Friday, 7 May 2010

Joyful Eating Whilst Travelling Round Up # 1

Joyful, Joyous and Jubilant,  these are the words I can say for myself right now for describing my self...sitting here and looking at my inbox, making roundups for my first event which I had announced nearly 8 weeks ago,when my baby (my blog) was only two months old and I setup a challenge for myself.  I was very apprehensive, but I had faith that my fellow joyful bloggers would respond well to my first event and make it successful.  By surprise Asha of ASHAON KA also helped me to spread the word about my event on her blog..Hey Ash Thanks a lot sweetheart!! and also I would like to extend my gratitude to my bloggywood buddies who sent in their entries for this event...It's my pleasure to pass on to all of you participants with this small token in form of a 'Participant Award'..please accept it... So here I am with the round up # 1 with  40 entries....and adding 3 of 43.. I thought they were all let's find out where our fellow bloggers have been and what dish they were eager to recreate at home !

Nayna has sent us Cous cous Salad, very versatile dish...she and her family tried whilst they were holiday in Greece and since then became a firm family favourite......

  Kalai couldn't resist Bean Enchiladas, after she had much-needed trip, to her sister's house

PriyaPrasanth surprised her husband with not one but two dishes, potato Garlic fries, Mango bloom mock tail..after they came back from Mahabalipuram on their 2nd Anniversary....

Again PriyaPrasanth shaking us with awesome Sharjah Shake, she tried it in Kerala and she couldn't forget the yummy taste...

Being an ardent nature lover, Radhika and her husband went on a nature holiday to Tennessee...after coming back she made Dixie stamped home style Cream of vegetable soup,which they tried it there, and the couple didn't stop talking about this soup...

Meena and her family had funny misadventure, when they visited their favorite holiday destination Nappa Valley...after they had one of the best pasta dish, which they really enjoyed and to keep that memory alive she recreated many times....

Meena and her husband during their honeymoon period at Washington DC, they brought back the unforgettable memories a very tasty fruit and chocolate Muffin at a coffee shop over there..

Mamatkamal never heard of  Australian National Dish-Pavlova, until she went to Sydney few years ago with her husband..they both ordered for their dessert and she fell in love with it..Since she wanted to reproduce same Pavlova...and hey guys she succeed after few attempts...

Muskaan  cooked for us a very fresh home made Mexican fiesta, they say it's not exactly what you get in a Chipotle, but very similar to its Burrito bowl...

Azmeena says first time ever she tasted Shahi Raan in India, after their wedding, in a particular restaurant..where you have to place the order two days in advance...but now Azmeena or her husband don't need to wait for two days because with her mum's help finally she has presented a dish on the table....

Deepa and her hubby had a great experience of tasting delicious Chocolate Pancakes prepared by her SIL in Malaysia.. The taste of these pancakes  had caught on big time with the couple...

Daisy Blue says if you are Hydrabadi or visited Hydrabad in India and haven't tasted Double ka have committed a terrible Sin ! So by tasting and now preparing she hasn't committed a sin, so prevent yourself from this sin and try out this delectable dish... 

Nisha and her better half managed to try some exotic Thai Green Curry, while they were on their holiday on their 1 st wedding anniversary in Thailand...she describes Thai food was bloody cheap and out of this world...she made it at home and she thinks its easiest curries she has ever made....

Siddhi has sent steamed Chicken Momos...she tasted this for the first time in Pune in North-Eastern restaurant, and now days she prepares them at home...

Jyoti V tasted potato pizza and Veg bean Tacos in US....She loved it and she though why not try it out at home...

Swathi got overwhelmed with joy, when her dear husband gave her the ideal present, what she always wanted!! A visit to Ajanta Ellora, many temples and one of the seven wonder's of the world 'Taj Mahal'.....This is in Aurangabad, where they had an amazing tea, flavoured with Cardamom....for them it was an unforgetful taste of 'Cardamom Tea' 

Shama had a wonderful weekend trip Ananthagiri Hills near Hydrabad....where there is lovely temple to visit.  She says it is a must place to visit...

Priti Kashyap and her family relished delicious Hariyali Paratha on the way to Fatehpur Sikri....after visiting the one of the world's famous and universally admired masterpiece of  heritage 'Taj Mahal'...
These are just half of the entries that I've kindly received, the 2nd round Up I shall happily post soon..meanwhile could I please have all your support by visiting the participants...


  1. Congrats Jagruti. That's a wonderful round-up.Eagerly awaiting the 2nd round :-)

  2. Great entries dear.. cheers

  3. That's a great thing I noticed Priya Prashanth's(potato fry) and Meena (pasta) pics look the same..

  4. Awesome roundup! Have a nice weekend Jagruti :)

  5. Thanks guys!!
    @ Shabitha, Corrected the mistake...

  6. Cool !!!! Your effort needs great appreciation...

  7. Fantastic round up jagruti.Congrats on the success.Thanks for the participation badge.Whose art work was it??:)

  8. @ what do you think? well some of mine and some of someone elses ..:-))

  9. Jagruti,

    Nice round up. Looking forward to the second part.

  10. Beautiful roundup, dunno somehow i missed it..will participate definitely ur's next events definitely..

  11. Awesome roundup...sorry somehow I miss it :(

  12. Excellent roundup with fabulous stories and memories to back every dish.Now that is lovely! I am looking forward to #2.

  13. Hi Jagruti, a very nice round-up.Sorry for not sending in my entry.Will definitely be there next time.

  14. jagruti
    really nice round up..different kinds of dishes..
    eagerly waiting to see the 2nd part...
    Good job yarr

  15. Wowsers, that's a lot of bloggers.....Congrats girl!

    The food looks SO good!....nom! nom!


  16. Wow Nice round-ups. Awesome

  17. grrrrr8 roundup...jag!!!badhiya food n even more badhiya recipes from around the world!!!

  18. A wonderful round up dear. It was a great pleasure in participating your first event . Darun hoyeche !!! I think you can understand this right( bengali phrase);-)?
    Happy Mother's Day to you dear..

    Hamaree Rasoi

  19. What a great round up, terrific dishes!

  20. awesome round up. love your introducing words to each dish as well.

  21. Dear Jagruti
    Congrats!!! It is really a great job done,
    How are you? I am back home and resting ( lazing) ( from kitchen too)and at your blog after a long long time.
    Now you have packed all dishes at one I can pick and cook ..
    Have a nice weekend

  22. Interesting round up! Only for bollywood buddies?

  23. jagruti excellent round up..cant wait 2 see the rest..
    isnt the weather so unbelievably so pissed..and my horrible cold and cough is adding to the depressing weather

  24. that was a wonderful roundup.

  25. wow nice roundup jagruti...looks tempting...nice collection recipes from different parts of the world

  26. Wow Jagruti..beautiful roundup..

  27. wow - lovely round up... very easy to browse... lots of recipes bookmarked... and thanks for the award :)

  28. hai dear..nice missed my entry...

  29. Wonderful round up and great recipes, thanks my friend for including my entry.
    Have a geat day!


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