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Joyful Eating Whilst Travelling Round Up # 2

Hey friends here I am with Round Up # 2...if you haven't checked out Round Up # 1 please do check it out..

Shabitha played  and enjoyed Dandiya Raas in Gujarat, at Navratri Festival... who wouldn't? for her that was a different experience and she says she will relish it every now and then...In Gujarat she tried Aloo Poha, first time as she never had poha with potatoes...

Shabitha experienced star hospitality in a houseboat during her trip to Alleppey...where she had Alleppey chicken gravy cooked in mineral water...It was a big hit for her and even today she feels that it was a best food ever she ate!! 

Siddhi is glad that her friends forced her to taste Kesari Angoori Rabri in Amritsar, she tasted first time there during her college tour and she thanks  her friends now and says otherwise she would have missed the best dessert ever she had..don't you think so guys that we should also thank her friends too!!

Kanchan believes that if you haven't travelled Mumbai-Pune by train, than you missed something heavenly..her picture is a proof of that journey..agree with her..also she thanks Indian Railway Catering Service where she had a regional dish Sabudana Vada

Sonal went crazy after seeing miraculous colourful tulip bulbs and Poffertjes which are tiny dutch pancakes, during her visit Melbourne, Australia...whenever she remembers those yummy and delectable pancakes her mouth waters..:DD

Prani and her husband tasted these particular Crab cakes from fisherman-wharf in San Fransisco.. both loved it and had 2 sets of crab cakes, On her husbands request she prepared them at home and they both enjoyed it at home too...

Nithubala and her family tried this delicious Fried Masala Idly in one of the famous restaurants in wonder she wanted to make it at home, coz after seeing this inviting  pics I tried  it too at home..

Nithubala tasted this wonderful combo Pesarattu - Upma & Ginger Chutney during her college tour in Delhi..Few months back she was lucky enough to find a recipe so she prepared this mouthwatering dish at home..I think we are all lucky Nithu !!

Jyoti says whoever doesn't like chocolate she can have their share..lolz..Jyoti you lucky girl coz you can have mine, but not this time !! I am gonna gobble up all her Chocolate Rum Truffles, she made them at home without much effort after she came back from San Fransisco where she tasted it first time...

Jyoti had to have this Masala Bhindi with her PIL, on their short vacation to beautiful place Kodaikanal and Munnar... although she never liked Bhindi (Okra), somehow she managed to finished it all and guess what she liked it and she made it at home too !!

Suma is serving us this Unique Nannari lassi, this non artificial drink really works for you in the summer that is what she says and she tried it out in her husbands hometown Raylaseema in India..whenever she prepares this lassi she cherishes those valuable moments...

Cool lassi(e) had this French Crepes With Yogurt and Strawberry Filling in Paris after whole day in Louvre museum on her feet..She says they were the best tasted crepes ever..she makes it at home and with it's tasty flavour brings joyful memories...

Cool lassi(e) serving us Quintessential Beantown(Boston) Baked Beans from Boston..She says you can cook this dish maybe hundred ways, but after lots of experimenting in the kitchen she came up with a version that she liked best. I'm sure we'll all like it too..

Cool lassi(e) loves to travel abroad, loves to explore the new land, culture and of course local cuisine..she had this Ligurian Shrimp Stew in Italy and she fell in love with it..thanks to TV chef Giada, who reminded Cool lassi(e) her beloved dish and she recreated it once again..

Cool lassi(e) taking us on tour of SouthIndia with this yummy South Indian Mini Meals..

Cool lassi(e) got inspired to make this( maybe not every one's taste)  Bitter Gourd, Pinto Beans and Raisin Patty Sliders being a fan of a burger joint in NYC called POP Burger that caters dot-sized burgers.FYI,

Cool lassi(e) serving us this healthy, easy to cook and tasty snack ChickPea Sundal With Carrot&Raw Mango :Packed With Protein.  Her recipe is inspired by Marina Beach Sundal...

Cooking foodie had her first ever cocktail in Florida and it was Pina Colada.  Whenever she has this beautiful cocktail it's reminds her of those sandy and blue water beaches !!

Cooking foodie says this hearty chunky Minstrone Soup ,saved them in sub zero temperature in Colorado..and now she makes at home and her picture says it all...I wouldn't mind that soup even in summer...

Cooking foodie didn't believe her cousin until she saw with her own eyes and had this awesome mouthwatering Paneer Butter Masala Pizza in soon as they had it they were hooked and now she prepares them at home and they are her husband's favourite ...

Cooking foodie had this Irish Coffee with her friends on her trip to Colorado after skiing and skateboarding..and this coffee warms you enough to brave those snow again...

I've tried skiing, tell you worst thing I've ever done in my life..(that's me Jagruti) 

and here is my entries.....

