Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney with Step by Step Recipe

This Date and Tamarind Chutney, also known as Khajur Amli ni Chutney, is a sweet chutney that accompanies many Indian foods such as Chaat, Khaman Dhokla, and Samosas and Kachoris. 

Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney also known as imli ki chutney all over India. It is sweet, spicy and tangy.

Indian Chaat is not complete without lashings of finger-licking chutneys. Our go-to chutneys are Date and Tamarind Chutney, Green Coriander and Mint Chutney and Red Garlic Chutney.

This Gujarati style Imli and Date Chutney is safe to eat during fasting as it does not contain any tempering. It is also vegan and gluten-free.

Date & Tamarind Chutney aka Meethi Imli Chutney, Sweet Tamarind Chutney, Khatti Meethi Chutney or Imli Khajoor ki chutney!

What are Chutneys

Chutney is a sweet or spicy condiment or sauce that accompanies many foods in Indian Cuisine. Chutneys are designed to enhance and lift the flavours of the foods it is eaten with.

Chutneys can be made from a vast array of ingredients such as fruit and vegetables.

In the past, chutneys would be ground with a mortar and pestle but these days, electric blenders have taken out all of the back-breaking work!

What is the difference between Gujarati Imli Chutney and other Imli Chutneys

In Gujarati Amli ni chutney, the chutney is only made of 3 ingredients - dates, tamarind and jaggery. There is no tempering in chutney. Also, no dry mango powder is added.

Ingredients for Tamarind and Dates (Amli and Khajur) Chutney

  • Tamarind or Amli/Imli available in most of the supermarkets or online. 
  • Dates, any variety of dates works fine. 
  • Jaggery - Jaggery comes in many different forms such as small blocks, bite-size pieces or in powder form. 
  • Red Chili powder (optional) for less spicer version use Kashmiri red chilli powder. 
  • Ground cumin and coriander aka Dhaniya and Jeera Powder (optional)
In the market you'll find the tamarind in many different forms such as with the seeds, without the seeds or pulp. 

Step-by-step Method to make Imli and Date Chutney 

1. Place seeded dates, jaggery and tamarind in a pan with water on medium heat.

2. Bring it to boil, then simmer for 5-8 minutes.

3. Let it cool at room temperature.

4. Now blend into Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Chutney jar. until smooth.We were so happy with the results, in less than a minute we had a smooth and velvety green chutney. 

5. Sieve and add salt and spices.

6. Chutney is ready to serve or store.

Imli and Date Chutney Microwave Method

Instead of cooking the chutney on the hob, you can place the ingredients in a microwave-proof dish.

First add the dates, imli and some water to the bowl and cook in the MW on high heat for 5-7 mins.

Then add the jaggery and cook again on high for around a minute. The steps are then the same as above.

Tip - use a bowl that is large or has tall sides to prevent the mixture from over-spilling in the microwave! It will save you a lot of cleaning up!

Imli Chutney No-Cook Method

If you have a little more time on your hands (well done for being prepared!) then you can also make this chutney, no cooking required.

Simply place the dates, imli and jaggery into lukewarm water for a few hours (around 5-6 hours) and then you can blend the chutney as usual.

Which dates can I use? 

Any dates that you can get your hands on work well in this recipe. We have used Medjool dates which are easily available in most supermarkets or grocery stores.

What can I use instead of Dates

If you do not have dates available to use, to give the sweetness to the chutney you can use extra jaggery than is normally required.

If you cannot find jaggery, you can use either brown, white sugar or light muscovado sugar.

To sweeten the chutney, you could also use agave syrup.

Consistency of Amli Chutney 

For BHEL PURI puri make it little runny but to serve it with pakora, samosa, kachori or Dhokla keep it thicker like tomato ketchup.

Imli chutney stays fresh for up to 2 weeks if stored in an airtight container and kept in the fridge, also it is freezeble for upto 6 months in the freezer.  

Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney is used in making Indian chaats or served with samosa, pakora and dhokla.

What to serve with Date & Tamarind Chutney

1. Smashed Potato Chaat

2. Khasta Aloo Matar Kachori Gujarati Style

3. Pani Puri

4. Chilli, Garlic & Lime Mogo (cassava)

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Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney, Khajur Amli ni Chutney, Imli and Date Chutney
Yield: 1 medium jar

Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney picture

Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney

This sensational Gujarati date and tamarind chutney made with only 5 ingredients and comes together in less than half an hour.
prep time: 5 Mcook time: 15 Mtotal time: 20 M


  • 100g tamarind 
  • 75g dates
  • 100-125g jaggery
  • 1 tsp. ground cumin and coriander
  • 1/2 tsp. red chilli powder
  • Pinch salt 


How to cook Gujarati Date and Tamarind Chutney

  1. First, remove seeds from the tamarind and dates.
  2. In a pan add approximately 200ml water along with the tamarind, dates and jaggery.
  3. Bring it to boil on a medium heat then simmer it about 5-8 minutes. 
  4. Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool. 
  5. Transfer the mixture into the blender and blend it until you get a smooth pulp, add little water if the pulp is very thick.
  6. Strain the mixture using a sieve.
  7. Discard the strings and other kinds of bits which left behind in the sieve.
  8. Add salt, chilli powder and ground cumin and coriander.
  9. Let it cool completely before store it in the sealed jar.


You can use readymade tamarind pulp in this to save time.
Don't have jaggery? use brown or light muscovado sugar.
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