you'll need to add sugar.

Yogurt - use plain full-fat yogurt. We have used greek yogurt here.

Milk - we have used whole milk but you can also use skimmed/semi-skimmed

Cream - our SECRET ingredient. Using cream takes this lassi to a whole new level. If you want to make the. best. lassi. do not cut any corners and use cream! You will never make lassi any other way. Use single or double cream. If in America, use half & half instead of the cream and milk in this recipe.

Tips: You do not need any added sugar in this recipe as the syrup is more than sweet enough. Go easy on the rose syrup as it is intense and can make the lassi overly sweet. It is better to add more as you go.

For a change, use Kefir to make Kefir Lassi. Substitute the milk and yogurt for kefir and add the rose syrup. Kefir drink is available in British supermarkets.

Vegan Rose Lassi

This lassi can easily be made vegan by substituting the milk and yogurt for vegan alternatives.

Oat milk is very creamy so still gives a thick creamy consistency.

Use an unsweetened plain yogurt

Rose syrup is vegan - but check the bottle just in case!

🌹Rose Lassi Variations: 

Rose and Cardamom - add a small pinch of cardamom powder +/- nutmeg powder

Rose and Vanilla - add a small drop of pure vanilla essence/vanilla extract/vanilla pod seeds

Rose and Lavender - add a tsp of lavender syrup along with the rose syrup

Rose and Mango - instead of rose syrup, use a few drops of rose water and add 2 tbsp of tinned mango pulp

Rose and Pistachio - add some crushed pistachio nuts or use a pistachio syrup

How to make Rose Lassi:

1. Greek yogurt

2. Add cream

3. Add milk and whisk together

4. Add rose syrup, mix and enjoy.


You do not need to blend in a blender - using a spoon. fork or whisk is perfectly fine.

If you have now ended up with a big bottle of rose syrup. here are some delicious Rose Syrup Recipes:

Rose Sherbet/Sharbat with Hibiscus and Basil Seeds

Drink mixed in with cold milk

Add to hot chocolate for a "Turkish Delight" hot chocolate

Mix with cream soda/champagne and make easy mocktails/cocktails

Drizzle over plain or vanilla ice cream

image of rose drink

Other colourful drink recipes:

Ruby Chocolate Latte

Lavender Frappuccino


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🖶 Recipe card

rose lassi, gulab lassi, creamy lassi
Beverage, Desserts
How to make Rose Lassi this aromatic rose lassi in your own home with only 4 ingredients. It is easy, quick and delicious!
Yield: 1 serving
Creamy Rose Gulab Lassi | Indian Rose Yogurt Drink

Creamy Rose Gulab Lassi | Indian Rose Yogurt Drink

To calm the soul and cool down your body, try this only 4 ingredients Creamy Rose Gulab Lassi, that comes together in no time and no cooking required!
Prep time: 2 MCook time: Total time: 2 M


  • 200ml Greek yoghurt
  • 25 ml whole milk
  • 25ml cream
  • 50ml rose syrup


  1. In a big glass combine yogurt, milk and cream.
  2. Pour rose syrup according to your liking.
  3. Serve chilled.


Make sure all the dairy products are very chilled.
Do not add ice in the lassi, you may keep ice surrounding the lassi glass until it is very chilled.
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Note - This rose lassi originally created and posted in March 2012, but since we have updated the post with new pictures and content.


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