How our dream broke to see Niagara falls at night, luckily saw it day time and we had Chocolate Halwa to cheer up our moods...

This delicious and mostly every one's favourite Chole Bhathure, brings my childhood memories during our Diwali vacation to Delhi..

Our holiday experience in Italy with bollywood style and much family loved Focaccia Bread

So hey friends here I'm closing my event's round up #2...please let me know if I've left any of your entries...
Thank you buddies, without all your support I couldn't have made this event successful...Please accept the participation award and post it on your blog..Wish you all very best wishes and Happy Blogging...:-))

Also I would like to dedicate this my first event to Nivedita of Nivedita's Kitchen . I remember we both started our blog very same time and her first comment on my blog was like this "let's grow together Jag !" So hey Nive, please accept this little token from me...:-))

Enjoy reading these wonderful recipes as much as I did ...


  1. Wonderful dishes recreated by all the wonderful vacations food we tried and remembered, each one looks fab. Good job J!:)

  2. Hey dear,
    Excellent roundup.And Skiing isn't that bad. Yes after falling many times and when all muscles/bones in the body hurt like the very devil, one can come to that conclusion but skiing is the best, fun way to burn some calories.I didn't go beyond the Bunny and Green slope. My hubby has advanced to Blue but one can get seriously hurt if not careful.

  3. A very wonderful round-up.

  4. Wow, excellent round up Jag! Really enjoyed reading them...;)

  5. hey jagruti..was lovely reading so many yummlicious recipes and their travelling experiences...i must say both the round ups are beautiful and pefect !!

  6. Jagruti,

    wonderful roundup.

  7. Wonder round up. Very exciting to see all the entries.

  8. A wonderful round-up.Enjoyed the experience and the dishes.

  9. Lovely I had mentioned in my earlier comment..great job have spent so much time to read each and every post and frame a write up..hats off...

  10. That was an awesome success.... I wished I could send one to your cool first event, but unfortunately I did not ever try anything to suit your event.... But then I even thought may be I could have just sent something from my hubby's place, which is all I tried... by then I was late..... I would look forward to participate in future....


  11. Oh wow - u presented my recipes so well... thanks :) BTW i havent attempted skiing a second time - the heavy shoes, uncomfortably long ski's and repeated falling down - oh no... i now just hike in snow and do snowmobiling... much less painful and much more fun :)

  12. Hey! I forgot..... First tell me, u had a love marriage...???? Awesome songs, that we (me & Kuku) always listened to as acquaintances..... So we just remembered every single moment in LOVE, & we just left your music playlist on all night & fell asleep, with those songs & our moments..... LOVE U A LOT for those songs..... GOD BLESS!!!!


  13. lovely round up... beautifully written..glad to be a part of it.. thanks for the participation award..


  14. Well Done Jagruthi....Nice Work !!

  15. Wonderful roundup and that's so sweet of you all the token...way to go Jags

  16. That's a lovely grand feast for eyes..successful roundup...done a great job Jags...congrats...:)

  17. Beautiful roundup again :)

  18. A very wonderful round-up and many dishes to learn.great job jags...congrats....

  19. Nice roundup Jag.
    Do checkout my mother's day event roundup too.

  20. Oh just keeps getting better! Let's open up a restaurant...he he!


  21. Lovely roundup Jag ! Everything looks so inviting!

  22. wow too many items today great each dish was amazing Irish coffee superb

  23. Hey Jags, so so wonderful a turnout for the event,am so thrilled for u, i was supposed to pitch but i will next time hopefully!
    Yeah ur super and have a wonderufl heart and thats what makes u tick!!
    Wishn u lods of sucess in ur blog and may this event grow biggggg...

  24. Wow! That's a brilliant roundup with all yummy looking recipe,i missed your event

  25. oh my, what a lovely roundup! i dont know how i missed submitting an entry to this one, Jagruti.. guess just becoming lazy. well, there is always the next time.

  26. hi how are you today
    nice food item i like it

    be in touch keep on posting

  27. Congrats Jags, on ur first successful event, way to go.

  28. excellent job jagruti...hope u come out with many more events

  29. Wow Jagruti- What a wonderful roundup..YOu did an amazing job of presenting all the entries so well with ur short and sweet writeup on each.. JOb well done..

  30. hi jagruti

    how are you thanks for lovely comment i am so happy to see you in my blog
    have a great weekend

    see you
    hey i forgot to say i try to make srab cakes
    it was good

  31. A wonderful roundup Jag!! A grand fest for eyes...Keep it up BABY!! Btw my Pc was out of order so missed your last post. Anyway will check it now:-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  32. Hi Jagruti,
    If only one could take a bite of all these yummy pics.....


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