Wednesday, 15 May 2013


After friday the 13th, it came saturday the 14th the morning I looked out of my bedroom window, and brought a gentle smile on my face and thought today's sunshine will bring some light in my home, but NO as soon as I smiled, grey clouds covered that beautiful sunshine and my smile always happens with me or in my life smile doesn't stay longer on my face ! anyway THAT'S BRITAIN FOR YOU ....:) So as usual I was passing my day..done house work, daughter went to her friends house for her study, hubby started watching IPL and I thought what will I do? wasn't intersted in blogging either, so went to bed for a nap..and my nap went into 6 hours long sleep and fearless dream !..yep I slept from 3 pm to 9pm...came down hubby asked me what do you want to have for dinner? let's go out or take away...I told him I just want to have something very light , coz normally I don't eat anything that's not good for my size 0 figure..:P,so he helped me yes can you belive he helped me to make VAGHARELI KHICHDI !!!!!!!!!! he washed some rice and daal for me:) Ahhhhh that is so sweet of him , and I made very simple yet delicious and comforting khichdi in pressure cooker...while we were having our dinner I turn on the TV and watched some news in that time my daughter came and she asked me to turn the channel and here came this beautiful song on Eurovision contest soon as the song started I told my daughter it is going to be one of my favourite song, the sand story  was amazing,stole my heart and lyrics touch my soul so beautiful..we rewind it and put it on was sung by Mika Newton from Ukrain...! Unfortunatley she didn't win..but hey who cares ? she and her sand artist touched so many peoples heart ...that what matters to me most !

Coming to my khichdi recipe, Khichdi is a South Asian preparation made from rice and lentils (dal). Khichri is commonly considered to be a comfort food, and was the inspiration for the Anglo-Indian dish of kedgeree.The dish is widely prepared in many Indian states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Bengal (where it is called Bengali: খিচুড়ী khichuri). Vegetables such as cauliflower, potato, and green peas are commonly added. A popular variant in coastal Maharashtra is made with prawns....I made typical Gujarati style Vaghareli Khichdi !( source : wikipedia)

You will need :-
  • 1/2 cup Tuver daal ( split pegion peas )
  • 1 cup Rice
  • 1 tbsp oil
  • handful of peanuts
  • 1/2 tsp rai ( musterd seeds)
  • few cloves, cinamon sticks, bayleaves, red chillies, whole black peppers, hing
  • salt to taste
  • 1/2 tsp red chilli powder
  • 1/2 tsp tumeric powder
  • 2 1/2 cups of water or as nedded
Wash rice and daal together and leave it a side. In a deep pressure cooker heat oil , add rai and let it spultter, now add hing and all the whole garam masala fry for few seconds ..add rice and daal and fry about 2-3 minutes..add all the peanuts, spice,water and salt..Mix well ..close the cooker lid and cook for 3 whistle..Leave the cooker to cool. Serve with yogurt, pickle, papad, kadhi or chaas ! You can add any vegetables in there..choice is yours..
Enjoy as much as we did..

Linking this dish to my own event Re Post from Archives and Taste of the Tropics event by Chef Mireille


  1. Wow,the Khichdi looks perfect.A perfect bowl of comfort.The presentation is awesome Jagruti..!

  2. Love Khichdi...that platter looks wonderful.

  3. So comforting and delicious khichdi..looks simply irresistible..

  4. Love that platter Jags...ultimate comfort food.

  5. Hi! jagruti i'm first time here and u have really lovely space here, i love vaghareli khichdi in breakfast lovely post and here lisen my fevou....songs too! really nice! nice to meet u here thanks for sharing this.

  6. Wow tempting and delicious,looks so inviting.

  7. The khichdi is so delicious and what a great looking platter.

  8. hi jagruti..thanks for those lovely comments..well the yellow mat i got from a craft shop. I cant remember the name of the shop, but I happened to just walk in there once and i found it. I dont even know if its still there :O

  9. A lovely post and this dish sounds delightful, such a great mix of flavors :)

  10. Comforting and delicious Kichidi. Thanks for letting me know about winning the event. Feeling very happy.

  11. That looks so delicious..yummy yumm!!

  12. We make a south Indian version of this... I love this version bette r I should say...the first picture is too gud and tempting me a lot jags :)

  13. Wonderful.. lovely post.. Nice khichdi.. with interesting accompanied.. Thanks for linking too...

  14. nice story, and that khichri looks just the ticket !


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