Mixed Vegetables Pakoda

You will need :-
  • 3 cups Gram Flour
  • 1 cup Rice flour
  • Oil for deep Frying
  • salt to taste
  • 2-3 tbsp Green chillies and ginger paste
  • Shredded Vegetables like : Cabbage, onion, Carrots, Spinach, methi Leaves, Potatoes and coriander
  • Chili Powder
  • Garam Masala
  • Asafoetida
  • Black pepper powder
  • Caraway seeds
  • Pinch baking soda
Mix everything except oil . add little water (few spoons) and mix very well and leave it a side for at least about 40-45 minutes. Heat oil in a frying pan for frying on a medium-low heat ..Carefully dip batter in a oil tablespoon one by one. Fry them until golden brown and enjoy with Hot cup of tea or any type of chutney.


  1. wow...Jagruti..u really dared to...u look beautiful...like a heroine from YR movie surely!!...
    the pakodas are perfect for a snowy day :))

  2. delicious pakoda and picture in the snow looks like you had fun

  3. hey pakodas looks so crisp and delicious...and I enjoy reading your post about the snow...I cant still believe that you actually did it..:)...But looking awesome dear...

  4. Super yummyyy post, love this pakora :))

  5. Wow... u looking very beautiful and very dared in snow with sari ...yummy and delicious pakoda..

  6. lovely pic jags...bravo....u look gorgeous...and pakoras looks absolutely mouthwatering

  7. wow Jagruti, you are a gutsy girl. I will think twice about going in snow just in sari, but I am sure it was fun :). Love your blue sari, goes well with snow color :)

    Love your pakoras as well.

  8. Hey Jagruti..these are excellent in this weather with a cup of tea. You look great..stay warm !!

  9. wow...u look like heroin frm d movie dear..kudos to u!u did !the pakodas r perfect n tempting!....yeah weather is freezing cold out..i manage went out to gp only ..thats all....aft that idle in d hse wth my son..

  10. Delicious pakodas..mixed vegetables sounds superb.

  11. Pakoda looks so yummy..will try this as it is raining daily in malaysia...You look stunningly beautiful dear...lovely saree too!

  12. Hi Jagruti

    How are you doing ? Just to inform that I am back from my vacation. Your pakodas look wonderfully made for such a cold winter and not to mention that you look like a Bollywood Heroine in a foreign location.

  13. Pakoda looks delicious and u also looks beautiful!

  14. U finally experienced it Jag! U are simply stunning in that saree...gorgeous!

    Those pakodas look super delicious!...

  15. cant stop giggling reading this post... that was super cool, which not only chills us but you really dared...you look lovely in the ice blue saree and am imagining the amazed faces of your foreigner neighbors...hahaha
    pakoras look tempting dear.

  16. Hey Jagruti u look so superb yaar just like a beautiful heroine singing a lovely song in the snow and ur pakodas r really droolworthy and yummilicious. can I grab some quickly?

  17. I dont bother to grab some pakoras, sooooo tempting and prefect for this chilled weather..

  18. OMG!! I too love YR's films and your just looking like oneof the actress..really nice.

    Pakodas are really inviting..

  19. Hi Jagruti

    Can I be your manager? I may be able to get you some Bollywood film parts or a part in Eastenders? Love the pakoras too...great in this weather.

  20. vah re vah, beautiful jags and yummy pakodis...

  21. I had tagged u in my blog, would like you to take the ball around rolling.

  22. Dear Jagruti
    Thats a great writing and give my thanks to hubby for this great shot...and thank you too for the great PakoDa shot and the recipe :-)
    I like this besan and rice flour mix and learnt it after joining blog...May be I will have this Pakoda on Christmas . ( cant bake these days)
    I am travelling out to Calcutta and all, so will be off Blog. Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year..

  23. And i thought it was a YR movie pic and i looked closer and it was U , pretty u!
    What a fun day , am loving the snow!

    The pakoras are perfect for the weather arent they!!
    so delcious too!
    Happy hols with love and Merry Christmas too!

  24. Sei bellissima in questa foto con la neve e il sari azzurro,meravigliosa immagine, Felici feste amica mia baci

  25. Perfectly made and back to form with blogging. Well done jag,but saree in the snow?.....you are brave.


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