Friday, 30 December 2011

Sinful Ferrero Raffaello with Indian touch ~ Christmas Updated

I am sure you all had a lovelicious christmas...and hope that santa deliverd all your pressies on time and you are happy with them..:-) here millions of shoppers poured down to shops on boxing day to get some bargain... ok now coming to the point...actually I made these cuties before christmas but couldn't post he recipe ...I saw this recipe here few months back , since then I wanted to try it out but never had a chance..but this festive season prompted me  ...and I made those cuties but with a little Indian touch...

Let's see what Ferrero Raffeleo actually is? The Raffaleo from the same family as Ferrero Rocher...very light and delicate taste where whole Almond is coated with creamy filling , wrapped in crispy shell and coverd in flakes in coconut I tell you what change I have made..I have used Cashew nuts instead of Almonds..I added dried cranberries and khoya ( Indian milk solids )...
My Indianized Ferrereo Raffaello worked out splendid...they looked amazing and flavours were so fresh and delicate..The original Ferrero Raffaello has runnier centre, but I didn't wanted that so I used little khoya ..also I wanted some Indian touch on them...if you want to make without khoya you can do that..or if you want to achive more runniee centre than add more condensed just takes extra freezing time...

Original Ferrero Raffaleo
You will need :-
1/2 cup toasted cashew nuts ( can be used almond, I didn't as my daughter has allergy of almonds)
1/4 cup condense milk (use more if you want centre to be runny )
2-3 tbsp khoya-mawa ( Indian milk solids)
few dried cranberries
250 g white chocolate
100 g ice cream wafers
1 cup desiccated coconut for rolling
200 g compound white chocolate ( for covering )
can of edible golden spray ( optional )

You will need :- for kesar pista elychi Raffaello ( Saffron, Pistachio and Cardamom )
1/2 cup Pistachio Nuts
few threads of Saffron
pinch of Cardamom powder
1/4 cup condense milk
250 g white chocolate
100 g ice cream wafers
1 cup desiccated coconut for rolling
200 g compound white chocolate ( for covering )
can of edible green spray ( optional )

Method:- For both use same method...
In a double boiler start melting 250 g white chocolate with condensed milk ..meanwhile roast the khoya in another pan without turning it to brown for few minutes. Add khoya, cashew nuts and dried cranberries in to chocolate and milk mixture. switch of the heat. mix well and let it cool and mould 1 teaspoon of mixture into a ball. Roll in the chopped ice cream wafers. Let them chill in the fridge till balls gets firm.
Melt 200 g compound white chocolate and coat each ball then roll into desiccated coconut. Let it sit for a while . Spray golden spray on them . Enjoy with friends and family...Great for a gift too...!

Sending it to Nayana's event Lets cook for Christmas Red and Green


  1. These bonbons are much more delicious than the original "Raffaello" :) I hope you have spent a happy Christmas and I wish you a wonderful new year. Bye ^__^

  2. wow :-))))
    mouth watering...
    Ferrero raffaello at home,,, unbelievable..
    you are the best cook Jagruti..

  3. Wow these look delicious ,and beautiful presentation.

  4. wow...looks absolutely delicious..loved ur clicks :-)

  5. Omg, those beautiful looking ferrero raffaello looks absolutely incredible.

  6. hey great idea! like a milky ferero rocher :)


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